3. this is a sad story!!! I was in pain watching!!! I feel their eagerness to live!!! but how they will live if there is no future at all… sad

  4. Why these young refugees learn some skills like barbar or some technical skills which give them good earnings to survive.

  5. Why greece dont use them by give them work and lower wage then greece people so they could build there economics? Because people are crying here that they dont work? Hand out? Obviously if nobody give you work or is no work. Greece is keep asking for hand outs as well and already got billions so dont act so inocent because i see you guys in the comments.

  6. why did they come then?
    These were the same assholes who burned the Danish flag during the mohammad cartoons and threatened everyone with death and destruction and now you want us to feel bad for them?
    Please their own countries should take care of them not Greece which is allready up to their eyeballs in debt

  7. Another mess this World has to deal with.

    I think it is too much now for the World to cope with. Negative, you bet, but it is the reality of what humans have become.

  8. What did they expect then? That Greece provide them with houses, jobs and luxury? Get real now..
    They leave their children, sisters and wives behind, pretty selfish

  9. "Two young Afghans"?? Neither of them was less than 23 at least. One of them looked over 30 ( 6:55) The lady had absolutely no right to walk up to the group making insinuations. Such agenda driven reporting doesn't make anyone a journalist. Thumbs down I'm afraid.

  10. The so called developed nations are all responsible for this. Struggle for supremacy between the major world players at the expense of innocent souls is so appalling. What is the role of the united nations in all of this crisis. Man made crisis for selfish reasons. God is watching and all cups will soon be filled up…Arab nations should do something, its a shame how they flaunt there wealth all over while many are perishing…Lord do something.

  11. i know they have hard time bt they have to find other job just leave that place and try to find way i am sure u wil find better life than this

  12. they say there is no humanity for them in greece i say their is no humanity here in greece for uss the greeck people also but who cares an imigrant is more important than the local people

  13. Greece, how we have fallen…..We now let Turks who are complaining about our system but if they never tortured us for 400 years we would not be like this. They raped, killed, and destroyed and now we are supposed to let them in. We don’t have the money to support them, so why don’t they leave. However, I definitely don’t support prostitution in my country, but they’re many more rapes per year. Search it up the statistics are out. It’s just when those Greek soldiers were in Turkey they were captured, but they’re allowed to come here. Luckily Europe is pulling through, Eastern Europe, Italy, Hungary, Austria, and more will soon follow

  14. The US and NATO did that. Did not know Greece was full of old gay dudes. Those old gay dudes were raping boys before those refugees were there think about that Greeks might have a history with that kind of stuff. The west will never care!

  15. These young, healthy looking men, that should be staying in their country and helping it, are going to Europe and expect to be taken care of. They're complaining that Greece is not doing anything for them!!!! I say to them: GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY. GO TO HELL>

  16. If other people can help and provide shelters for animals why not for them? Only human can help humans. I hope the government of Greece to open their eyes wider than it should. #HelpRefugees ✔

  17. This is disgusting nothing to help these young men at lease put them into shelters this is a break down of society. The Middle East is so bad I doubt it will ever be solved at all. The Greek men are disgusting to want to have sex with these young men. How can a person who is not gay then has to have sex for money then try to be with a female I think these young men are damaged goods now. Some much hatred and so many places in the Middle East has to disaster wars and governments which are the worst it is very sad.

  18. They may be Muslim and avowed enemies to the free world, but I think this video perhaps proves that not all of them subscribe to that practice. I felt so horrible for these young men so desperate to eat, they are selling their bodies. I feel do much anger right now for the injustices and cruelties of this world that it's not doing my spirit any good. I have said some pretty harsh things about Muslims in the past because of their cruel treatment to those not of their ideology, but I feel so bad for these people that I am beginning to regret at least some of the things that I have said. This is a fallen world and God is on his way. It will have to get even worse before his eventual return, but return he will. He is the only one apparently that can help the suffering innocents of this fucked up world.

