Sacred Sexuality and Spontaneous Orgasms

So today, people are asking about, yes,
sacred sexuality. And I’ll talk about that, but some specific topics. Now this
is gonna be strange for some folks that might be suddenly tuning in for the
first time, going “Well, spiritual insights by Michael Mirdad, clearly this will
be about spirituality, you know, forgiveness, love, oneness, etc,” and here
we’re going to talk about something very specific in regards to sex or sexuality.
And that’s gonna be the topic of what you guys asked, what’s going on? Like
orgasms, why sometimes spontaneous orgasms and what that’s about? Or energy
sex, meaning astral sex and energy experiences. So you asked for it, you got
it. So let’s go for it, and thanks for your courage to ask these kinds of
questions. Alright let me start this talk off with a quick story, and it’s not
about astral sex and it’s not about energy orgasms and these kinds of things
per se, but it’s a funny story to help keep things light. Because we really
should keep things light when it come to topics that are so battered, so messed
up, confused, abused, and so on. You know, keeping things light is so
important. Keeping things loving is very important. I’ve always said sexuality if
you’re really asking me how do you summarize Tantra sacred sexuality how do
you summarize really like sacred Union just because two people get together and
have intercourse does not for sacred make you know it just doesn’t work that
way you don’t just say well all sex is sacred because it’s not true
two people without sacred attitudes are not having sacred sex because if the
mindset isn’t there because the mind is the consciousness is everything the
consciousness we have behind things is everything it really sets the whole tone
so if people aren’t in the right mindset consciousness set heart set then it’s
not a right consciousness or right experience so sacred means you coming
from a sacred space so when people ask can you summarize Tantra sacred
sexuality is it positions is that how long you make love you know is it ours
or what it’s not anything external really those things are the dressing you
know it’s that’s it but it’s not those aren’t the core of it all really love
and respect is what sets the tone love and respect now I’m not saying you have
to be in love madly and love partnered forever etc but can you have absolute
love and the reason I added respect when I started teaching many years ago on
this topic is because some people would go when I said love and other people
would say oh yes it’s all we haven’t we’re having a loving experience you
know and yet it wasn’t so too often they could lie and deceive and fool people
and to describe you know telling people it was a loving experience and it wasn’t
they’re just a lot of times people in this field
Tantra sacred sexuality you know it’s real hypocritical so you have to know
that it’s all real and for that I like that word respect man it just came
through me one day and I kept it in there forever do you have love and
respect do you have loving respect for whomever you’re with that’s more
important than if it’s gay or straight whether it’s you know two or five or all
those things don’t matter how long you make love with all those things aren’t
gonna matter if it’s missing love and respect if two people being together
could guarantee then it’s a sacred experience than porn stars would be
enlightened and they are not so and I know because I work with many of them no
no I think they’re as good people as anybody else just wounded like anybody
else could be wounded and have you know layers to be peeled off in terms of in
the soul healing we’re all looking for that healing so that we can be more
present with each other with ourselves and with each other
and one of the things I really appreciate with the concept of sacred
sexuality is that people are able to learn to be more
present with one another but at such a vulnerable level in the physical level
you know you could have wounds you could have shames you could have body issues
and so on and it creates you know a little bit of inhibition so to be able
to say but I trust you enough to just ah you know whether it’s disrobing
materially or disrobing spiritually emotionally I just think it’s the most
fabulous thing in the world and when I say having love and respect
for a person I have to sort of warn you love can be addictive but not in a
negative way not in a lie you know the lies that we live with addictions
addictive meaning it can be so good because it is that it draws us and makes
us want more and we should want more because the love is beautiful it’s real
it isn’t the sensual that I’m talking about it’s there the true respectful
love the honoring of another person you know two or more gathered and so that to
me is a is a beautiful thing the downside though is that I was allowed
I’m and elaborate on is that when you come into that space with a person and
you do bring that love and respect it can really woo them it can really wow
them it can like oh my god I’ve never felt this kind of love love is so
beautiful so if it’s real so beautiful and powerful that it can it can really
open our hearts and I’m not just about romantic love that seems to open our
hearts it the real thing opens our soul it opens our heart and soul and then we
start to get attached which means we’re now slipping out of the real love moment
which is kind of funny but that’s how eco works it just hijacks everything
every impulse into becoming something more limited and detoured so keep it in
mind that what I’m talking about these things I’m gonna share with you what I
can in them up to have time given and I think some of you are gonna be like
maybe turned on some of you turned off some of you dismayed some of you happy
from it all it just it’s gonna vary because there’s
so many feelings warped feelings around the
topic of sexuality so please be patient and forgiving if it triggers in any way
you know something inside at the same time if it you know kind of wushu and
Wow’s you and you know wow this is cool so sexy sensual that’s cool too just
remember it’s you you know don’t have transference on me or the program or you
know don’t don’t get so you know heat it up you got to run out to a nightclub and
and hook up with somebody because you’re all in the mood don’t let it distract
you just let it this take you deeper inside whether we find a little bit of
wounds inside or whether we find you know was inside it’s okay as long as you
recognize it’s inside of you okay all right so an odd story once when I was an
adolescent I had to go to the hospital for something I think it was because I
think I’ve only been once maybe tonsils I guess and I remember I was in there
and a nurse came in opens you know comes in the room I’m sitting there and then
she says pulls the curtain and then gives me this little cup and she says
and this was kind of common in these days Southern California when I was a
