Selling Sex For £4 In Liverpool | Sex Map Of Britain

Selling Sex For £4 In Liverpool | Sex Map Of Britain

Put that camera down
when I’m walking. People will know what I’m
doing if you do that. A really bad time. I got raped, and battered
with a baseball bat, knocked all my teeth out
with a baseball bat. It’s not good. Don’t do it,
stay away from Shiel Road. I just watch their backs, to be
honest with you. Make sure they, uh… ..they don’t get, you know,
done in by the punters. He’s a good lad. He’s a good lad. He’s loyal, you know what
I mean? He’s staunch. He doesn’t just look after one girl, he looks after every
girl on this road. Do you know what I mean? No? No service? Can you go away, please? Why is he standing there still? He must want a bit more, mustn’t he? Go on, kid. Just tell him she’s done her
business, basically, come on now, game over,
leave her alone. Right, I’m going, team,
I’m going to score. That was me last year. I’ll show you another
photo that’s better. That was about, yeah, a year ago… now. I was a size 14 there,
I’m a size 6 now, I’m like Skeletor. Crack. Crack cocaine. I could be out there, taking me
hours, to get 50 quid. Taking me hours. Luckily, I’ve got a mate. It’s OK for men, they can go and
graft and rob shops and whatever. Us women, we’ve got to go and sell
our bodies for our habit. It’s horrible. I’ve got to go and meet someone,
can I come back in a bit? Sorry? Can I come back in a bit?
Because I’ve got to go and meet now. OK. I’ll be back in
about 20 minutes. No, I’m not waiting for you. Knocks me si… I’d rather have you in my life as a
friend than not at all. I feel sorry for her. She’s got no-one. She’s got
no friends, either, everyone seems to dislike her. I’m the only person
who’s ever helped her, who’s ever given a
fuck about the kid. Sheil Road, really,
it’s a lovely road, that normal human beings and
children walk down every day, and children take the
bus stop to get to school. But, unfortunately, every
minute of the day, you’ll always find one lady on
there, and we are ladies. Unfortunately, we’re at a bad,
bad, degrading stage of our lives. I love every individual girl on that
road, deep down in my heart, because I know that they
are out there, and they are paining themselves to
do what they’re doing. But they’re not paining themselves
no fucking more than me. Do you know what I mean? I’ve given an unprotected blow job
without a condom on, and for the sake of £10, to get me
my first stone of a night. When I come out,
I was like, fucking mad. I think his name is Jason.
I’m not 100% sure. Half eleven. Jason. But he’s done it to
another girl as well. Catch you. All right, then,
thank you very much. See you later, girlies. Thank you. Did the shooting that was last…
was it about two weeks ago, have much impact on business? Yeah, right opposite the van. SIRENS I haven’t seen Natalie
now for about a week. She, um… She’s mixing with bad wrong ‘uns. People who are injecting,
you know, and… I’ve got to distance
myself from her. That’s not my cup of
tea, people like that. Natalie, you know… It’s heartbreaking,
mate. Heartbreaking. That’s the place now
I’m working from. How I can take punters back to
there, I don’t know how. Sleeping on the dirty
floor with mice. Obviously, I had to lower prices
to get them…to drag them there. SHE CRIES I can’t remember……how to be respected,
how to be treated normal. I can’t remember the last time someone opened their arms and gave
me a hug and told me everything was going to be OK.
I can’t remember anything like that. The only thing I get is a man… The only time… The only time
somebody opens their arms to me is when a man’s dragging
me on a bed. And wanting sex. Pinning me down. It’s not mental torture. It is also physical. I can’t remember the last time someone was going to tell me
everything is going to be OK, because I know it’s not. I have a habit. It’s not OK. I haven’t had a normal
life in the past year. Normal, to me, is getting up,
getting dressed and going to have sex with different men
day in, day out. That’s my normal life. I’d love to wake up tomorrow, and there’s my mum knocking at the
door, giving me a big hug, asking me to come home,
telling me everything is OK, I don’t need to do this any more. Would you? Yeah. Why? Hello, honey. You all right? Yeah. D’you want a drink? They’re lovely! Yeah. Do me a favour, please,
if you could? Say a prayer for you, yeah?
Yes, please. God, I pray you bless
this woman this week, pray you’d help her
get into rehab and help her do everything she
wants to do in life and be free from all the things that
are holding her back. Amen. Amen. Love you. Love you too. Take care. I’ll be thinking
of you this week. See you later. Bye. Take care. Bye. INTERCOM RINGS All right? You all right?
I’m good, you? I’m going to ask
you some questions. Yeah. Where do you see yourself
in five years? Um, hopefully settled down. With a job. What do you
fancy doing as a job? I’ve got my chef licence,
so I could be a chef. Have you? Yeah. What’s the first… I need that kick
up the arse to say, you know, get off the drugs, you’re going to
do it. That’s what I want. So what do you want in life? Yeah. To see my family. That’s fine. Do you have a good
relationship with your mum? No. No. I just want her to reach out
there and find me and hug me. That’s all I want. Is she from
Liverpool? My mum? Yeah. Yeah. OK. So, if we can get
you into this place, are you going to commit to it? Yeah. My mum might come
and see me then. Yeah? And I can help you get in
touch with your mum as well. Will you? Yeah, of course I will. Can I phone my mum now? Yeah. PHONE BEEPS LINE RINGS ON PHONE: Hello? I should be taking advantage of
any single kind of help I could get but I can’t
even keep a doctor’s appointment, because my head is just focused on
crack, crack, crack, crack, crack. It’s getting worse and worse
and, to be honest with you, I think Shiel Road needs
a bomb dropping on it.