  19. Returned to say I couldn't make it past the 16 year boy trying not to cry as he was talking about having to perform sex just to eat. I'm sure the video just gets worse, but I can't handle this shit anymore. My heart is fucking breaking

  20. Seriously these boys are of fighting age, but they ran like COWARDS. GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY AND FIGHT FOR IT. Then you wouldn't have to sale your ass………

  21. Broken my heart. I request the people and the government of Greece should help to improve the life of these lads. I pray allah to open the eyes of Bazar Al Azad and I wish him to see this video. The UNO Refugees wing should keep a tab on it

  22. They're always complaining instead of being thankful for what they are given. We don't owe them anything… They're saying they don't have enough money to find a place to stay , when so many homeless Greeks don't get help from the government at all. We know why we don't want them… They're rude , dangerous , disgusting and they don't fit with us at all. They're missing class and dignity. And not to mention we're paying for everything they are given.

  23. I feel ZERO sympathy. Before you accuse me of lack of empathy tell that to Iran who flood terrorists with money which leads to war, unrest, terrorist acts, civil war, and …refugees.

    With all their oil dollars Iran could help Syria build towards freedom. If Arab & Persian (Iran) nation’s stopped supporting terror this would be there.

    Every time a terrorist act occurs, think of these refugees taking it up the cave. Just think about that before you support terror at some liberal university.

  24. Such a shame. I mean the Arab world should help, but they are too busy using oil dollars to fund education, agriculture, medicine, world-wide charities for doctors across Africa, technological research, and most of all being steadfast against terror and non-supporting. A modern day Arab world working towards rights for women and people of all kinds.

    *Alarm* on clock goes off.

    Yawn. Time to wake up from the dreamworld.

  25. Such a shame. All that money the Arab world full of oil dollars just isn’t enough to keep Mohammed from bending over for the old Greek man who won’t wear a condom. If only more of that scarce resource of oil dollars was spent on helping people.

  26. muslims(syrians) leave a muslim country (turkey) to go to a cristian one (greece).Now something is a bit off here. Just saying no offence

  27. Interviewer never asked about relatives, or family. Never asked what part of Syria they are from (it's a HUGE country – the war is only in some parts of it). Focuses on young men pimping themselves. Wanna know why? All the women and little kids have been shipped off for proper, forced trafficking.
    This doco can get fucked

  28. There is nO excuses! These bad habit they come from their Land,i know alot of they do steal and they are living Austriaa

  29. Stop coming to Europe go to Saudi Arabia , a lot of Greeks are getting robbed from these illegal immigrants . 3 Greeks have been killed . Enough Greece does not belong to you

  30. Greeks are getting robbed by these illegal immigrants and killed yes I feel sorry but Greece for Greeks. Greeks don't get free housing and welfare so why should they.

  31. Places I've been to in Athens. My hotel was one block from Omonoia Square, and I knew it was dangerous, but I did not know about the Syrians. What a pity Athens is like that, full of young Syrians going hungry, and needing to think about stealing to eat.

  32. if greece didnt had humanity all of these prolly would be at the bottom of the sea..also if you dont like greece go back to your shithole we have our problems to solve..they demand money and home while greeks works 12 hours for 400+ euro and they barely can feed themeselves and pay the taxes..but no they dont want to go back cause the most of them are terrorists that want to pass to western europe

  33. It amazes me how even in an EU country laws can be so lax. In the US, if children the age of those two in the beginning of this video were seen smoking, a cop would confiscate the cigarettes and want to know where they are living and where their parents are. Children under 18 years without parents have to be placed into foster care. And the nonsense of a minor being forced to sign a document in a language he didn't understand would never ever fly here. Not to mention that having sex with a minor he can land you in prison for decades even if an American citizen does it in another country. Let's not even mention the apparently open attitude towards prostitution. Smh


  35. I see them all stylish and have good looking clothes hair cuts… why nobody finds an actual job? I am from Albania I was born in Greece and I have a Greek passport, when my dad came here he didn't sell drugs he found a job as soon as possible he still does the same job he is a construction worker he made a good family and now I have a job as well I finished school and now I will go to the Greek military. We never had a problem with the Greek people in person, Greece and Albania don't have the best relationship but we still manage to get along this people are just lazy and they wanna make money the quick way.

