Side Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs | Schizophrenia

Side Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs | Schizophrenia

Anti-psychotic medications are very useful
and have helped many people with schizophrenia to lead healthy and productive lives by taking
care of some of the symptoms, including delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, disorganized
behavior, and negative symptoms, or lack of motivation that may come with schizophrenia. However, they don’t come without side effects. I’m going to talk with you about four different
categories of side effects that seem to be very common. One is what we call extrapyramidal symptoms. Those are motor or movement side effects of
these medications. The older anti-psychotics tend to have more
of these side effects. They include feeling stiff in your muscles,
having tremor in your hands or in your body, feeling restless and unable to sit still,
or having what we call tardive dyskynesia. That occurs over time, where you might have
movements of your mouth or of your limbs that are repetitive and that appear after a period
of treatment. Those are the extrapyramidal symptoms, or
EPS. They’re more common with the older medications. With the newer medications, the more common
side effects tend to be what we call the metabolic side effects, or cardiometabolic side effects. Those include weight gain, an increased blood
sugar or risk for diabetes, and an increased cholesterol. Initially, we were really excited about all
of the new anti-psychotic medications. Then, when we saw how people gained weight
and got more heart disease, partly related to the medications, we started to see that
there was a big risk there, because really, it’s heart disease and diabetes that tend
to be the things that lead to early mortality in people with schizophrenia. So, that’s the second category of side effects. There’s also anticholinergic side effects. Those include dry mouth, feeling flushed or
hot, having constipation. Those are things that tend to happen with
the anticholinergic side effects. Different medications, both old and new, have
more or less anticholinergic side effects. One last category that I’ll mention is prolactin. Prolactin is a body hormone that you have. For some of our anti-psychotic medications,
in particular Risperidone, is probably the biggest culprit, increase prolactin production. What happens, then, is that women especially
may not have their periods, they may have difficulty conceiving a child. And, for some people, there’s breast enlargement
and even lactation, both men and women. That can be a very disruptive side effect,
obviously, and needs to be addressed. If you have side effects with anti-psychotic
medications, definitely, there’s many choices of anti-psychotic medication, and so you should
speak with your doctor or psychiatrist about it, because they can try different things
to see what works best for you and causes the least burden of side effects to you. Many people have no side effects at all from
anti-psychotic medications, thank goodness. If you have schizophrenia and you’re thinking
about medications, find a treatment provider you trust so you can work on finding the right
medication for you.


  1. She can barely look the camera squarely in the "eye"/lens because she knows the total destruction these anti-psychotic drugs side effects have on people's lives.  Do your research, these drugs do not "cure" they mask the underlying issues…which is usually based on a traumatic experience.  DUH!!!!!  Keep drugging to the tune of 711 billion for senior citizens and disabled alone, in 2013…This video is a disgraceful marketing ploy to keep American's numb and dumb….

  2. even doctors can't speak without saying "umm" and stuttering and constant hesitations?  thank you for the great video.  too bad i could hardly follow due to all the distractions of speech issues.

  3. Studies proved that antipsychotic medication can cause decreased brain tissue, if I were to become psychotic I'd stay away from medication.

  4. have you ever taken antipsychotics? probably not…I have, they are horrible drugs which block out your ability to think, feel, act, motivate and feel any pleasure. they come with a host of damaging side effects not just to the mind but the body.
    Take these drugs as a last resort.

  5. Yes let's address the side effects with pills causing more side effects. I don't believe that these pills don't cause side effects on some people.. and if you have to take something that has so many side effects and some really really bad ones.. my question would be WHY????

  6. i hate psykiatrists, they are no experts. the real experts, are the patience/victims. And I hate stuf like this.

  7. i hear all the bad things about the drugs but what other options are there.certainly when going through a psychotic episode you cant live a life.

  8. Come on doctor at least let me pick my poison, a barbiturate maybe. Or xanax to tame my inner animal. I take it for you, but if you want to play hard to get i love chemistry. no need for a doctor

  9. its great for schizophrenia and bipolar but why are doctors giving this to people with personality disorders just silly really

  10. You can't fix nutritional deficiencies or detoxify the mind/body with pharmaceutical drugs. That's where the work needs to be done. Do any of these drugs do more good than harm? $1000 for 30 pills of Abilify seems a little pricey for what you are actually getting (zombification and premature death) Prozac is 90% fluoride. Does that sound like a necessary nutrient?

  11. I feel like psychiatrists should take antipsychotics to at least understand what its like. It destroys all emotions, motivation and slows down your metabolism. I can sometimes be worse than having psychosis. I think antipsychotics should only be used when a person is psychotic or manic and not for maintenance. These drugs should never be forced onto people through community treatment orders, unless there is a danger to other people/history of violence. That being said I think these drugs would be great for punishing and controlling prisoners.

