.. hi boo.. did you know that your zodiac
sign says a lot about how you make love and how you like it in bed..?! .. yep.. that’s because the ancient old
science of astrology says that the position of the planets at the time of your birth influences
your brain.. and that in turn creates the foundation of your character.. which means
we are ruled by the planets, the sun and the moon. .. pretty deep.. So let’s check out how each zodiac sign likes
it in bed. And boo.. let me know what’s your zodiac sign in the comments and have a guess
which one oliver and I are. so how do you like in bed ? how i like it bed ? I like it different. thanks, that was really good last night. yeah, it was amazing yeah, was but… uh… i gotta go now, okay
? no ! can’t you stay for breakfast ? uh, no i have t go now but …. but i love you !! (crying) I love
you… wait, wait let me do it for you ! wait, wait, let me do it for you ! wait !! let me do it for you ! i love your body, you look like a superwoman. Superwoman ? like that superwoman ? no ! i mean your body. yeah, my body… my body is very nice… what ? is this a stain ??
on my favrite blanket ? i cannot believe it i want to try something new tonight, like
sex under the stars. Outside ? but outside it’s cold, and someone
could see us, I’m not sure… let’s just do it the way we’ve always done it okay ? Your hair, are so magical, and your facial
features, are like those of an ancient goddess, and your eyes are the window to the universe.
i like you too. you ruin the entire mood…
sorry… oh… damn it ! not another one… (french poem) one day you’ve asked me to choose
between you and the life, but…. sorry can i just see your dick ? oh babe, thank you so much. oh you didn’t have to write me a love letter.
it’s not a love letter, it’s today’s schedule, so first we gonna start kissing for about
10 minutes, then i’m gonna touch your breasts for about 15 minutes, then we gonna have intercourse
for about 2 minutes, within that intercourse we gonna change position 3 times, we gonna
have a great blowjob and then you gonna go home. okay ? owh ! your penis was so amazing last night,
and it was so strong, i still got shivers all over my body.
was so amazing ! seriously ! and that rope thing, Oh my god !! we should do that again.
does any else wants some more fruits salad ? i mean… no ? okay… this is something bigger than the 2 of us,
i can feel the universe within… no that’s just my penis babe. no one understands me. Sooo… which zodiac sign would you like to
hook up with? And what zodiac sign are you? Tell me in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this little video.. I know
Oliver and I are not the best actors but hey.. we did our best. And if it puts a little smile on your face
then I am the happiest girl alive. If you like this video give it thumbs up or
maybe two, and share it with the world As always thank you so so much for tuning
in. You mean the world to me. I am sending you all my love. Peace I am outta
here. If you like my stuff, check out my other videos
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  1. You're awesome! It's cool to have found an honest yet comfortable female to help answer my questions so I can be the very best for my girlfriend. I can't wait to try some of your advice with her!

  2. Am an Aires but I guess that I am a very odd Aires because I love waiting I enjoy the hunt and if he wants me he is going to have to shot for the stars lol 😉

  3. People that are cancer can control their emotions cuz I am cancer and I control my emotions but he is just TOO emotional

  4. I. An Aries and its very accurate i want to get to the point as fast as possible but i also want to mention that Sagittarius is sooo true one of my friends who apparently has a crush on me always imbarasses me with some big compliments that i dont even see as a compliment but discusting hahahaha

  5. Being a Scorpio is the best! Most men cannot handle it. I can’t even count how many guys say I’m the best they ever had and then don’t leave me alone!

  6. "Then you gonna go home"….Capricorn like always not committing to the "feelings" part of the whole sex thing. XD #goals?

  7. 1. AQUARIUS rope handcuffed
    2. Cancer sensitive emotional take it slow
    4..leo make out 1 then talk dirty then undress sex
    5. Virgo neat and clean

    Taurus touch each other then undress use protection

    7. Gemini talk dirty PASSIONATE kissing.meaning french kiss

    8. Scorpio hypnotic orgasms intimacy

    9. Aries get straight to the point!!! Unclothed no foreplay at all.

    10. Capricorn romantic rose kiss touch intercourse oral thats it

    11. Sagittarius wild

  8. Beautifully done. The theatrics, the cinematography , the genuine love and chemistry between the two of you. I would definitely be interested in a part two where you go deeper. Thank you. The way it was done funny.

  9. Capricorns Aren't Always That Organized.
    I'm A Capricorn And My Life Still Isn't As Organized As Any Capricorn Stereotype, Dang.😆

  10. Which Zodiac sign do our Tutor belongs To ?

    Well, I didn't realise that's it's gone started with Zodiac
    R all these meanings really meant with zodiac .


    ජනතාව ආචාර්ය නැවත සියලු ඉදිරිපත් සහ නැවත දී වෙනස් සහ

  12. Well since NASA just freaking changed the zodiac signs it makes so much more sense that I’m a Capricorn than an Aquarius

  13. I’m Pisces ♓️ yea nobody understands me true af
    My crush is gemini ♊️ and I’d actually love if he says that to me lmao


    කරන්නේ ඔබ ද නමුත් එය කිරීමට අවශ්ය වේ ජය තත්ත්වය

  15. Maaan .. Virgos are the most misunderstood. Every meme or something u look about a Virgo is about keeping things clean.
    We are not about that all the time XD
    This actually tells that we’re more like OCD – we want things to be on point!

    As a Virgo,

    When my sheets did have a stain on, I’d just hope that my partner wouldn’t notice it, but I’d probably think about that stain a lot till the next day.

    I wouldn’t ruin the moment tho

  16. I was born at 19 Nov so i will be scorpion but by my religion my zodiac sign is gemini I don't know which is better lol

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