Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh

Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh

Mohammed rak’ahs about to manifest as a chiropractor they just a popular director jovanna no I do wanna turn up to another level [Music] [Music] Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim countries where prostitution is legal but completely unregulated this is the Latvia the largest brothel in Bangladesh the Lodi is home to over 2,000 sex workers many of whom are victims of sexual slavery and their numbers are increasing the size of a small town Dola diocese between a major railway station and a ferry terminal its location ensures a booming trade with thousands of customers passing through its streets every day we’re taking the back entrance into the brothel to avoid any unwanted attention a local NGO worker agreed to take us inside all at the yeah it is estimated that half the sex workers here are under 18 but accurate figures are difficult to verify as underage girls are often forced to lie about their age costume Anita Perot Sheridan India cottage ownership Marcus [Music] see all the condoms dirty condoms cigarettes butter water pee poo you name it open defecation happens here straight up feet on despite the Bangladeshi Constitution vowing to prevent gambling and prostitution the authorities tolerate the Latvia a powerful local family owns the brothel which has existed since the British colonial period I can make it better a German Shepherd a vicky baiana is easily connects everyone idea receptor that I have never below us in one mana shilling for a time they know recognisable these alleyways are so narrow I mean on every corner of the brothel like you’ll see alleyways just like this and it doesn’t seem that big but it’s quite massive and it’ll randomly take you to spots like this someone’s house we arrived at the room of Anupa a young sex worker who has been trafficked into the brothel now working independently she was previously bonded to a madam bonded labour is common among the poor in Bangladesh when a person’s labor is demanded as a security to repay a loan girls are often trafficked into sex work and Volodya and sold to a madam they were then forced to work off the fee that was paid for them a DEP which takes years to clear economy bullet week amnesty tackle of Java members for the chocolate aroma cholera and Boostability Nia share their curious and Agha shakin attorney ashram again I’m gonna kill both humble oh my gosh yeah I’m gonna take him bashing me the Casselton custom East corridor they’re technically Boogaloo better part of hunting a rubber duck for children is a sueded overboard a dollar got the National doll honest hmm nice rapport Darrell of Medicine column is in cotton the dealership it was a bill taken even a Sheraton of yourself but it is like the but the snack so dinner doesn’t dinner dish with a little embarrassed at the parlor Master Marik Auto taka their estimate about a maternity yoga regime have second suppose I’m gonna wash my customer key to walk out the circuit I know málaga that their cake come with that I don’t wanna kiss go to work yeah there’s Terrell apportionment action gas sugar for action – a DeRozan Josh barro John Madden was doing slum don’t wanna look for money talkin are litera through barrel slow the modern motto the Waikiki or should cause I cut the chest to our visual husband with a number say what a 19-3 I’m Harper definitely making more Africa hot metal in America one of the poor Mona said I’m a girl from Silla I think I don’t know stone the solution gives each other matera top mr. picker a fearsome doesn’t wanna push any custody in Dholakia it is common practice for underage sex workers to be tricked into taking steroids by their Madam’s who tell them the pills are met the series are not medicine they are commonly used by farmers to fatten their cattle we’re meeting a local pharmacist here but the pharmacist here is not the typical ones you would see in the US where they’re accredited and have education these guys are essentially just shopkeepers that sell all kinds of drugs like antidepressants opiates anything you can imagine once repurposes 5 which is like 2 cents how steroids are highly addictive and can cause many harmful side effects including diabetes kidney failure and can even lead to death these risks are ignored by the Madam’s in Bangladesh a fuller bodied look is considered more desirable and steroids help make underage girls look older and more developed now only does this help Madam’s pass off underage girls as a teen this look also attracts more customers most of the pimps in Bangladeshi brothels are women and we’re about to meet with one they’re also known as Madam’s they keep girls as their slaves so they take a majority of their salary according to some of the people I’ve spoken to here the madam we’re about to meet with keeps about 8 girls most of which are under 18 may begin may begin in here actually they have our a 5-horse night the popcorn I do love our Packer gosh I dig it what should I get out a tail it’s a dilemma Kotaku she said my head waters down from taking it the applicator come near that can applications under dictum in Anna is that I’m a buffalo vicious hundred orphan a motor darkening come on