  12. I LOL at the comments. Most of you people are clearly psychotic

    That doctor is probably ON antipsychotics. She talks JUST like my schizophrenic uncle

  13. She doesn't mention the way antipsychotics work on dopamine. Basically they do the opposite of what drinking coffee would do. It’s very simple. It doesn't take much researching to figure out. It is probably the worst thing about antipsychotics. She did not even mention it once. I really think this video should be taken down. This lady did a very bad job of explaining side effects of antipsychotic drugs.

  14. When you get of the medication do side the side.effects go away.with time or are some of these side.affects permanent?

  15. This woman is delusional – antipsychotics have never helped anyone, those who say they help are either worn down, brainwashed patients, or medical staff that implement them. Their main action is the lowering of IQ, and every person that has ever received a forced injection has been raped. The law should see it as this: Evil.

  16. i feel sympathy for those who are psychotic because they have to take these horrible medications . anti psychotics have phenothiazines in them which are used as pesticides .not all of them do, but many of them . i don't understand why these medications have these kinds of ingredients but it's very scary

  17. what i hate about the behavioral health field is that providers will prescribe antipsychotics first and overdiagnose people as bipolar . please be careful guys, you and the people who raised you are your best judges in diagnosing yourself.don't believe them when they tell you that you can't diagnose because anybody can diagnose themselves .

  18. Whenever she says "medication" I want to correct her. Drugs, please. No, the drugs don't treat, they sedate and cause very serious problems, both short-term and long-term. Since they're so hard to get off of, maybe she should discuss the dependency people develop as a result of taking these drugs, and the way people then assume they have a chemical imbalance they don't actually have since they can't get off the drugs! These pills cause your body to forget how to initiate and sustain its ability to sleep.You have to relearn how.

  19. No thanks id rather chill with my alien friends lol funny how they bring me comfort and doctors are trying to fix that "Problem" with something that will make me hate myself and ruin my health

  20. My mom got schizophrenia and has been on chlorpromazine ever since she was 15. Now she's 65 and if not for that drug, she would probably be confined inside a mental hospital. She always complains about feeling very restless when taking it but there is no other choice. Sometimes you just have to deal with the side effects.

  21. The medication has more profit than loss. If you dont take it, you are eternally stuck in psychosis. When you take it, you are slow, but can function in normal day life. What is better? Do nothing and be paranoid all day long and make the life of your family and yourself miserable, or take the meds, and have a fullfilling life but with heavy side effects?

  22. Unfortunately there is no cure for Schizophrenia that we know of. These atypical antipsychotic medications cause a host of side effects but they are the only option unfortunately.

  23. Antiphycotic medications shrink your brain and take up to 20 years off your life as well as horrendous side effects! Please try therapy 1st and work hard at that if you can before going on these drugs

  24. These meds are not a cure; it not a answer; here is a Idea found a cure. I seen a lot and want I seen is horrible and sad. I will search the end of the earth for a cure. It sad to see someone life like a zombie and be experimented on all at the same time. I don’t understand and than to tell them to work; have a normal life. Nothing is normal about these meds nothing. How would you like to vomit everyday and link milk and feel pregnant when your not. And whats really sad when you want a baby and it just meds doing this bs. These meds are not a cure.

  25. Lobotomy without the pick and a whole lot of other side effects including serious illness. Who would have that magic pills are real, what a joke.

  26. being psychotic is the worst thing u can imagine in the world ,basically u lose urself and u cannot learn / think , and the worst part is that u dun feel ur normal because actually u aren’t and u r in a deep, deep pain and i hv no idea how to deal with it

  27. These drugs are horrible. I still take 20mg of Clopixol per day and its something I plan to change very soon. Not that any of the other drugs are any good either, I wish to withdrawn treatment and come off the medication. I am 31 and tired of feeling like a big baby. The drugs make you more socially withdrawn, hence why I haven't been able to study. I have begun to go on walks to try and deal with the side effects. Going to start swimming soon, I always used to play plenty of sport, prior to being diagnosed at 20. I have so many dreams and ambitions that have simply had to be shelved thanks to these abhorrent medications!

  28. These drugs are horrible. The vast majority of schizophrenics never work or even get degrees due to the side effects of these drugs. I am 31 and have been unable to pursue higher education due to what the drugs have done to my concentration. I have begun to hate psychiatry in general and have lost respect for doctors. They rub their hands and get richer while the vulnerable get sicker.

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