kid I lived for a few years and um she says you know she wants a sample so she
says I need it she’s she’s saying a sputum sample but she has an accent so
I’m an adolescent kid and I have this nurse standing there saying can I have a
sputum sample oh what a spoon sperm sample a what I
need to get a scooter she’s like with an accent oh but I need to get a sputum
sample and I’m like what do I do and she’s standing there so I’m thinking
I mean I’m sorry ma’am but I’m serious I’m like do you send someone in to help
or are you the help or do I have to do this alone and if so or are you actually
gonna just stand here cuz this is kind of a buzzkill I mean what what am I
supposed to do because sexuality and sexual concepts and issues they can just
cause so many crazy things so I’m just completely nervous and confused and when
I asked her enough times she decided to reap renounce it and say it in a
different way so she said you know like saliva oh so there there was a little
lesson learned but the awkwardness some of us have about these kinds of things
sex sexuality and having to have exams and just all these things and of course
with it there’s also wounding and embarrassments and shames and things
like that but sometimes there’s at least some funny stories we can share and that
are quite vulnerable so I hope you don’t mind my sharing all right so as I was
saying there were a barrage of questions you guys were asking related to this
this topic and it’s sort of when I tried to distill all the questions on the
freight Facebook group I tried to distill them all down to a couple of
specific questions and I wrote them down to make sure I asked them correctly in
the way you guys asked them but it mostly breaks down into those two topics
I mentioned energy sex and spontaneous orgasms I guess we could say so let’s
see the first one read through it Oh incidentally I want to make this clear
because we’re going into such a vulnerable topic i as a teacher on
Tantra and sacred sexuality it’s one it’s just one like I said of a trillion
topics I cover but on that topic I did workshops I did
lectures conferences all kinds of things I’ve spoken on this topic but you know
all kinds of events but even online courses but you don’t have written a
couple books on it but the the thing is when people asked to come to my
intensive it’s a very awkward experience because I don’t just do things like BAM
just do them and people show up and I don’t care they just pay and I don’t
care it’s not like that especially this topic so we were quite in a sense
selective you know so it was like people would ask to be in the workshop we would
ask what what are you about because if people were overly shut down you know
closed minded and so forth then it was like you know I’d rather
them not be at the workshop not just because like I’m judging them it’s I’m
respecting everyone else that’s signing up they need to not be judged at a
workshop where they’re gonna be working on and discussing and sharing very
vulnerable topics and personal experiences so it’s important that we
don’t have that and I recommend this in your own lives in terms of just anything
you you own a business you can decide what kind of people you want working for
you what kind of vibe tone you want to set
set you know but I also wasn’t interested in people that would say oh
well I don’t have any of those inhibitions and and those issues and
judgments I’m totally open open open you know I know you know I know everything I
need to know about sex it’s wonderful I I know everything I’ve done everyone you
know there there’s free and loose so to speak and I wouldn’t have them either
I very much didn’t want anybody who was going to be shut down in judgemental nor
people that the opposite they think is good know the opposite extreme meaning
people that thought they knew everything know closed down judgmental know I
already know it all which basically meant no nuns and no men no I’m kidding
I’m kidding so it’s just like no no I want the folks
that are vulnerable now if they’re heavily
wounded sexually it may not be the right workshop maybe we should do private
sessions and just work on those things so you have space and privacy so I was
very discerning and I say was because I stopped teaching that officially maybe
five years ago or so I forget somewhere like that and the reason I taught it was
people would come for private sessions sessions because when you typically go
to a teacher on this topic they would they would almost expect to be having
sex and I was like well let me just teach you about it so you can do this
teach this to your partners teach this to a friend or whatever so that you’re
not asking me for this sort of thing the workshops were very vulnerable and they
were you know one in every two or three workshops there would be somebody that
still got a little too triggered or something and those are kind of bummers
you know bummer experiences but with that topic gosh you just know it’s
possible and you you if you yourselves decide to explore that a little further
just remember use discretion decide who your who you’re gonna study with and
what level of integrity you’re okay with and I would go for the highest level of
integrity okay so let’s see we’re going to go into
question number one this is going to be related to the well the idea of spontaneous orgasms and there are
actually a couple of questions on this particular topic but on spontaneous
orgasms let me explain that the the the folks that just seem to have these like
energy things that come to them like literally biologically anatomically they
feel full arousal and orgasms there are things that lead up to that it’s not
like it’s just you’re supposed to have that GE I want what she’s having or he’s
having I don’t have that I should you know those are don’t listen to those
magaz at the checkout stands that tell you how
messed up you are because you’re not having what they tell you you should be
having you need love and respect not spontaneous orgasms love and respect
takes you closer to heaven spontaneous orgasms do not it just feels like it but
it it’s not going to do something for you spiritually per se it’s just a nice
experience on this planet if you could have both that’s ideal so you know let’s
just be clear that the reason some people have those is because they’re
more naturally sexual or they’re more naturally sensual and there’s a
difference those of you who are making notes you know difference between those
two all right all right first why is it that when we work on certain muscle
groups or muscles in our body to a point of fatigue this person a couple people
were saying yeah I’ve had that happen they have orgasms when they work muscles
to a point of fatigue now remember there’s you know naturally sexual
naturally naturally sensual either of those these things could apply to them
because if you’re naturally sensual or naturally sexual it means you have a
