Serial Killers ‘IF’ Horoscopes the astrology of murderers?

Serial Killers ‘IF’ Horoscopes the astrology of murderers?

HORORSCOPES are something many turn to when they seek information on love, happiness,
health, and wealth. But!
Are the signs of the zodiac working for or against us in all matters of fate?
Do they predetermine who we are going to being? These signs have been imbued with power, and
are said to influence the behavior of those born under the dates that define them.
So what if these horoscopes were to produce evil as well as good?
In this video we take a look at the Horoscope Killers. Welcome to if ………………………………………………………………………………. Our first killer is Dr. Marcel Petiot, one
of France’s most prolific serial killers. This medical physician took the lives of over
60 people. The story of this serial killer started in his teens, this is when he began
to cultivate a double life. He successfully juggled careers in politics,
the military and his most useful career, a doctor.
During the occupation of 1933 he embedded himself amongst the freedom fighters of the
resistance. This was not out of some act of bravery or heroism wanting to liberate his
captured country, but a way in which he could find business.
He offered a service where for 25,000 francs he would provide those wanting to flee the
country with safe passage. He would convince them with a plan in which
he would give them a shot that would produce symptoms of an illness, this meaning with
his paperwork and credentials they could be smuggled out the county under the guise of
seeking better medical care. They would need better care that’s for sure….
as what he really did was inject them with cyanide, steal their money and bury their
bodies in quick lime. The killer was suspected of 135 death’s
60 now proved but at the time only charged with 26 counts of murder. This purveyor of
death met his own end at the blade of a guillotine. The zodiac killer is probably the first name
which springs to mind when thinking about killers and astrology.
For over 5 decades this case has remained unsolved.
The killer, had the whole of the United States on edge during the 1960s, he has been linked
to five killings but is suspected of many more.
From the letters he penned to the press the total could be as many as 30.
The Letters he sent to media organizations included cryptograms, in these documents is
when he first refers to himself as the “Zodiac.” So as was said in the beginning ‘ZODIAC
‘signs are supposedly able to predict our futures. Using the positions of the stars
and planets at the time of our birth. Let’s take a look at these signs and see
which has the most vicious killer. Let’s begin with Taurus the sign linked
to the most serial killers. Those born between April 20 and May 20
A couple of notorious Taureans are the British murderers Levi Bellfield and Steve Wright,
who would later became known as the Suffolk Strangler.
April 24 and February 18 are also two dates popular for producing murders.
So what star signs have created the worst murders?
Aquarius. One of the most notorious Aquarian serial
killers is Gary Ridgway, also known as the Green River Killer.
He murdered at least 49 women in Washington State, U.S, in a killing spree spanning from
1982 until his capture in 2001. Aquarians are always looking for excitement
and don’t take well to people who are boring. They’re also easily angered when someone breaks
their word. Sounds like a short fuse, a characteristic that could lead to becoming a killer. Pisces.
The Killer Clown, John Wayne Gacy was a Piscean and though he appeared to enjoy art, he definitely
wasn’t compassionate. Gacy sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage
boys and young men between 1972 and 1978. Personality traits of those with Pisces as
their zodiac sign are that they are typically compassionate and artistic, but hate being
alone or criticized. Gacy made sure he was never alone burying the bodies of victims
inside his own home. Aries.
Alexander Pichushkin convicted of murdering 48 people in Moscow in 2007 the Russian serial
killer confessed to at least 60. Determined, confident and enjoying challenges
are all positive traits but those of this sign can also be short-tempered and impulsive. The Bull, Taurus.
Taureans are reliable, devoted, patient and hard-working – but they can also be stubborn
and possessive not good at adapting to change or liking things to be over complicated.
Our killer for this zodiac sign is the legendary serial murderer, H. H. Holmes .
Holmes built a now infamous booby-trapped “Murder Castle”, this palace of horrors featured
soundproof rooms, secret passages, trapdoors and even a crematorium in the basement.
This sounds like a man who was devoted, patient and hardworking when it came to human slaughter.
Gemini. Peter Sutcliffe ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’
went on a five-year murder spree between 1975 and 1980. Slaughtering 13 women, and attempting
to kill seven others. Geminis are said to be nervous, gentle people
who don’t like being on their own. The crab, Cancer.
The killer of four Robert Maudsley did most of his killing behind bars.
Cancerians don’t take criticism well, and can also be moody and tenacious – traits that
make them more likely out lash out. These traits in a prison environment!
You can almost understand why he keeps killing!! Leo the lion,
Now here’s a sign that surely would produce a prolific killer and did!
Moors Murderer Myra Hindley was the most hated woman in Britain after raping and killing
five young children this with her partner in crime and boyfriend Ian Brady.
Arrogant and liking to be treated as the most important person in a room Leos sometimes
struggle to keep a grasp of reality. This is true of Hindley who slowly lost her
mind in prison before death. Virgo a sign linked with romance and the affairs
of the heart. Virgos love animals, many serial killers begin
their crime sprees by torturing pets something that would seem to go against this signs characteristics.
The Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo, probably started with animals before he moved onto
murdering 13 women in Massachusetts between 1962 and 1964.
Virgos are said to be rude and don’t like asking for help, instead believing they can
do things by themselves. The scales, Libra a symbol of justice for
some but not for Britain’s most notorious murderer Fred West.
Murdering and dismembering at least 10 women and children at the House of Horrors on 25
Cromwell Street in Gloucester all with the help of his devoted wife.
Libras are considered gentle and caring this was definitely not the case with West who
even murder one of his own children! Scorpio.
Scorpios are said to be truthful and brave, but they are also known to be very jealous,
violent and secretive. Scorpios are surprisingly suited for the traits
of a murderer. Moses Sithole was found guilty of 40 rapes
and 38 murders and fills this spot on our zodiac of horrors. Sagittarius.
Dennis Nilsen a British serial killer, killed 15 men dismembering and boiling some of them
and often performing sex acts with their corpses. Sagittarians are said to love their freedom,
enjoy travelling, being strong and independent. All things that Nilsen lost upon his capture. Capricorns are said to be family people, who
love closeness and tradition, but they also have many dislikes and can have moods where
they hate everything. Someone who seemed to hate nearly everyone
was The world’s worst serial killer Harold Shipman, Doctor Death. He was a Capricorn
responsible for killing 260 people over a 25 year period.
So does our zodiac sign make us prone to becoming killers?
If we become a serial killer has more to do with other factors but a full list of these
astrology linked killers was compiled and put into a book by David Jester.
And how is The horoscope linked to our first killer?
Michel Gauquelin posted an advertisement in a French newspaper in 1968 offering free Horoscopes
to those that replied. 500 people accepted the offer and sent this man their personal
information. Why was this such a bad idea?
Because the man who claimed to Michel Gauquelin was in fact our French butcher Dr. Marcel
Petiot. So the next time your stars warn of a bad
day it maybe that you could be running in to one these astrological killers.
Do you believe in astrology? What events have the signs correctly predicted
for you? Do you share a star sign with any of our killers,
and if you do. Do you share any of their traits?


