Sex Addiction | Psychology of Sex

Sex Addiction | Psychology of Sex

Patients that have a hair transplant often
fear what people would call “shock loss” or hair loss, which is a shedding of hair
after the surgery. Now, some people call this telogen effluvium, but it may be more correctly
called an antigen effluvium. And this is a result of hair loss that occurs after the
physical trauma of the transplant. In most instances, in almost all instances, after
the shedding that takes place, these hairs will come back. As long as the hairs were
strong, they’ll come back. You can have an antigen effluvium that occurs around the
donor site, and it can actually occur in up to 5 to 10% of the patients that experience
the transplant. It depends on the strength of the hair follicles. If they’re miniaturized,
and they’re on their way out, they may never come back. But in most instances, if they’re
relatively strong, they will come back, and patients don’t have to fear about that.
Patients often ask, “When is the best time to have the transplant?” Well, if you wait
until you’re completely bald in that area, certainly you won’t have any shock loss
or any fall out; however, everyone will know you’ve had a transplant. So you have to
weigh out the pluses and minuses, and decide for yourself which is the best treatment option.
But know that there are certain things that we can do to minimize this fall out after
the hair transplant. One of these things is using um, the laser postoperatively; another
is that we use copper peptide solutions and soaks. These things are both beneficial to
reducing that, along with good technique using small instruments and very careful anesthetics
to get the best possible result and to minimize the feared “shock loss.”


  1. Does wanting sex 3 or 4 times a day, a sex addiction?? ( Night, Middle of the night, morning and possibly in the afternoon)

  2. Unfortunately, sex addiction exists. When someone suffers from this disease, the person needs treatment to live a normal and better life. There's hope, seek help.

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