natural organic comfort level with your body and/or with sexual arousal and so
forth so that will lend towards some of these things so so you know being
naturally sexual is different from naturally sensual though naturally
sexual can be people that are wounded and they have a just a propensity toward
sexual behaviors sexual not sensual just sexual hyper sexual behaviors because of
their wounding that’s their background they were brought up on it they were
tormented with it and so it became that thing that you know an abuser becomes
you know abused and then the abuse starts abusing themselves sometimes so
that’s not what we’re talking about those types of folks naturally sexual it
could they just wired that way perhaps or it’s something from former lifetimes
if you believe in that or childhood wounds it just kind of
happens that way again there there it just ends up going that direction
they’re just seemingly naturally sexual but then there’s naturally sensual
naturally sensual is different in that folks that are naturally sensual or
almost instead of just like like addictive oriented that’s sexual they
have the sexual or the people with almost like past life slave harem you
know harem slaves that’s some of their energy it’s there’s a craving there’s a
I get most turned on when I’m what I’m fantasizing and then bigger is always
better faster is always better intense is
always better you know there’s that there’s a coldness to it there’s a
hardness to it and in ancient traditions including Tantra there’s and in yoga as
well the the concept of hot like oh man hot sex hot heat is referred to it’s
this the word is synonymous with the word shallow so the hotter your sex has
been in the past technically so sorry guys but technically it’s been more
shallow unless there was love and respect and the heat came from the love
and respect which is actually rare and you know it’s more rare but it can
happen but for most people in your den TV shows and magazines that are selling
people on you know you look at your magazines I won’t name any names because
you know and you flip to them and they say you know 10 things you need to do to
heat up your sex life or 10 things to have soft hot sex just forget it man
because those magazines aren’t going to teach you about love and respect so
they’re gonna miss that all right so keep it in mind it’s not the heat we’re
looking for and that’s what the natural sexual people are doing or feeling it’s
different natural sensual as I was getting to is almost more like when they
when they think of their bodies or when they think of Union love they almost
like start to move you know they just almost like well
dancing their body just is sensual they move and it can become sexual but
they’re moving they’re enjoying they’re not like you know yeah I want some you
know there’s no that game playing the naturally sensual people have a
healthier sexual concept inside you know the sexual is like they’re players man
and some of you have fallen in love with players some of you have fallen in lust
with players but it doesn’t really make any sense because they’re just players
they’re game players so sensual and you can be the sexual and listen to this
talk and you can actually shift over to the other but you’d have to be honest
about where the others coming from you can’t just pretend it’s not there the
hyper sexual you have to look at it and want to heal those wounds you have to
want to know God more love more spirit more oneness more and true love those
things will help you be able to segue because you’ll say you know with those
in mind I can’t can’t seem to settle anymore and then you start deepening
your experiences and remember to deepen and make warm not hot sex warm you know
it’s like yes yummy you know yummy wow this is so nice not yummy you know cuz
that’s carnivorous I’m gonna devour the sexual experience got to get you and
people are like oh my god that’s scene in the movie oh you know getting all
wild by it you know that’s not the inner divine that’s just the inner moron you
know the inner divine looks for the breadth the width the depth this Wow
yeah connecting it’s not like go get it go get it
you know Sikkim you know it’s not all devouring oriented like the other kind
of sex so the sensual the naturally sensual are people that may have in past
lives remember they may have memories of being
not harem slaves but rather the original form of a Geisha or a sacred prostitute
it’s called words that some people won’t understand and won’t respect but sacred
prostitute they’re people that that understood I have been in a place where
I knew how to do healing with people even sexual healing you may not
understand it there’s also a group called tantrikas Tantra practical
practitioners and oh my god they were masters they were absolute like almost
the same as Buddha Buddhist masters mystics but they took it to the physical
level so they would have a person come to them and they would be loving to them
like counselor mixed with musician mixed with mousse mixed with a sensual partner
just this and mixed with masseuse you know all these different areas and
topics you know just to be present with a person and help them and say what’s
happening for you today I’m just feeling sad and then going
going into that on a visceral somatic level it was just it’s just brilliant
and one in a billion today could be said to practice like that you know one in a
exaggerating but one in so many it’s it’s very rare but they wouldn’t be the
types to advertise hype they wouldn’t be the types to advertise stimulation there
are people though that are you know they try to be there for another person
there’s a movie what’s it called guys the therapist that’s Helen Hunt I think
played a a sex therapist and as a sex surrogate which is the next level sex
therapist could be a counselor sex therapist is one sex surrogate means I’m
here to make love with you and help you and she’s working with a guy who was
quadriplegic and and allowing him to experience things that his heart and
soul were missing and longing and you know it really brings a person to a
sense of healing so it’s quite beautiful in any case
you know there’s also a lastly with naturally sensual people there’s a
maturity level that’s different people that are sexual can look mature
but you know I’ve got money I’m successful I’m 70 years old or whatever
by age whatever by finance they look you know mature mm-hmm sensual naturally
sensual people usually can be more mature meaning if they have a sensual
experience a sexual and sensual experience they know how truly like like
if you get into sexual experiences yet you may think it’s sensual but it’s
usually not it just looks that way sensual is different there’s a cooler
feeling longer-lasting more loving feeling and and people in the sensual
they’re more responsible and mature so they know how to say this can be sexy