  1. We're gonna look at people who kill horoscopes?
    On a serious note, I don't put stock in horoscopes. I know I'm a Virgo, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with the kind of day I'm gonna have.
    Take care and God bless.

  2. Brilliant idea for a video, was weirdly intrigued to find out which killers I shared star signs with, I'm a cancer, in my shell. Lol.

  3. I had been wondering recently about this very thing!🤔 I'm on the fence as far as belief goes (same as organized religion)but I certainly fit the bill for Cancer Ian lol I CAN be moody,sensitive,liable to lash out. However I am too a very gentle person who may have wanted to"kill" a person or 3 over time but I'm more of a life saver than a life taker!😊

  4. My brother was born on August first, so he's got a different sign; and sometimes he's bugged dogs; and like me, he only likes the dachshunds. Another brother of mine who was born on April 29 trains dogs and has been known to use tactics that some would consider cruel like taking a chain to a Rottweiler and using duct tape on another dog he had that's pretty big if the dog snaps at someone. He's not as picky as I am when it comes to dogs, and he will find ways of stopping big ones from overpowering him. Another brother of mine who was born on April 30 has bugged his Rottweilers so astrology doesn't prove a thing there. I only have one sibling who's also a Virgo, and that's my youngest older brother.
    Take care and God bless.

  5. An interesting video, and I'm really enjoying your content.
    However, astrology is bullshit, so I'm quite surprised that you looked into this angle.
    That said, I'm sure that it was just for a bit of fun, and you certainly conveyed that.
    Looking forward to your next upload & I'm sure that you'll soon smash through a thousand subs.

  6. I’m married to a red headed Gemini. I wasn’t surprised at all on that one. I don’t know which woman is coming through our front door. She definitely has split personalities! 🤪😂🤣😂 that’s what I love about her.

  7. Square in the middle of Aquarius here (Feb 6th), born in the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese horoscope. I have an EXTREMELY low tolerance for blatant, irreparable stupidity, and though I love to share any knowledge I may have (which I freely admit is limited) and learn from others whenever possible, sometimes that process can become tedious to the point of irritation! Have yet to commit murder on any scale during my 50 someodd years, even if it seems like the most logical solution to an issue…gotta have morals even if they don't make sense sometimes, right? 😉

  8. Ariens here.. this is so helpful! This is a topic I have been wondering about for some time, I have been Reading astrology for over 25 years or so, interesting vid,which starsign Are You? Greetings from Norway!♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎

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