medium sized delivery Berkshire velocity Hisoka love me as a Mugen Gregoria Tucker mmm you’re gonna termination my eggo customer focus a local war whatever local ricotta da actually a budget to Sahara B’Elanna Sheridan at a local pine a up Nikki up another after made a cocoon of show my bet leaned about ordered X 10 o’clock Awan nama moolah Jeremy called a column – mm-hmm parasu Priscilla and a pad Krupa the shoe Priscilla and kaliba Verdi Beulah slow family full of the Nemeton how I sleep fine up or a shoulder to wallow so she has been taking steroids to gain weight so that she can get more customers the conky customer yeah sure Rosina Road in Oshkosh had been a customer panic now karate otavalo have been partners at evaporator fire and if I wanna dive it’ll do takubo so this is her room this is where she gets her clients they can I got to go – come on Megan Lai a legging voila I’m okay now I can attack the battle again don’t my Baba clean Mac my Chevy SS kids about misciagna mini turkey down at the mechanic oh ma ba ba everybody isolation my memory doctor isn’t it raka raka raka 709 even above the Tomica he saw a navy and yesterday near secretary indicative of the person above me power Dyson image of digital Naaman the diversity media television tape used at the end of the key the mom Adam come on hello [Music] oh thank you she just gave me a beetle leaf snack [Music] Sun is coming down and the place turn totally different here at night more men start coming in and really [Music] [Applause] the brothel is busiest in the evenings Maya a sex worker and longtime resident gave us a tour through the main street [Music] even though many other a subject any other local political through the written voice application asked to eat arugula figgis’s population according to that anniversary [Music] you know mother Japan denied a peanut in Mickey she’s one of the dancers on exams live in Bangladesh is culturally conservative sex before marriage is taboo and drugs alcohol and gambling are strictly illegal but for the vast majority of young Bangladeshi met the brothel is one of the few places where they can party in Dola Thea everything is on offer we are going to Maya’s room to meet with a client named Karim who comes to your frequently to sleep with women and he’s gonna tell us a little bit more about why he comes here I check one do me do me connect onto the internet so you can never see I’m gonna watch it you can a shaky core oh I can I say the my okay mm mm said to me let me security remember only Stephanie Ricky Bennett if leadership linearity it initiator Yabba a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant popular in Bangladesh it is one of the many drugs that are cheap and easy to get in the brothel prolonged use can have severe side effects including damage to the respiratory tract brain and heart which is just another occupational hazard for the girls of the Latvia come on like to say okay come on again he liked it Kabam again together again the completeness he energy name equal time essentially I just haven’t be blue to delivering that must be attack today just be customer I guess I shouldn’t be kinetic to that reacting shop taking I’m going to dr. Carson kitty party via TVs and he had Kitty party yeah kitty parties are common in the brothel and Kareem agreed to take us on a typical night out for him and his friends these parties are held in specially rented out rooms where men pay for drink drugs dancing and sex [Music] [Music] Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries on earth with widespread poverty and inequality perfect conditions for girls to be trafficked into sex work most of the women and girls who live in Bo Latvia are illiterate and have little education they are lured into the brothel by the promise of work sold by a family member or kidnapped by a trafficker unprotected and unmonitored the women in Bolivia are part of a nationwide industry of exploitation I went to meet Kareem the day after his kitty party to see if he feels in any way responsible for the fate of the women he pays to have sex with the boys [Music] it’s official now it is properly the manipulation machine we can use a kabuki resist a new change oh my when I did go Du Bois when you suitable for many ways intact in places like this there are girls as young as 10 years old and cream just likes to sleep with them and he says the younger they are the more desire they have and a lot of them are taking drugs they’re taking the steroid it’s just a really unhealthy unhygenic place and to see when these women and young girls that are like prisoners struggling with all kinds of abuse and dealing with men like him [Music] stigmatized by this way of life the estimated hundred thousand sex workers in Bangladesh find it almost impossible to leave and change professions or get married they become outcasts rejected by their family and community but the sex industry is highly profitable for some especially the brokers the men that traffic the girls into the brothel I’m about to meet with the DA law also known as a broker in this brothel that booze and girls for a certain amount of money now once he brings the girls then he thousand and the one we’re about to meet has been bringing girls in for 20 plus years hello