beautiful could be very arousing beautif all beautiful in every respect but they
know how to say this is about me if we enjoy each other you’re not giving me an
orgasm you’re not giving me an awakening sexual it just looks that way if one
seems to be helping another it’s we’re sharing this but at the end of the day
what happens for me like it or hate it it’s me if I like this experience it’s
reflecting something in me and if I don’t like it it’s respect it’s
reflecting something in me so that’s a responsible soul a sensual soul knows
how to be mature and responsible they don’t do projections you you you
jerk you you had sex with me and you dumped me well didn’t you say it was a
beautiful yeah but you should have stayed forever
transference you know you’re overly crediting them as giving you a wonderful
thing you had the wonderful thing okay it looks like you had it with them but
they were just playing a role it was you you should give yourself credit and same
you know the opposite the projections I didn’t like the way this was and so on
like I said you could even get transference and love somebody and dig
the experience turn it over to projection and blame them for not
staying longer or whatever so watch out transference projection that’s going to
usually come from unhealthy people that I clearly aren’t dealing with maturity
so but these naturally we’re getting into spontaneous orgasms they can come
from being wired a certain way they can come from genetics they can come from
hormones being a certain you know ratio kind of you know really flooding you
know a lot of hormones at different times in our lives
it can also be like strong like repressed desire it could be strong
repressed emotions from childhood where you weren’t allowed to like speak or be
yourself so that could build up and become this tension volcano ready to
blow but it can also be just current sexual desires that you know eventually
you know gotta got to release this somehow so those are examples of what
makes a person seem a little more wired for that you may not be wired or very
easily naturally sexual or sensual I should say and you may not also be very
easily naturally wired for this thing you know spontaneous orgasms and it’s
okay find love and respect as your first goal keep that in mind all right now so
the first one so why why wouldn’t we work certain muscles they get fatigued
do I have sometimes spontaneous orgasms well there’s a couple reasons for that
first of all there’s two things happening when the muscle gets fatigued
muscles muscle groups or a muscle when it gets fatigued so just bear with me
here one thing that happens is the muscles been worked so much so intensely
whether it’s long a long workout or a physical thing you’re doing could be
painting you’re you know you can be hanging the pictures in your house but
certain muscles could get fatigued enough you can be standing doing weeding
and your legs might start you know the shaking and they get kind of fatigued so
the muscle what’s happening is the muscle is having to give up it it’s like
it starts to shake because it’s gone to the point of where it cannot bear more
when it does that it is technically surrendering
and when we’re in a state of surrender we do lend more you know towards
possible releases if you’ve got the other things meaning hormonal the
repressed feelings desires are just in the mood you know when all that other
list of things is kind of there and you fatigue a muscle it can come surging
through or if you’re naturally sexual or if you’re naturally essential these
things can kind of come through but the muscle is going to get like to a place
of it’s it’s getting fatigued and then it kind of releases but when it releases
its feeling two things emotionally the muscles having an emotional experience
it’s it’s feeling fear believe it or not though it’s feeling fear and panic
so because it’s it I can’t hold it you know so the muscles doing like Scotty on
Star Trek captain we can’t hold it any longer you know so the muscles like up
above its building building building and then boom it surrenders and that moment
just second half a second fraction of a second prior it is panicking it is
having fear because fear and anger are related to some of these spontaneous
spontaneous orgasms so that’s one of the things happening couple other things
happening the muscles are getting fatigued there’s this fear and it’s
losing control and when we lose control you know there’s a surrender and a panic
to things surrender and fear / panic and both of
those can be associated you know I don’t know what to do oh my gosh and then you
can’t defend anymore see the muscles defending itself and it starts to shake
as it’s trying to hold on longer and it can’t so when it begins to recognize oh
I can’t hold then if there’s repressed feelings they start to go yeah you know
you can’t keep us back any longer they you know sometimes come through so it
can be an orgasmic release it’s kind of sounding strange but bear with me cuz it
gets stranger alright so and I’ve worked with a lot of women and men but I worked
with a lot of women with a technique where I they tell me you know they can’t
have orgasms or sometimes they tell me oh yeah I have orgasms they’re great
they’re just sorry when I’m with somebody I’m having
you know orgasms and I can tell when it’s an authentic love based orgasm
versus the opposite fear or anger or something else so I’ll say let’s do a
little exercise or if they say I’m really so oh god I’m just craving
intimacy or sex or something I’ll say well let’s wrestle
we do an exercise a wrestling exercise specific words I will recite during it
and I don’t mean wrestling like where you try to defeat somebody I mean just
the body’s kind of moving together and working and tensing together very um you
know just yeah just like so just really as many muscles engaged as possible and
we do that and many people have then though they have an orgasm or they just
enjoy the visceral feeling and that’s kind of cool
it’s a little hard to you know understand this I’m just doing a quick
talk on it so it may not make sense to some of you but there’s a lot of value
to it but some people have orgasms and then they’ll say wow I just had an
orgasm from that wrestling Michael uh-huh yeah you know and they’ll say
that was this good an orgasm is what I’m having sex mm-hmm yeah I understand yeah
and they’ll say why was that well what was I what were you thinking about when
we were it’s not that this is the only thing I have the thought talking
thinking about one of the emotions I haven’t thinking about when we’re
wrestling is anger so I said what do you what were you thinking about when we’re
doing the exercise well you asked me to focus on anger uh-huh
so you were thinking about anger and you had an orgasm they start going oh so
that means because it felt exactly the same it’s a possibility that when I was
having orgasms with my partner or partners I was actually an angry