  1. She said she would of spent the money on crack or herion but she told Liam she doesn't do and she don't like it say if Laim was to what he this video STiCkY OnE STIlL

  2. Drugs aren’t the issue. It’s how and why someone uses them in the first place. They become an issue when you start relying on them for the happiness that you can’t seem to find in life, they fill a void but that void is just a bottomless pit which’ll never fill up nor be satisfied. There’s so much more to addiction and drugs, to truly understand how an addict feels you have to endure it yourself. Everyone suffers through pain but we all look for different ways to ease it away.

  3. If Natalie wasn't mind set on impressing her mother, she might have accepted rehab. Always do the right thing for yourself, not for anyone else. It doesnt work if you try to impress other people

  4. I dont mean to be utterly ignorant, and I do apologise in advance, but why don't these girls get a normal job? And make something of themselves?

  5. Is the cost of living there really cheap? Goodness $5 is such a little amount for that. A real job pays more an hour. 🥺

  6. He is right. Immigrants stealing jobs is a not a myth as the new left tries to fool the people into believing. In fact labour party and labour unions in britain where some of the most vociferous opponents to both immigration and the EU before they turned neoliberal and finance in the 90s. Labour always opposed immigration because it was specially detrimental for the working class. This is logic after all there arent unlimited job but now college liberals will treat the working class as hicks for speakig up about the reality they are experiencing and stamp the nazi label on anyone who dares defy their dogma that theres an endless source of jobs and theres plenty for everyone, something that is extremely cynical.

  7. These people must be helped firstly by every government thats has got enough resources to help them and than by everyone that can,noone must become a prostitute and belittled by anyone and anything,u are loved!!

  8. not Serbia or Croatia, they are rich compared to other countries ine east Europe.
    Moldova and Romania are horrible.

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  10. Their accents are so thick that’s why they need subtitles, but I hate it when the Poms say Three & they say fweee instead

  11. it really broke my heart that natalie chose not to get the help she needed. i wish all these girls the best and hope they’re all doing ok…

  12. Yeah certain aspects arnt nice an it's horrible to watch but just the drugs part I just can't stand anyone who takes crack n heroin it's just disgusting, they can still communicate and eat sleep n shit so they can stop taking the drugs and do the right thing

  13. I'm Swedish, spoken English since I was 11. Lived in London for a year.
    Never read subtitles if it's an English or American film/show whatever.

