Republican States Most Dependent on Government

Republican States Most Dependent on Government

we hear all the time about the American
right advocating small-government and they
criticize those who receive government benefits they call them takers they are receiving these handouts
which they have not earned there in favor of people doing it
themselves pulling themselves up by their bootstraps rather than relying on
others and of course they’re in favor of paying
less taxes and not seeing their taxes redistributed evil
redistribution to those who have not earned it in fact this was a big the
move the 2012 presidential campaign remember Mitt Romney talking about
makers and takers in saying about 47 percent of the country are takers or makers are I don’t
remember what it was but not not that to be completely clear
about half the country he thought were pathetic alive who just
received stuff from the government and that was it and there was no way to fix
them so this was interesting because we now
have data which we’ve long suspected in kind of
long note about that shows that this state’s with elected officials most likely to espouse this anti takers
sentiment in other words Republican States red
states are the most dependent on federal
spending and at the same time they pay in the
least to Washington in the way have tax
dollars this is according to consumer finance a wallet hub they crunched the federal tax
and spending data and then the ranks States what states are most dependent on Uncle
Sam and which states are least dependent
Uncle Sam and as you can see in this map it over
my shoulder if you’re watching today green States are the least dependent in
other words they pay in way more to the government
then they get back there in other words subsidizing other states at the same
time the red states on the map which happened
to also be red states politically when it comes to voting for republicans are the most deep end and so the most
independent state is delaware delaware pays one dollar in taxes to the federal
government for every fifty cents they get back they also have the lowest rate a federal
contracts received and this as a proportion of taxes paid and they have the highest gross domestic
product per capita at close to seventy three thousand
dollars delaware is subsidizing red states getting the
fewest government contracts and still producing
the highest GDP the states that are taking the most
from the federal government and really from the blue states our
mississippi and New Mexico both states taken about three
dollars in federal spending for every dollar they contribute and this state with the lowest return on
taxpayer investment is south carolina South Carolina citizens pay about a
dollar in taxes per capita for every seven dollars and
87 cents in federal funding received that’s right super red super conservative super
pro-family pro-g_a_t_t_ is south carolina is taking seven point eight times more
from the government then they take in can you talk about
redistribution of wealth here that Republicans claim to oppose look at the redistribution of wealth
that is keeping the red states afloat yeah it’s incredible I just
imagine what this country would be like if all the states we’re talking about here
model themselves after the states that were far more independent was a as a legal resident Luis I’ve
Massachusetts and now living here in New York I am taking the conservative point of
view and I am sick and tired %uh seeing my tax dollars go to help
these takers in red states like where you are in Texas Louis this is redistributing my money to
people in red states I am fiscally conservative everybody in
the red state should be able to pull themselves up by the bootstraps somehow and live the American dream et
cetera and why wire my tax dollars going there
it’s it’s really unfair redistribution as well amazing especially when I think about
the numbers are millionaires and billionaires right here in Austin it
said I


  1. Red States are taker states.
    Why is Paul Ryan not railing against the Conservative culture responsible for leading Republicans to mooch off the government instead of taking personal responsibility and earning a living for themselves.

  2. Ya, those lazy red states criticizing everyone else stealing money from the government for having kids and living below the poverty line. Damn rural-american hypocritical conservatives.

  3. I know ironic isn't it that these red state the once that have these liberatian republican who always say "we want small government " we want uncle sam of our backs are the ones who take the most government. irony indeed.

  4. I saw a response to this idea on a right wing blog.  It's certainly true on a state by state level. When when you look at the individual level, the people that make up the 'takers' within the taker states are people that tend to vote democrat.  It's no surprise that there's a loose association between income and voting tendency, but it does seem to take the wind out of the red states are takers trope.  Any thoughts on how to emphasize that it is the state level and not look at this on the individual level?

  5. David you had this conversation during the 2012 election. And all the Republicans and Shites left stupid comments. And I agree with you but we will never hear a word from Paul Ryan or Rand Paul. Cause they know there States are nothing but welfare queens to use there term. Why should my taxes in Jersey go to somebody in Texas or South Carolina. Let them fend for there selves. Let's cut all Federal Aid and see how they like there Republican States. Isn't that what they want. They can have there Small Republican, Religious States. And don't come crying when after 1 month you can't stand it. No sex till Marriage, Ultra Sounds, No Regulation so your water and food can be polluted, Health Care only if you can afford it, Work at low wages and probably no sick or vacation time. Civil Rights what's that. Yeah it will be a good ol time in the Red States.

  6. My theory, and I believe there is a decent sum of proof backing this up, is that if you are American and are voting republican, there is an extreme possibility that you are an all immature and horrible person with a low grasp of reality.

  7. Democratic states have lower growth in both jobs and income in the last several  years. Home prices have fallen further in blue states, and their unemployment rates are higher. In the 10 poorest states, 5 of them have Democratic governors and 3 more have Democratic majorities in the house of their legislature –  GO FIGURE

  8. You guys pretty much nailed it, right up until Louis had a mini-rant about millionaires and billionaires in Texas. They move there in the first place because of astronomical taxes in places like Illinois and California (unsurprisingly blue states). Tax revenue migration is a real thing, maybe that should be the next chart you look at.

