Seven Years Later and ‘Diablo III’ Still Slaps – Games to Play Before You Die

Seven Years Later and ‘Diablo III’ Still Slaps – Games to Play Before You Die

(light techno music) – Diablo 3 is one of the most
enrapturing games of all time. Blizzard Entertainment
released its dungeon-crawling, demon-bashing masterpiece
of a game back in 2012, and seven years later, it still retains its thriving online community. Why? Because it does what it does perfectly. The setting of Diablo 3 is bleak. The fantasy world of Sanctuary
stands on the precipice of absolute destruction, as the
dead rise and demons invade. Players, who choose from
a variety of heroes, are the only ones who
stand between the world and total destruction. An epic tale unfolds,
with twists and turns and rising stakes that ends
with an all-out war between the forces of heaven and hell as Diablo, the Prime Evil, seeks to
destroy the home of the angels with the help of countless demons. Diablo 3 weaves through
setting after dire setting, delving into torture dungeons
devised by a mad king, a city beset by death with
bodies choking buildings and streets, and even the streets of the High Heavens itself,
where angels are being cut down by demons left and right. It’s the perfect backdrop
for the addictive gameplay of Diablo 3. Playing Diablo 3 is
like sitting at the edge of the ocean’s tide in
the summer sun, the cool, calm waves of salt water
lapping over your legs to relieve the sun’s skin-sizzling heat. That heat is wave after
wave of demon, cultist, and crazed beast in the
game, and the relieving water is the game’s steady
stream of new abilities and item upgrades that makes
tearing through enemies feel like a breeze. It’s a beautiful cycle of destruction. With a handful of champions to choose from and a vast array of abilities
at players’ disposal, gameplay can be catered
to each person’s style. There’s the Wizard and Demon
Hunter for players who like to wipe out enemies from
a distance, the Barbarian and Crusader for up-close
carnage, Necromancers for people who like to explode corpses, and Monks for people who
feel a little monk-y. The secret Diablo sauce
that really makes this game addicting is the random loot
that drops from elite enemies, treasure chests, and giant bosses. Sure, the new abilities
are fun, but the joy of Diablo bubbles up
from the feeling of power that comes from earning a legendary item that gives you such a large stat boost that previously difficult
hordes of enemies turn into walking cannon fodder. At times Diablo 3 is difficult,
but persistence and patience will always reward players with
that sweet nectar of power, allowing players to dig
deeper into the game and its endlessly
satisfying endgame content. It’s the kind of game flow
that makes it so easy to sink dozens and dozens of hours into. Entire days can sink away into Diablo in the blink of an eye. Diablo 3 is a beautiful game
that manages to stay relevant after all these years, thanks
to its two major updates and seasons system that
routinely rolls out regular loot changes and updates to
keep fans coming back.


  1. I've bought the game on different systems over the years but never finished it. I have it on PC now and should go back to it. Thanks.

  2. This is BS, seriously, Diablo III is the worst Diablo game ever, is really lame that this guy says all that. this is BS, dont even consider truht 10% of what he is saying. history mode terrible, multyplayer? it is already implemented? I played for the first year, no Multiplayer. really. are they trying to sell the game again?… dont even consider i will look into another blizzard game until serius unbias reviews come.!

  3. Diablo III is certainly better nowadays (though still limited in its longevity). I'm betting this dude never even played it, though.

  4. I had a real problem with the color swap enemy types. I bought the players guide, and you'd be amazed at how lazy the character designs really are.

  5. 7 years later and I am still waiting for my PvP and 8 player games. D3 is trash and has always been trash.

  6. 'It' does what it does perfectly'.? What a bunch of crap. The game had to adjust itself over five years because parts of the game was broken, the software was different to Diablo 1 and 2 and the game mechanics that personalized each player's character was removed. This video is a propaganda piece that doesn't take into account the customer reactions to the game over the years. I doubt the video commentator has played the original games 1, 2, and 3 when they first came out. From what I can tell his review feels like a paid commercial without an honest opinion inside all this promo. What we're looking at is a shill. Remember his face. This guy will eat crap if you pay him and he'll say it's delicious.

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