    I thought my English was rather good.

    If it wasn't for the subtitles here I wouldn't understand much.
    Love the accent though.

  14. Why should you feel sorry for these people they chose their lifestyle . I would personally Shag a horse than go to these girls

  15. The addict boyfriend should be locked up. What a total waste of a human being. Truly the uk is doomed. As for the woman saying it’s okay for men because they can go an rob people. Truly these folks are lost.

  16. Yet the UK debates if they have to legalise or criminalize the sex trade. And chooses a middle way that it's a social and economic problem and a issue of mental health as well. Altogether UK is confused in every area of public policy and International relations, Brexit is another such example.

  17. @5:00 she says it’s easy for men they can go rob things and blah blah, but for women it’s not because they have to sell their bodies. I think that’s obviously the easiest choice. It’s easier to spread eagle or give a blow job then to go out and steal etc.But, it’s not a matter of they “have to.” They could get drugs just like the men do and not sleep with anyone.

  18. Natalie, Liam does love you. He just can't date u while you're in the grips of addiction. I hope you see this and clean up. He keeps coming to see you and asks you questions because he cares.
    Best wishes sweetie. You are important and deserve a good life.

  19. This female saying she felt "repulsively sick knowing she was in bed with a man knowing she had a man at home waiting" I see… you'll feel "repulsively sick" having sex for drugs but you won't feel sick to come off the drugs to be with the man you say you love. Im not buying it…. she was more than likely just using him.

  20. Update: if you google Sheil Road, (I did looking an update) 2 years later, Natalie is still at it and she’s actually been banned by police from the road and she looks even worse

  21. Drugs… Got the country on its arse…. This country is as good as finished now. … Time to find another country now😢😢…norway in the outskirts… Plenty jobs.. Sensible people…. N best n most important… NO SERIIOUS DRUG PROBLEMS….. But take it from a switched on English man…. THIS COUNTRY HAS DIED…. 🤔😶😕🙁🙁

  22. With a title like that, people will think 4pounds is the going rate in Liverpool, when it's the desperate minimum. 🙁

  23. I've grown up with people like natalie , n tough love doesn't work , you need to have your family to get through the tough times , that tough love rubbish is a cop out , I'm not saying she'll of been a angel but never give up on your son or daughter sister or brother , cause when there gone and all you have got is guilt and photos would tough love be your choice again anyone and any family can be severely hurt by having a member as a addict so you cold people commenting get off your high horse

  24. "People are selling sex for only $20 we can't hardly live like this"
    Britain hookers.

    "Let's import millions of people who will have sex for $3"
    Britain politicians.

  25. Bro I m from Greece and Serbia and Croatia look way better than England . Just visit Zagreb or Belgrade and you ll see , I ve been in England and Its filled with junkies .

  26. Get a script then it's not hard to ask for help, these people don't want help they just want more crack, there are lots of places in liverpool that help you get of drugs, stop complaining and do something about it

  27. People berate religion but if these women were brought up in a faith – any faith, christianity or islam – would they ever be living such lives? Very very unlikely. Secularism has no answers.

  28. Those rodents are the most disgusting ,sleaziest cockroaches to have been squeezed out of the inflamed putrid anus of Satan himself. Jesus wept.


  30. This girl annoys me, making it out like she has to lie on her back for money, I'd lie there rattling before sleep with some dirty punter

  31. Drugs ruin so many lives. You'd think people would research how it affects people's lives before they even consider wasting time and money on such foolishness

  32. Heart breaking to watch. Wish I was a multimillionaire to go around the streets of the UK and help out all the girls by enrolling them on rehab programs and even buy then flats. These girls really to need genuine love and prayers💔☝😢

  33. If I didn’t grow up in Philadelphia and live in Florida where I’ve seen the ravages of crack I’d be super sad. So many lost souls out there. I feel bad for Liam. He loves that woman but his principles won’t allow him to take her behavior. I figured she wouldn’t show up to her next appointment. Crack is so hard to kick

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