individual at the time yes major major you know epiphanies but also rude
awakenings for some because we’re like god I’m just so in touch with my
sexuality I’m enjoying that I have orgasms when in fact you’re having anger
chasms you know or whatever you know it’s not quite what you thought
so I’ve worked with people like that and it’s it’s also the wrestling is getting
the muscles to fatigue that’s you know just like you’re asking about why the
muscles fatigue and then release many a times I’ve worked on people doing body
work I can’t have orgasms okay well here and then I do some holding muscle groups
or holding a muscle and you know meaning a point or you know however I’m
contacting it but holding muscle groups and it could be on the hip it could be
in the stomach wherever but I hope specific groups or muscles and I I hold
them and hold them and hold them as they’re releasing releasing relaxing and
releasing and then boom just from working a muscle we’re not even having
them work it just from contacting a muscle because for various reasons a
person can actually become potentially orgasmic but they use certain muscles in
the body to keep it from happening without realizing it it could be because
they were shamed because they made noise once I’m having sex or it could be their
own mind or it could be their upbringing religious cultural family you know
that’s naughty that’s bad so they oh I better or not now those muscles they got
the habit of holding come along you know work the muscle open the muscle boom you
know then all this stuff all this energy all you know this is this even pleasure
we could call it is released because the the person we were able to move that
stuff out of the way all right so leading to another question here a very
similar question and by the way those when I’m doing the wrestling and the
words I use and the movements I use are specific so don’t try this at home
okay what you could but I’d have to explain it a little more next question
why is it that when my body relaxes enough muscles get warmed up like it
could be hot tub or just relaxed snuggled in pillows or whatever when my
muscles get warmed enough why do I sometimes have orgasms it’s because not
they’re not just getting warm they’re actually getting relaxed what’s the
common denominator from the first thing I shared you’re surrendering whether
it’s you’re surrendering because you can’t work that muscle and defend it
anyway and that’s what it remember it’s what it’s doing you your muscle wants to
defend itself so it starts even shaking that’s a that’s a defense it’s a last
vestige of a defense it’s like yeah I can’t do it instead of just working you
know like hammering you know pictures putting pictures up and then the arm
getting fatigued it doesn’t just stop it goes from workable to becoming fatigued
and then done and in that fatigue there’s a panic but there’s also a sense
of just about to surrender so it’s the same with warmth the muscles get warmed
up to get relaxed and then I’m so relaxed I can’t defend because I don’t
need to but that okay I know I’m not defending and so boom here it comes all
that was kind of waiting and hidden under that okay and I could that
particular thing that relaxing thing I could demonstrate that here and many of
you would respond but I won’t first because this is an Internet show
shown around the world second because who knows your mother
could be watching but there’s exercises I could show you that involve guiding
you through visualizations or exercises and that if people could just understand
it orgasms aren’t about stimulating they’re about relaxing getting out of
the way because orgasms are a metaphor of safe enough to let go that’s not the
way people have orgasms they what they do is override safe enough because
that’s usually not safe enough and they say well we don’t have safety you know
we do have stimulation rub rub rub rub rub and then BOOM forcing an orgasm
that’s not an organic it’s forced it’s contrived it’s mechanical it’s you know
it’s made up but instead when we relax enough
so we’re typically tensing even when people are being sexually
tense up grab each other hmm you know but it’s there’s tension involved which
is the opposite of love trust letting go so when we do this together you know and
if I were guiding you I could describe certain things I mean I’m doing a little
bit in my mind but I could describe certain things and in the body there’s
there’s an unwinding that happens we start like this and then there’s an
unwinding you can do this for yourself if you end up saying Oh Michaels Wow
Michael’s talking and I’m getting stimulated by it
don’t say that or I’ll bill you for it that’s just a playful way of saying
don’t put it on other people just enjoy that you are grateful that you’re being
guided or taught but it’s you I’m grateful that I’m opening up and and it
unwinds and you unwind you don’t need wha twine to unwind you you don’t need
drugs to unwind you I feel so much more relaxed when I take a little such and
such color just trusting trusting my body’s kind of relaxing this direction
in this direction in this direction just there’s no reason to be afraid there’s
no reason to hold and I’m not really fully taken into a visualization I’m
just giving you a hint of it just unwinding and if all you feel is oh my
gosh I feel a little peaceful that’s an orgasm if my describing this no need to
be afraid no need to defend brings up tears
that’s an orgasm feeling a peacefulness is a spiritual kind of an orgasm it’s a
it’s a mystical kind of experience to say I had some tears that’s an emotional
kind of an orgasm it’s beautiful get away from shaming get away from shaming
that you’re you’ve had certain history get away from shaming that you have
certain feeling sensations and get away from even if you’re the opposite oh my
gosh you know I’m I’m feeling ashamed because I’ve got gone without for so
long and to some people as I could spend
months that’s come on you know other people years and some people have never
in this lifetime had sex and you should not need not be intimidated afraid or
ashamed of that I think it’s beautiful why you know well I’m saving my sets
beautiful I’m one certain integrities and I won’t give in anymore
I think that’s gorgeous man don’t shame yourself too many experiences not enough
experiences don’t bother because that’s not sacred love love love love yourself
a lot of people don’t know I’ve shared this I think once or twice a lot of
people don’t know that I was celibate for 15 years so I want you to soak that
in for a second 15 years you know what some of you were
like no way or how did he do that or why did he do it
15 years celibate but when I turned 16 I said enough is enough okay next next
question is why is it that let’s see I want to somebody’s asking about why is
it that some teachers recommend sex for things like making up you know make up