  9. Now I think all of the conservative states should do away with these benefits.  Then the intelligent citizens can sit back and watch them dissolve into their own third world country.

  10. Duh! We have known this since posted its last study I think like 5 years ago. It is not a mystery, when states refuse to take care of their poorest citizens, this burden falls on Uncle Sam at the federal level. Red States know that they can keep their own state taxes low and "redistribute" the burden of caring for their poor onto everyone else…

  11. The right will blame it on the blacks.  Even though this is happening in states like Montana and the Dakotas, where black people are very rare.

  12. There was a study done that showed the people on the bottom are more antagonistic towards the people slightly above them, rather than the ones at the top.

    In this case, the people who receive aid from the govt feel entitled, yet at the same time they criticize others in their position.  They view these people as the enemy, rather than the people making billions.

  13. Aw-shucks; Republicans like government assistance in practice? Naughty Republicans, naughty! Lol! 
    When people say the government should not assist anyobody; what they really mean(deep down) is the government should not assist anyone outside their tribe(so to speak).

  14. If only our democratic representatives had the genitals/ spine to stand up and actually USE the facts they have at their disposal!!! Republicans will freaking lie to your face, but damn it they stand by their lie!! We can't get democrats to stand up and state the truth even when they have studies to point to!! It is incredibly and increasingly frustrating!!!

  15. I'm colorblind, and confused on this one lol.  At least the interactive map has a popup so I can see the actual rating.  I'm surprised that Vermont is at 35.  I'm also surprised that CT ranked 5, then the shocker Delaware #1.   Mississippi on the other hand, coming in at 50 was very predictable.

  16. There is no such thing as democratic or republican states. All states have a mixture of both. The red states have plenty of welfare and food stamp collecting liberals that everybody else has to support. And the more the red states are dragged down by them, the less they can pay out to the federal govt. Get the liberals out of those red states, and things would improve greatly.

  17. Speaking for Connecticut, we are tired of seeing our hard earned tax payer dollars having to go to these backwards, Teabilly supporting red states. So put your bibles down, get off your damn knees, and start pulling your weight around here you freeloading, conservative welfare queens!

  18. If the red states hate welfare so much why don't they set an example and bar themselves from receiving welfare benefits?

  19. I agree with you David.

    But if something happened that affected democrats's eligibility and made democrats look like fools will you cover it in an objective way? Or would you defend them completely and try making them look good?

    If you have made a coverage like this or some issue related, i apologize I have not seen it.

    (PS. I'm not a republican, I don't even live in USA mainland).

  20. Notice how most of these red states are "Right to Work" states. They are coming after MO next. MO voters beware, "Right to Work" may be on the ballot in August.

  21. well my aunt and cousins were completely against government ran health care until last week when she started to bleed from her lungs and if she was not on medicare she would be dead now. they all voted for McCain and Romney and if they had won my aunt would be dead now.

  22. Republicans don't dislike a lack of personal productivity, rather they dislike the context surrounding a lack of personal productivity.  A person who passed through a bourgeois vagina has the right to reap the spoils of another man's work, while the poverty stricken are looked down on for demanding basic human needs.  The family has no utility outside its service to the masses in my view.     

  23. 1 word: WOW! Why don't you spread this around, it would be fantastic if Jon Stewart would mention this in his program.

  24. Every State tends to have at most a 30/70 split between the parties. No one is going to assume every low income earner in MS or high income earner in NY supports a certain political ideal.  Even if true, it obviously isn't the fault of the majority in those States since, as pointed out, they elect representatives who are trying to curtail such spending, to stop the problem. I'm glad we admit redistribution is a problem it would seem a leftist would be pleased this is going on, no matter how the people receiving the redistributed property feel about it.

  25. Great video. It needs to be shared. There IS a price to be paid for stupidity. And we measure it every payday. Not on "lazy blacks," but on ignorant whites.

  26. Whoa….Whoa….Whoa…. STOP THE CLOCK !  David and Lewis are not in the same studio? One is New York and the other in Austin, TX?

  27. SC receives over 70 billion from the government while contributing a mere 18 billion.  The ungrateful tea bag wretches of SC are often threatening secession while they can't even wipe their fat, stupid asses without subsidies from generous, blue donor states. 

  28. I think this is an easy fix, the Red States should get back what they put into taxes. It does after all fit their philosophy.

  29. I'm a dem but we're overlooking some things – southern states have heavy black populations that add to this number – democrats use govt programs more than republicans do that's been shown through credible studies.


    Yes, it is bias, but so is Pakman.  This is liberals digging the bottom of the barrel. What is blue and what is red is deceptive.  MO voted for Romney but has a democrat governor, has a republican lt. governor, and is split with their senators.  They are very moderate.  NV is pretty conservative but is considered blue according to Pakman. 

    If this was really an issue then politicians instead of a little boy playing news anchor would bring this up.  Plus, if we actually followed the constitution (we don't) then this wouldn't be an issue.  No state, beyond military academies, should be receiving federal aid.