  36. Yowel 3:4-9 what have I to do with you to do with Me [God] Tsor and Sidon {Syria} and all the coasts of the Pelesheth {Syria and Greece] will you reciprocate a recompense to Me OH that you recompense Me [God] swiftly and promptly I will return recompense on your heads, for you have taken my gold and silver into your temples my good and delightful things, the children of Yahuwdah and the children of Yahruwshalayim you have sold unto the Yawanyim {Greeks} for the purpose of removing them far from their border {Yisrael} Pay close attention and observe diligently, I will open their eyes and awaken them from the locality which relationally you have sold them and will return recompense on your own heads. I [GOD] will sell your sons and daughters into the hand of the Yahuwdym and they shall sell them into the hand of the drunkard {sabaean} to a people far off, for Yahowah has spoken it!! It is written and so it is…

  37. I have no sympathy for refugees complaining about the Greek government as Greece has to help it's own people FIRST.

  38. РТ в своём репертуаре, этот российский пропаГОНДОНский канал, который только и снимает отрицательные фильмы.

    Репортёр Марина русская, из РТ берёт интервью у беженца Махмуда из Сирии, о том как в Греции плохо.

    Русские бомбят Сирию, эти бараны не хотят воевать и убежали в Грецию, потом приходит Марина(РТ) и они жалуются ей, что в Греции вообще жопа.

    Вы, что совсем ёбнулись, что вы пьёте и курите или это царь ваш такое просит? Куда смотрят греческие спецслужбы?

    Вот вопрос вам каналу, у всех так плохо и только у вас в России хорошо?

    Вас надо закрыть было давно.

    В Греции беженцам плохо, у вас дома 30 млн человек не доедают, вы про них снимайте фильм, покажите всему миру, как им хорошо.

    До кризиса греки получали мзп 1000 евро, сейчас 600 евро, народ привык жить хорошо, теперь и срезали зарплаты и они протестуют.

    Плюс этих дармоедов кормят, вы на них посмотрите жалуются, чего они все бросили и убежали, сидите дома воюйте защищайте свои семьи дома.

    Эти животные , в лагерях для беженцев насилуют друг друга, детей, женщин без разбора.

    Марина, для вас справка: все ваши славянские девушки, в Греции занимаются проституцией, снимите репортаж про них, может кто своих найдёт.

    Очень много девушек по 15-20 лет в Греции, без выезда, наверно их ищут родные.

  39. Many of these boys are CHILDREN for God’s sake. What can we do to help? Are there any legit organizations to which we can donate money?

  40. Some of the comments here are disgusting. Many of you need to remember how your country was bailed out by Germany or is shielded from invasion and total destruction every day by NATO (a.k.a. the USA) with little to no contribution from yourselves. Fuck off!

  41. Why r they blaming Greece for their situation? It's not even the Greeks who r paying for sex…all tourists. Who drove them out of their country? And now they expect a country with no resources for their own citizens to have enough for illegals…hmmmm

  42. Russia in 90's brazil in 90's and still i think , same problems . why in USA , france , canada, germany have so many pedophiles ?

  43. That lady is very brave, I would be to scared to approach the
    men she is approaching , its a shame that their facing such hardship. And what
    are rich Arab countries doing to help, pressure  should be put on the Arab world to do more  to help instead of the rest of the  world.  And Another thing how come all these refugees are nearly always young     men , that does seem odd . Dont these young men have mothers girlfriends wives
    ect who need protecting. If the places they have come from are so dangerous
    then why have all these young men left their mothers girlfriends wives daughters
    , and not stayed with them to protect them or tried to bring them to safety.   I for
    one am a bit suspicions off all these gangs of young men.  And  think all the problems gangs of these   young men have brought to Germany and Sweden, should be brought into
    consideration .

