Sammi Walker – “Breathe” @WANPOETRY (UAF 2019)

Sammi Walker – “Breathe” @WANPOETRY (UAF 2019)

– Breathe press me against your lips wrap them around me inhale me I will take you away slowly breathe I am addiction rolled in
your death certificate my breath is poison I will
never love you but I will wait wait for you to cough a
(mumbles) when your lungs harden into magma and
you’re being suffocated by your own ashes I will watch watch your insides erupt watch until your very existence is extinct I’ve turned your body into museum Two of everything from
brown teeth to petrified air black walls covered in soot your museum only I would
want to visit, breathe I am an illusion, an embalmer I started mummifying
you from the first kiss draining the air from your body and you knowing this
was possible, continued breathe through your
mouth under coffin nail and exhale me the day you try to get rid of
me will be the day you realize you can no longer live without me when you put me down and your breath becomes invisible and I
no longer twist and curl around your eyes your body
will remain burned, breathe the day you try to get rid of
me will be the day you realize my ghost will continue
dancing with your body forever you’ll realize that I am your cremator and that your ashes mean nothing
when they’re tinted yellow breathe you’ll realize your whole world could fit in a rolled up strip of paper, breathe that a marionette can be
controlled by two fingers, breathe I’ve grown to know you, I’ve gone with you to the
alleyway behind every movie to the corner of each
barbecue and birthday party I have grown so fond of you but let me remind you
this is not a love story you came to me, pressed
me against your lips wrapped them around me, inhaled me so I took you away slowly so breathe just breathe (crowd cheering) – [Man] That was Sandy can we all –

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  1. The day you try to get rid of me would be the day you’ll realize you can’t do without me. Breathe……😫

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