the Megillah no show Mikey come mini action company episode me a good person but I said there came only the 20 sucked in the go solo kind of elaborate on a say me I say echinacea shot the NASA Thunder gasps a I’m daddy a kiss a Japanese anime the kokoro taça da nang bangladesh under under me to the heart that wishes our position that petitioner sarcastic is a community body attain supreme regularity table about Tita hi now attack Adam nice elisa korenne me this the attacker – ordinary lieutenant we could attack attack attack a double panel so op him a good letter came niku jay baer : what could our code to get the garments a sacre couer a member because well agree to every that has a garments she she we park is a crab Kostas Coretta the satella pure Jade similar as I guess assalam the needy our mother a coat America Rita – atala pure o canonicity not over the casket over me into a catabolic days I kin – I show the barrel a cursor shape Oreo right – beckoned a polarity a black our plugin app need a medic harp lager at old Sindona kunibert a copper sheet a cardamom ran for the photo combination ma-kun ro terracotta pot of high honor under current legislation in Bangladesh anyone caught trafficking a female minor into prostitution can face ten years in jail it is also illegal for clients to have sex with underage prostitutes but in dole Athiya there is little enforcement and convictions are rare I just met with Shuma she has agreed to take me to her house so we can interview her and she’s only 16 years old so at the age of 16 Shuma is technically a minor under Bangladeshi law but she’s working as a prostitute the powers gone out so we’ve got a light some candles so I can actually see her doctor Joe Isuzu bad attacked i’m a brama – did they get to build it or not Tommy Chong shot good actor Sean tonight oukitel you-know-who Thiele the scepter is over the taka-kun omniverse the mother lode Ana when I am an actor Jo voted o proton key to meet a course awakened a bottom saravana head open Pascal signal hunter my protein core silicon an accident what important apoplexy Koster Lux is a Sikh Ottoman sector Muallim initiated the chronometer castrato mana Shasta see they left a partner photos have casket to support illusion ash this analytical see a doctor given alone he will attack to another table and Tom are g1l kiss Vina director VV shot Arsenal the actually came and helped we see the numbers come in either pine is adorable that an apology connectable jokin avert a commercial photo from Kalamata sonic silly ochco until takayasu tahuna low be equality Cory democracy do talk about national Tokunaga meaning [Music] with only a few months spent in the brothel it seemed as if Schumer was determined she could earn her way out but for many women here any hope of leaving has disappeared in Bangladesh sex workers have no official rights or protection under the law this combined with the stigmatization of their profession leaves the women socially ostracized and vulnerable employment opportunities for uneducated women are scarce and sex work is one of the only options left to earn money Dola Diaz now the only home these women will ever know they’re yelling and they’re upset they don’t want to care at all for the thousands of women in Bolivia harassment and abuse are part of daily life whether trafficked tricked or sold into prostitution they become trapped in Bangladesh’s largest brother locked into a cycle of sex slavery [Music] [Music]


  1. They are actually given money, Newbury Berkshire England the women and their pets are drugged raped tortured abused and it's all covered over,report it your deemed as mentally unwell and locked up,put back they are killing women and pets here and getting away with it,these are disgusting old paedophile men using women to enlist young boys,these old men are totally disgusting monitor speen Newbury,and watch the old ones they are disgusting and riddled with disease, Newbury Berkshire England sweet little town run by pure filth shame on you.

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    The disgusted people who killed 970Million across the globe and are solely responsible for Bangladesh, Afghanistan and entire Africa.

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    ස්ථානයේදීම යයි ලෝකයට ලෙස ආතර් පවසයි සිටින

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    " The younger they are the more desirable they are. All men young and old , like young girls . It's a different kind of pleasure with a young girl ". As a girl myself I am scared of this world I am in now. I feel like women should be more and more careful about men and people around them and be more alert and educated about men and the world around them.

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  27. I have watched countless of animes, movies, shows but never thought I would cry for the first time watching a documentary.

    I think USA should have bombed Bangladesh

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    Just comparing, i last 2 hours without drugs and thats average for me..

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    Why gov do nothing abt this?? Under age sex workers/selling girls? Are they human?

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