sex or why is it that some teachers say sex
is a great way to work off like tension like even headaches I remember somebody
saying you know there’s a popular teacher Louise Hay and her book said you
know sex is a great way to release tension and tension headaches absolutely
no way that is it’s clueless to say things like that
that’s not sacred never never should you use a person for something like that get
a damn massage it you just say rub my shoulders instead of let’s lay down you
know just come on there’s other ways nor should you be used for such a thing and
then this thing this thing makeup sex cuz they’re asking about that do you
believe in that is that sacred there’s and some of their emails to me no I do
not I’m not saying you know you should make yourself feel bad if you did you
did it it’s just that if you asked me makeup sex
oh is it makeup sex hot yes it is slash shallow I already covered that makeup
sex working you know your tensions out through sex with people for idiots
no offense sorry man but for idiots that’s not real that’s not at all deep
real anything it’s just so ridiculous ludicrous it really is I remember when
my middle daughter was a teenager she had one of those teen magazines or
something like like it was a it was a more like mature type not just a pop
idol kind of thing but it was more like a teen magazine and she’s reading that
and she came to me saying dad can I talk to you about this shirt and she says in
the Dear Abby kind of section somebody wrote in a girl wrote in and said my
boyfriend and I we had fights and he wants to make up and have sex but I’m
upset because he hurt my feelings he did something rude or you know hurt he hurt
me in some way what should I do and the license train counselor brighter
you know columnist columnist in in this magazine said well you should do that
it’s a nice way to bond and my daughter said that’s wrong and she’s 15 or
something at the time I was so proud not only of her but that any human being
could see how stupid that kind of advice was from an expert and yet even a child
knew better I dig that I love I love when even a child has the greater
intelligence than the trained experts because then you really know something’s
cool about that person or did something’s really ludicrous about the
opposite it was so obvious that you know a dog would I ran from that particular
magazine so you know it’s just it’s so obvious any any thing with a brain would
just no no so please use your common sense alright love man find that love
where’s the integra so the relaxing the letting go the oh
I’m having greater levels of trust I’m having greater levels of release and
that lends towards spontaneous orgasms for naturally sexual but better still
naturally sensual individuals now what about a different type of sensual you
know release in other words not just spontaneous orgasms but something that’s
happening energetically it’s not like you’re just working on it opened up
physically what about when you’re actually having what’s called astral
experiences higher dimensional or other dimensional experiences so some folks
here is asking you know they’re asking though they’re asking you what is energy
sex or what is astral sex and you know they had it worded in different ways so
I just kind of again distilled it down to one but there are healthy and
unhealthy versions of this so let me let me explain and elaborate a bit energy
sex can happen in generally speaking the three different ways there’s a spiritual
experience of energy sex the spiritual is the highest spiritual means something
about you it could be past life make up this life could be vulnerability it
could be you’re surrendering you’re going through a dark night of the soul
and you’re surrendering despair and help me whatever it is or your devotional ism
sincerity great integrity different things can lend towards this but you
just happen to be ready for not a man or woman to reach to you and touch your
body and give you an orgasm genitally instead spirit reaches its hand into our
soul and ignites us and there’s just this ecstatic explosion it’s you know
quite beautiful obviously it’s it causes ecstatic releases I mean visionaries
sing mother Mary have had this were their body arches just like orgasmic
arching you know that sometimes happens the body’s arch there sometimes
convulsions it’s all very similar you know in fact the muscle fatigue it looks
similar there’s a you know there’s this kind of releasing sometimes when you cry
a lot and your how is that not similar to orgasm it is similar people just are
messed up in the way they see things it’s very simple you just had a major
release it wasn’t a genital sexual release
but you had a version of an emotional orgasm which comes either from being you
know accessing wounds in some way current or past or sometimes joy just oh
my god and crying you know and having an emotional release an ecstatic release
because I’m so happy this experience with you being so sensual and safe is
I’m so grateful that’s still an emotional release and people say oh but
I’m not having an orgasm I’m sorry why would you apologize you had some tears
and I think that’s an orgasm it’s beautiful thanks for sharing it should
all really really be beautiful like that but the spiritual orgasms that is not
something a person can give you that’s something that would come from Holy
Spirit angels very high level spirit beings but they are spirit beings
they’re not physical beings with a high spiritual quality just very very spirit
they’re spirit beings all right now fewer of you have that then have had the
other type but I’m naming it anyway because it’s one of the types that can
happen the next type is closer to home more like astral or from astral plane
meaning the other side of death it’s that that next realm the astral world
the fourth dimension or even fifth dimension but once you get there and
higher it starts to become almost a spiritual orgasm but yeah some five
fifth dimensional beings could be included in this particular category so
energetic orgasms and I want to again say there’s healthy types and there’s
unhealthy types so the healthy versions astral based sex those can happen with
astral beings but they’re positive beings light beings it could be a
deceased loved one who’s still with you and saying honey I’m here and you know
would you like to experience me it’s not like they’re actually on the other side
going you know listen biting their astral fingernail oh my god I’m really
craving you mind no that’s not what I’m talking about it’s not what’s happening
I’m saying there’s still a love for it to be positive healthy there also needs
to be agreement on some level doesn’t mean you literally have written you know
if anyone’s out there they would like you know here’s my signature
it just means on some level it feels agreeable it’s never coerced it’s never
forced it’s just this feels loving you know it’s it’s just beautiful