  31. David, surely your not suggesting that their is hypocricy inherent in the Republican platform?  Surely you jest.  The 47% is on the other foot.

  32. So this is an important point to keep in mind when republicans talk about shutting down the government. You know it's an unsustainable strategy for them because they are essentially slitting their own wrists.

  33. I think it's hilarious how Republicans hate welfare for the poor but support historically low wages and then scratch their heads when it leads to more people in poverty and on welfare.
    Republican says: "How did this happen? All we did was refuse to raise the minimum wage to keep up with inflation and support jobs that pay less than 10 bucks an hour. Why are all these people on welfare now? I don't understand how that happened!!! I don't understand how creating poverty leads to more people on food stamps and welfare! Unbelievable!"

  34. Here's a good question: How are people who rely on welfare supposed to pull themselves up by the bootstraps when they can't afford to buy bootstraps? LOL.

  35. New Mexico has been mostly blue for decades. we are not super red, super conservative, like, at all. you're confusing your colors with statistics. Or just assuming because we're between Arizona and Texas we must be loons just like they are.

  36. I would say that DE has skewed numbers because many businesses inorporate there for tax purposes. On paper their GDP is bolstered by corporate balance sheets and income statements.

  37. I'm laughing my ass off!  Okay, follow me on this one… I live in Illinois, which is almost as green as Delaware, but I work in Missouri!  And every jackoff I work with is either a Libertarian or a Republican says all their rhetoric about how we spend too much on government and BLAH BLABBLITTY BLAH! 

    I can't wait to tell those bitches that MY state is subsidizing Missouri.

  38. I can't think of any entity in the world that is more colossally hypocritical than Right Wingers.  They do nothing but lie, tell others how to live their lives; they're self-righteous; hateful to the extreme, bigots to the extreme…I could go on, but if I do I'll end up saying goodbye to my breakfast.  These people make me that sick. 

  39. Delaware has the highest GDP because amounts of Corporations within the state. Delaware has very low corporate taxes and those businesses love to incorporate in Delaware. 

  40. I post this only because someone keeps posting an opinion article to try and refute the facts.
    The facts are Republican policies are bad for our country.
    The Recession should be the biggest shining example of what Republican's do to us as a country.
    Republicans had full control of the federal government for the 4 years leading up to the Recession.  If their policies were so good, why did we have a Recession?
    Republicans want you to forget this fact. 

  41. You said all the red states (those that take more federal aid than they put into the system) were also politically red (republican).  This not true of Maryland where there were only two republican governors since 1959.  Damn, that's a POLITICALLY BLUE STATE, if I ever heard of one!!

  42. This is hilarious. A democrat who wants to stop redistribution of "his" taxes and has a President who wants to increase taxes on the wealthy to…wait for it…redistribute tax money to the middle class. This guy couldn't be anymore lame if he tried. Liberals complain about helping the poor, minorities, etc and then make the argument that it shouldn't be done. The facts are that higher income states bear a larger fraction of the federal tax burden an imbalance that is sharply amplified by the progressive structure of the federal income tax. For whatever reason, so-called "blue states" ( whatever that means) tend to be high-income areas that pay the vast majority of federal taxes.

  43. This is the best one >>>Delaware has the highest GDP.  LOL. I bet California would take issue with that! This guy does make the perfect argument for sending less money to Washington. So, what does he do?…He does this>>>>>

    He argues against the very thing he's for. If he doesn't like "tax" money redistributed he probably shouldn't vote democrat. Democrats just can't get enough of wealth re-distribution. Why else would they complain about corporatism, CEO pay and income inequality for women? We want to tax the "rich" more so we can re-distribute more of it! It's just not fair. LOL!  Does Pakman support ACA on sound fiscal and economic grounds, too? I bet he does.

    Amazingly bad propaganda and analysis. Perhaps he should ask Obama to spend less.

  44. The states with the least debt, lowet UE and fewest below the federal poverty line are red states. North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, etc. The states run the worst? California, Rhode Island, Illinois, Arizona and New Jersey. All blue states with the possible exception of Arizona., which is marginally a blue state.

    Pakman makes the most insane arguments.


    Look up the facts. This story is very misleading and overlooks many factors that clarify the situation. It is also contradictory as we know that poor people vote for Democrats more. This is the equivalent of demographic gerrymandering.

  46. Trump want s to fuck over blue states when blue states pay thier own way. the reason red states want to live off of free shit. they are the nipple suckers.

  47. This reminds me somehow of the Orthodox Jewish in Israel. From what I remember, they do not work and live solely on government welfare. So they got enough time to violently protest for Jewish supremacy and suppression of Palestinians for e.g. new settlements. Hypocrisy at its finest. Like these red states.

  48. Call me old fashioned, but What ever happened to the little thing called Good Old Fashioned Personal Responsibility?

  49. HELLO!!! 80% of these Red States are "Federal land". The left lobbies to make 28% of the United States Communist and then have the audacity to blame the few remaining residents for "federal money". 80% of welfare recipients vote Democratic. There's no confusion or hypocrisy here – just cherry-picked so-called factoids and propaganda.

  50. Just because it’s a red state it could mean every democrat in the state could be using the welfare in that state!

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