Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 2 | NBC News (Live Stream)

Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 2 | NBC News (Live Stream)


  1. Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Graham is an abomination period…
    Abominable men.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  2. "Impeachment"is how you politic, when you have NO RECORD of accomplishment, DON'T have a voting majority and have nothing to offer America, except "racism", lies, double standards and Hollywood celebrity.

  3. Trump is a great man that cares about America and the people in America. This President is a person who cares about change in a positive way and he puts on foot in front of the other.

  4. Really bowed heads closed eyes prayer sessions before this?? I'm too young to have seen the Clinton impeachment trials so not sure. Isn't there separation of church and state do they normally even allow prayer in Congress or the senate in I honestly don't know. But it is annoying the Democratic leaders involved religion when it's convenient to them. Is it to look more innocent or righteous and their dealings

  5. For nothing is hid, that shall not be made manifest; nor [anything] secret, that shall not be known and come to light.

  6. Trump, McConnell and Graham are disgraceful!! They are Traitors, Liars Cowards!! So are their accomplices!!
    Lock Them ALL UP!!

  7. Shiff you know Biden and his son Hunter need to be investigated and you are drawing attention away from Biden by making accusations against Mr Trump with heresay. House Dems are still crying about Mr Trump being Americas President. Mr Trump is a Great President and majority of America loves him!!

  8. looking back over the last three years, you would think that democrats would be happy for America having a president that cares so much for the success of America and its citizens. It's almost as if they are jealous that they didn't have the wits or intelligence to accomplish anything close to his success. If this is what the democrats have to run on later this year they've already lost the race.

  9. ADAM SHIFF belongs on Saturday Night Live. He's not a credible human.

    ARE WE BETTER OFF…. having a liar like SHIFF mischaracterize the transcripts all Americans heard? FUSION GPS has NEVER been investigated. WE HAVEN'T FINISHED WITH COMEY, BRENNAN OR CLAPPER.

    Why NOT investigate American traitors like Kerry, Biden, and Pelosi? If there's nothing there….no harm. THERE IS something there. Americans need to know.

    Shiff is such a piece of garbage claiming Ukrainian lives were lost. My guess is the blankets and MRE's OBAMA GAVE weren't working. At least President Trump's missiles had a bigger impact.

    Democrats in the House need to be impeached, stripped of their wages, and flogged publicly.

  10. Like a TURD IN A PUNCHBOWL, SHIFF continues to lie about Democratic server hacks. This in the face of Mr. Rich being gunned down after WikiLeaks stated he was their "hack" source.

    Believe Shiff if you believe feces is food for humans. The man reeks.

  11. Let's start with some truth.. I am man who can pass a polygraph test in regards to the existence of God Force.. must say if we intend separation of church and state we must not start the proceedings in this way.. it's absolute Madness on its face.. And even to specify one religion out of many.. is it nostalgic or is it hypocrisy?….

  12. And the more obvious truth.. .. In regards to impeachment for president.. only that needs to be secret ballot… Objective opinion couldn't be more important… Senators must fear for their families against mr. Cryptic Mafia speak. Donald Trump. And also they must fear the voters..

  13. Does anybody realize that the saddest part about all it is that if this were any ordinary citizens that did this, they would’ve ended up in jail or fired from their job.

  14. its apparently beating a dead a horse. Nothing could convince these men to change their minds. They will vote as if their political fortune depends on it. The only apparent purpose of this exercise is to persuade the electorate.

  15. Whenever Ned Beatty sees any of the Trump trolls on YouTube coming towards him in the woods, he says “Oops, gotta hide my Rectum!”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Someone read this and tell me how the Democrats have changed from 1857 to now. It appears that history is repeating itself or it never has changed in the first place. Either way, it helped me decide what party to support. History does not lie and today's current events with the Democrats and Republicans should open a few minds. How much of what is on this link is the truth?–Democrat-slavery-vs-Republican-abolition.html?soid=1108762609255&aid=PEO0d8_cblg

  17. I saw today the impeachment hearing open statement, is sad what going on
    What happened was real fact what trump did to Ukraine holding fund because
    The new elected president of Ukraine didn't did wha the president trump want
    Him to do "investigate the biden". I saw today three senator from the G.O.P
    Scott, cruz, tim, and other said to the press their repiding the sain. Trump
    Admitted it was qui-pro-quo at the beginning of the scandal.

  18. When it's time to vote… Logic is telling me.. nothing deleterious will happen… no harm will come… maybe a motion to remove if possible . . should be presented.. either before or after allowing the witnesses and evidence… save the reputation of the Republican Party and our nation.

  19. Then chief of staff also said it was qui-pro- quo at from of the press he admitted it qui- pro- quo. Another thing why went senator of the minory leader
    Did about 11 amendments to subpoenas so their come to testify in the inpeachment of D.J.T. The G.O.P. vote again 53-47. Why the G.O.P. dont
    Give the benefit of dout to the house. bring witnesses republican about
    Thirty of the republican running for re-election in November 20.

  20. All politicians should submit to mandatory drug and alcohol testing. All policemen should be wearing cameras that they can't turn off themselves. All lives matter.

  21. Since when can the accused attempt to subvert the jurors – in a normal court that would be called tampering (a felony)

  22. Incredibly disappointing how all these individuals with the name Senate's are allowing this to just fly by. They won't even blink to the word, corruption. They should all be in Prison with trump, so sad to say the US is not the United States, our Country is an embarrassment to the World'!

  23. And I don't understand how someone that lied to all of you has any credibility to be a manager in a trial. Someone in your news need to explain this for us Canadian's. the other guys. Or they too busy destroying servers for Clinton. Sry.

  24. Yikes! We're fighting the Rooskies over there instead of fighting them here. Didn't know that. I wonder how those Ukraine took the news?

  25. Why didn’t they impeach Obama for giving away US taxpayers money to Iran? Also for given Blankets to Ukraine, also for Clinton corruption and Biden crime. Should we ignored these crooked ones and focus only on the President? How hippocrittcal? King Obama, Queen Hilary and Biden are all crooks and are all above the law according to Shifty Shift. Smoke screen
    to divert the above crooks

  26. He’s in There for six hours and he thinks it’s only about the phone call. The phone call given the mountain of evidence is as about as important as the whistleblower. Not at all the rest of the testimony and the timeline just elucidates the significance of the call.

  27. We're not wrestling with flesh and blood, but the wicked spirits that are in high places. Isn't this CAPITOL HILL'S, where they are gathered, that is considered to be that of the high place. Isn't it the Republicans that is being wrestled with about the truth of what Trump has done? Or should I spill the beans and say what Satan has done?

  28. If Ukraine is such an important ally, vital to US state security, why only give them 400 million, after giving your stated enemies, the Iranian Mullahs, 150 billion, while they chant "Death to America".

  29. How many Ukrainians died because of these questionable "activities"? How many Americans died because of these questionable "activities".
    How many Americans died because of the 150 billion given to Iran?

  30. My God! He's almost weeping about the ex-ambassador being recalled, as is the President's prerogative. It matters not how long you serve, or where, or under what conditions. Any Ambassador serves at the pleasure of the President. If the President is not pleased with your service, you're out. Period.

  31. @3:44:55 "I don't understand". I doubt that. You say tometo, I say tomato. You say election interference, I say investigating the corruption of the embodiment of the Swamp (Clintons & Bidens). It's all a matter of opinion and perspective.

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