SECOND OPINION | Cynthia Scudo | Opioid to Heroin Addiction

(Dr. Peter Salgo) You became addicted to opioids because because you were prescribed them for your hip pain and then you got a new doctor who cut back your dose. And you left your doctor’s office and did what? (Cynthia) I drove right to a young man’s house that I knew dealt heroin. (Dr. Peter Salgo) So you go to a heroin dealer why heroin why not try to get more oxycontin – that’s the drug you were on. (Cynthia) Yes oxycontin is very expensive and an 80 milligram a pill is eighty dollars. A dollar for a gram. I could sell one pill which wasn’t even one dose for me and get enough heroin for two-and-a-half days. (Dr. Peter Salgo) Alright what I’m hearing here and I do want to move on – but I think it’s really important for our audience, I heard not only that you were going from oxycontin to heroin but that you were selling oxycontin. (Cynthia) Correct (Dr. Peter Salgo) This is this is a “twofer” You’re dealing and you’re using (Dr. Peter Salgo) So did you go through it you went to the heroin dealer? (Cynthia) I did (Dr. Peter Salgo) What did you do how did you use it? (Cynthia) I was taught how to smoke it. I could convince myself that if I didn’t inject it I was not REALLY a heroin addict. (Child’s Voice) Blue Cross Blue Shield is a proud sponsor of Second Opinion. Live Fearless

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