1. Exactly like my mom! People don’t believe that “old people” or “moms” can be aggressive addicts without a care for their children.

  2. I love my mom but if she pulled a gun on me she'd be done! Being their mother does not give her the right to do what she wants. Cut her off!

  3. I feel like these kids are so judgmental! Like she lost her husbands she is grieving everyone grieves different and they are old enough to move out they are they just trying to make a fool out of there mom they treat the mom like she is a child bullying their mom basically in stead of trying to get her help or help out more that women has a lot on her plate I’m sure !

  4. My mom blew through 1.5 million inheritance because of drugs and the bull$hit that comes with it. She gave 50K to guy in the line at Starbucks, and that is a TRUE STORY!!!!

  5. These kids need to stop confronting and arguing with their mother. You can't reason with a drunk. The sister living with her mother needs to move out. It isn't safe, emotionally and physically.

  6. I just don't understand why these now adults continue to put up with her and live with her. My siblings would be living with me. Can't just sit in it all and sulk. Get out and move on. Not trying to sound insensitive but they've been going through this there whole lives. Id be over it by now

  7. Dr. Phil I really like you but I just hate how you use words like abuse so lightly and I think it's very weak that you have your wife every where you go I love my wife but that is the sign of a weak man your wife's ur counselor?? Grow a sack

  8. This is one of those women thats never been told no once in her entire life. These women are dangerous for society. Just because your anchor died doesnt mean you get to act like a spoiled brat! Good riddance!

  9. That not weird at all me and my family lost it on Christmas this year and I made the best choice of my life time to go out and cut them off completely and no it's not the first time that my family lost it on Christmas either when we had the family over all the time back when my grandmother was alive my family would get into verbal fights all the time on Christmas it's ridiculous everyone would get together on Christmas so they would fight really my family just always fights that's just how it is

  10. I almost wish this is how my mom acted when she went through this. She was taking drugs and spending money to make herself happy. But she was good at hiding it and making things seem okay. She spent over 2 million in 2 years, it was like night and day when the money ran out. I wish she had shown how out of control she was before it was too late

  11. The fact that her own mother pointed a gun at her own daughter should be the final straw for all of them to disown her. And if the mother gets herself killed, then that’s her own fault.

  12. This mom is awful I feel so bad for these kids and hope they get help and don’t have to go through what they r going through anymore

  13. These "children" look very much like adults so.why does she have to ask for the to pay bills, shouldn't they be living in their own homes? Maybe I'm wrong and they are underage, but they sure don't look like it. If they are adults they need to get their own lives and let their mother be. For one, you can't help someone who doesn't want help and second, the mom is grown, so let her kill herself if that's what she wants and move on. It may sound harsh but my father is an addict and always has been and you wouldn't see me dragging him to Dr. Phil, or anywhere else for that matter. He made his choice and I am an adult who shouldn't be relying on him to pay my bills anyway, so there you go.

  14. the kids were part of the problem too tho? the daughter said she’d take them on shopping sprees, extravagant meals and nights out on the town, no?

  15. I think none of the kids had anything to say about her behavior when she had all that $. Seems to me, she ran out of $ & her kids turned on her.

  16. My mother in law is exactly this way except she's on pills and probably now heroin and is a HUGE narcissist. Even if she's sober she has a constant need to criticize everything and start arguments and when you get mad she pulls out the gaslighting and acts like a victim and will say you're being mean for no reason. When she's out of her drugs she becomes an absolute demon and is dead set on fighting with you from the moment she wakes up until she goes to sleep. My husband and I had no choice but to cut contact and he feels guilty about it but we saw no other option since she won't acknowledge her behavior whatsoever so her behavior will never change.

  17. Terrible mother 💯 🖕! Her son is sweet, smart and handsome 💯!! Her daughter's are both beautiful and brilliant and caring 💯!!!

  18. “I’m not proud of it” is something you say when you curse in front of the kids or fart in church. Not pull a loaded gun on a family member.

  19. Her daughters are loud and obnoxious as well…especially the younger one. If she's that bad…why is she so involved with her mother? Just stay away from her.

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