Is alcohol different medically
chemically alcoholism different than other addictive drugs not at all
and that’s part of the problem we were talking earlier and what we like to talk
about is dis-ease not feeling comfortable with oneself and when you
study the neurobiology of addiction it all works through all of the same
neuro chemical systems once that the reward system gets involved you can
substitute any sort of psychoactive substance and cause the addiction or the
substance use disorder to progress and you did you told us that you used other
drugs in addition to or instead of alcohol did you consider yourself an
alcoholic along the way when I left college I went to work at the state
hospital probably should have been admitted remember taking that they did
an inventory and you had to check off and I lied through the whole thing about
the amount I used and nonetheless I became a professional in the mental
health industry around drug addiction and alcoholism interestingly and it was
working in that profession when I sobered up and it did not occur to me
until I sat down with somebody one afternoon I couldn’t maintain anymore
and it wasn’t about the amount that I drank it was that at one moment I could
drink an entire fifth of scotch and not get drunk and another time I could take
a shot of scotch and be blacked out and so it became unpredictable and my
management of my staff was unpredictable and so I went to somebody and said hey I
I felt crazy I felt absolutely insane thought that I needed to go seek some
type of inpatient and and my friend suggested to me she said have you
thought about not drinking and my response was I quit drinking for five
years and she said no Annie not drinking not taking any prescriptions not smoking
any weed and my response to her was evening all at the same time it it
didn’t occur to me

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  1. One of the best episodes yet and so spot on in every way. I only wish I'd been there for one of the questions they didn't actually hit on.

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