you can you can even have astral experiences that are believe it or not
parts of yourself making love to yourself and it creates like wow this is
just wow you know like who was that don’t don’t credit don’t name just have
your experience and learn more and more to make it about you alright please
there are unhealthy forms of the astral or other dimensional you know sex the
the unhealthy would be obviously exactly the opposite sometimes you’ve got dark
beings you’ve got it would be without permission you you know and and you
could say this includes people too but I’m gonna get to that in a sec I’m
talking about purely beings that are in the astral world so you have darker
beings but there are mischievous beings that tamper so you have to watch also in
this category sometimes there are even elemental beings could be included in
this category but that could also be included sometimes on a physical
sexual experience so you have spiritual you have the energetic or astral rather
then you have physical or human sexual experiences so I’ll get to that one in a
sec back to the middle one the negative the unhealthy ones can even be your ego
triggering wounds shames and your having like a sexual experience and it’s like I
felt somebody touching me even if you had an orgasm doesn’t mean you did
something wrong wind blows the breasts respond the
nipples respond just if you had a yucky being and you still had a an orgasmic
experience you’re gonna feel confused by it and that’s exactly what they’re there
for they want to cause you know mess you up and cause confusion don’t take that
personally your body respond a big deal that’s the body that didn’t mean you
were giving permission for unhealthy to have its way with you
you didn’t do anything wrong but knowing that this is happening you still have to
say hey you know what the egos trying to push me into feeling guilty and ashamed
no done calling the Holy Spirit and then picture feeling filled with light
surrounded and filled with light the presence of peace the hands of God over
me even blessing the fact that I was just with some yucky thing and and and I
feel a little confused and ashamed just let the light of God shine light upon
you and trance mute all of the strange feelings you might have even on a
cellular level okay the third and final category of otherworldly kinds of sex is
is that it’s you still you could be in your bed you could be working out a gym
but something happens to you but we’re connecting now not to spawn tornadoes
spontaneous orgasms but remember it’s it’s when other beings are involved and
not there physically so there’s spiritual there’s astral and physical
physical though in this case means you’re here physically you’re having
physical responses and from beings that are in the physical world they’re just
not with you in the room how could that happen
you could have somebody you’re in agreement with you know sexy kind of
playful relationship you know you know hey what are you doing oh I’m going to
bed alright I’m gonna send you some thoughts you know and let’s imagine
making love those kinds of things can happen projecting the mind into the
presence of someone else and having even physical responses you could sit in the
same room without contact and you know send the thoughts and somebody could
respond if they’re wired like that and have that natural sensual sexual kind of
nature which is neither good nor bad it just is and so it happens we don’t want
to ever get to going I need that I wish I had that I don’t have that I’m not
complete you don’t go into those games of the mind you just look for love and
respect and then the rest can be built over time if you want to learn how to do
that so so yeah so there’s people that are alive and you’re sort of having a
cooperative experience you’re it’s agreed upon there’s a permission given
and so it’s alright and in that category you can sometimes even have beings that
are in the physical realm not too far off elemental beings you know believe it
or not the Catholic Church into the Middle Ages and Dark Ages and Middle
Ages had a law that said you people you men and women cannot must not it’s
against the law have sexual intercourse interaction with elemental spirits
nature spirits or elemental beings and that you go wait why would they have to
why would they have to put that in there because it was happening beings would do
that the the the legends around Merlin is that his mother was a human mother
and his father was a salamander spirit or a nature spirit of sorts okay there
are such things believe it or not they’re not just fables those things
have happened there are beings that are malicious and some that are
beautiful wonderful well-meaning benevolent but why would they connect
and that leads us to sort of our closure none of these experiences can happen
without everyone sensing on some level these beings
sensing on some level that you’re open to it your sexual confusion could
attract a being that loves preying upon people in sexual confusion your
repressed sexual desires some of them are out there it’s it’s like the word
spirits when you say I’m gonna go up to the bar and and drink some spirits why
do they call liquor spirits because in the time the old days there were people
that recognized that these kinds of places were filled with spirits Souls
not spiritual like God’s Spirit but spirits souls that were looking for
beings that were more susceptible for them to inhabit or cling to or attach to
and people that are in an altered state drugs alcohol are susceptible so the
place where you go and drink spirits you’re actually drinking spirits and
making yourself vulnerable or susceptible to spirits just an aside
okay now same with this when you’re craving you know if you have sexual
addiction sexual craving sexual repressions it can attract extreme
emotions can easily attract emotionally unstable beings on the other side
predatorial sometimes they’re just discarnate dead people who are you know
looking for something to get off and no pun intended but to get off with whether
it’s attaching to them when they’re drinking or whether it’s a sexual
experience okay so you know healthy or unhealthy astral or human it’s all you
know the sexual contact can only happen when the other beings sense that on some
level they have permission it’s not that you said I’m giving permission you gave
permission by being in that susceptible State now I don’t mean for you to think
that I’m saying oh my god I better not think about anything drinking sex
nothing you know I’m not saying it’s I’m saying when it’s
extreme enough it attracts things but if it’s going to attract what get in a good
state get in such a good state that that when you pray you’re you’re doing the
same as you would if somebody were massaging you or stimulating you in a
soft loving way going to prayer and say Here I am god it’s not that you’re
trying to turn it into a sexual experience it’s the same level of saying