  44. Αυτά τα '''καημένα παιδιά'''' που παρουσιάζετε σε αυτό το προπαγανδιστικό ντοκιμαντέρ! Να γνωρίζετε όλοι σας ότι έχουν περισσότερα δικαιώματα απ'τον Έλληνα Πολίτη στην ίδια του την Χώρα.
    Επιπλέον αυτά τα '''καλά παιδιά''' λένε πάρα πολλά ψέματα, ΚΑΙ ΠΟΥΛΆΝΕ ΌΛΟΙ ΤΟΥΣ ΝΑΡΚΩΤΙΚΆ.

  45. Its all about karma.. Many centuries ago European invaded many countries in Asia, middle east, africa.. They stole everything from there..

  46. These people are beheamethly minipulated by the stubborn impurityies. These people complain about Greece saying it’s corrupt, saying how evil the orthodox and how unfriendly Greeks are. 1. Step back, look at ur clothes they seem like nice clothes 2. Look at your country fucking idiots. Wars and shit fuck off. Greeks are way more of a successful and productive country than Syria or whatever. 3. Greeks are one of the most respectful and welcoming peopel

  47. Politicians are the ones that create these issues with their war mongering in countries they have no right to be in. What future is humanity hoping for when it cannot even take care of the children, the elderly and send the fit men and women to war! Greece was destroyed by the EU with it's wealth grab…only to hand it all to the failing banks. Go back to your country children and fight for your right to exist because the rest of the World does not care! This is the state of human life, cheap, often pointless and unbearable for so many children in so many countries.

  48. Allahs revenge for leaving the blessed land and Muslims and take refuge with disbelievers to save life ……life will be worse than death. ……now pay the price …..both will have to …….

  49. This is clearly rape and repoters or people here in comments don't even care , this world must be nuked

  50. سوف يسرني ان ارى حزن هذا الشاب يدفع من حساب بشار الاسد وشبيحته يوم القيامه

    اللهم مزق ملكه وملك ايران والعابثن بالارض
    وانزع ملكه قتل احلام الناس لو قتلهم كان اهون،،

  51. Fu** for Assad Syria 🇸🇾 and f^** for whose help him Iran ,, and fu** for Europe countries,,cos they do the plan for this thing in our middle east and Starting by Palestine 🇵🇸

  52. The first time I saw this video, I found it very hard to believe. To say that for me, it was a wake up call is an understatement. I saw a facet of life I have never been exposed to, and I knew now just how blessed by G-D I actually was. Although I was pushed out of home at 18yo, I worked very hard, and the opportunities began to come my way. Now at the age of 53yo I have owned a farm in Country Australia for some time and live a pretty comfortable life.

    Yes I know I have not lived in a war torn Country, Australia is without a doubt one of the best Countries on Earth. These poor young people have no Visas, Passports or other legal papers so to legally to get social security, free medical care, is nigh on impossible in much of Western Europe. Without having basics such as a flat where one can sleep, do the laundry, shower, toilet themselves, what hope have they got to land a job legally of any kind. I pray that G-D will watch over these poor youths. For years I was pretty angry at my parents, but now I feel a great sense of shame. I think of what I had then as a 20yo in terms of worldly goods, and job opportunities that paid well, and I can see what these poor fellows do not have, I hope, and pray that somehow things will come good for these lads. I will pray every Sunday at Mass for them.

  53. I don’t even know what to say😢😢😢 omg this world is fucked up! Imagine having to sell your own body for like having something to eat at that night! I cry for this boys… it’s too heavy to me… I don’t know! If only I could help them.. :S

  54. The Athenians like boys? What else is new? But did they read their own boy love myths, to learn the difference between love and abuse? I have written a couple of articles on that topic.

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