I’m gonna I’m gonna let tensions go I’m gonna relax and have this person you
know my partner pleasure me or kiss me or whatever it’s so nice instead of hot
sex you know it’s it can be so beautiful when soft and it becomes a deeper
experience when soft so take it that direction you know work with it like
that and when you’re praying Here I am do it’s it’s energetically intentioned
wise it’s the same may not seem like it’s the same but the intention behind
it is relaxing calming being and things happen spiritually and energetically but
remember you have to give permission so if ever it doesn’t feel like there’s
permission or whatever you just say back off you have the right you have the
power to do that just you know it’s kind of like tell these idiots to get away
you know like just come on man I’m looking for the light of God how you
guys doing these beings don’t dig that when you hold that presence back off man
not here for you go to the light you’ll have great orgasms you go to the light
go go get off in the light you know cuz if they go it’ll transmit their stuff so
it’s pretty cool but don’t let them have power like physical predators at the end
of the day everything I just talked about in terms of their healthy and
unhealthy do’s and don’ts it’s no different than I’m gonna advise you or
what advise you if you were asking about physical partnerships the physical world
material partnerships same advice which would be love respect whether it’s
astral or human love and respect death slow down man not stimulate to
slow down deep in the experience that deep that takes the love and spreads it
through the body and being and it gets to the point where you realize I’m not
even a body anymore not because your dissociating in an unhealthy way it’s
you’re realizing because you go to the body build the body awareness and then
beyond the body into this oh my god I’m feeling love and the love will turn into
light and bliss as well if you hang in there long enough and properly but the
body you’re there at first to some degree but you deepen and deepen and
slow down that’ll help you deepen and then to a place of Wow
I just feel full I feel alive and it’s not based on stimulation it’s not size
of breasts and genitals and this and that it’s not bodies perfect shape and
fat-free wrinkle free it’s that stuff just is ridiculous and I use words you
know ludicrous idiotic you know and some people you know gosh those aren’t very
spiritual words they’re perfectly spiritual words you know because they
express how ridiculous the other can be the non spiritual world yet that realm
the Eco doesn’t get it and you and I are the ones who have to teach to people
around us and including ourselves but also the people around us that there’s
an alternative the real thing love orgasms when a person looks at you
and whistles and hey baby you know boy have you got a guy like me or a girl
like me or whatever they saying do you have this attitude cuz it’s a true
attitude which is you have no idea you’re telling them with your mind
you have no idea oh man I bet I can give you an orgasm
you have no idea nothing you can do to stimulate me could compete with the I am
the orgasm of who I am is way beyond anything any body could ever do for me
know that an own the power is you and will advise within
you to share that with someone else spiritually astrally physically humanly
you know is is a beautiful experience because it means to not just one two
people have decided to put aside all the programs God all the programs of life
that tell us the programming that tells us it’s all done differently and they
were mistaken all right I pray that this is made sense I really
do and thank you those of you who are still watching for
all I know everybody’s clicked off because it was do weird maybe I don’t
know but many blessings I swear man thank you so much and thank you for
creating a space for me because this becomes a sacred sexual experience in
the sense that we’re talking about such deep and vulnerable and sexual oriented
topics in a way that you guys are creating a vessel and asking questions
like you did that I can enter that vessel and sort of dance with you and
say okay what question do you have it’s this okay here’s my answer see it’s a
dance a very beautiful sensual dance and an acceptance that’s happening accepting
I accept that you have those questions there’s not a judgment
I accept that you’re allowed to say but Michael I really also love intense sex
no problem I’ll just tell you what it is right wanna wrestle you know it’s anger
or whatever and teach about it without judgment I think that’s so beautiful i
as a teacher feel grateful to have spent so many years the writing the teaching
and the work you know with people individually in such a profoundly deep
scary volatile area that it’s it’s orgasmic in a sense for me or you to be
in those positions to teach others because you’re going into that place of
letting go and it brings joy to see the numbers of people the tears of joy the
tears of sadness and wounds and you know abuses crying away god I just feel such
an awe such a bliss orgasm of appreciation it’s just so to me it’s
just so beautiful and so amazing I feel a little bit sad and bummed that
gave that up and stopped working there for all kinds of reasons but the because
of the sometimes the difficulties that causes people also because of my role as
a spiritual teacher it gets extra confusing to some people and just so on
and so on there are other reasons but those kinds of reasons I set it aside a
little bit bummed because of knowing how much good it brought to light a lot of
people but again I’ve taught enough people and I take moments like this to
say say something about teach you and hopefully you guys can go and do it and
I’ve written about it so you could read I’ve written two books one is the an
introduction to Tantra and sacred sexuality I also have one on
relationships and several other titles but related to this topic a great one on
creating fulfilling relationships but and they’re all on my website or on
wherever other places people buy books and so forth but I don’t know if it’s
Amazon or whatever but my website hasn’t and in another book called sacred
sexuality a manual for living bliss and that’s one that has all these exercises
and so forth in it on do’s and don’ts for yourself and others Kundalini
exercises and just I put as much as I could in there that were that would be
easy to convey in book form so that’s downloading of all my you know it’s it’s
ten percent of what I know but it’s all I could do in book form and what I could
do at the time for people so there’s a lot in there and it’s full spectrum
really alright so blessings to you all lots of love to you may you have really
blessed spiritual sensual experiences in your life all right
full body experiences at that peace be with you bye bye

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