Signs And Symptoms Of Drug Addiction (A guide for families) 2020

Signs And Symptoms Of Drug Addiction (A guide for families) 2020

in today’s video we’re going to cover
signs that someone is using drugs and by signs I mean physical pieces of evidence
I think you might be surprised by some of the things on this list for those of
you who are new here I’m amber Hollingsworth and you’re watching put
the shovel down the YouTube channel designed to help you understand the
science and psychology of addiction so you can beat it if that sounds like
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alright on to our topic recently someone recommended in our comments that we do
this video signs that someone’s using drugs and so and so I’ve done a little
interviewing because I know that I don’t know all the signs and symptoms but I’ve
asked expert witnesses meaning some friends I have in recovery and the group
that I currently run and here’s the list that they’ve come up with for you now by
no means is this an exhaustive list this is just a short list for you so if you
know of other signs or pieces of evidence that someone’s using drugs please leave
it in the comments below because it may help another family member out there
looking for information alright I tried to put these in categories so the first
one is and this is actually the longest list but this is signs that someone’s
using marijuana ready water bottles with holes sockets with resin in it when my
group told me this I was like what do you mean eye socket and they’re talking
about like a socket like the tool like a socket you know like wrenches nuts bolts
that kind of suck it with resonance out of it resin being left over marijuana in
the bottom of the socket rolling papers I think that’s obvious probably
shouldn’t even put that on the list big packages that come in the mail a sudden
interest in plastic bags door stoppers this was weird
but the group told me that the door stoppers you know the thing that keeps
your door from like slamming into the wall it looks like a little springy
thing so door stoppers pipe cleaners q-tips clear eyes another obvious one
toilet paper rolls laundry detergent Gatorade bottles and dryer sheets
alright we have a fairly short list for and symptoms that someone is using meth
as in methamphetamine and that is torches was the big one
so buy torches you know it’s those lighters that you don’t just flicker
they come on come off but they sort of stay lit they’re called a torch lighter
those hollowed-out light bulbs and benzedrex which is the stuff you can buy at
the drugstore next are signs and symptoms that your loved one might be
doing pills pieces of foil little pieces of foil razor blades a flat tray it’s
kind of like a flat like serving tray because basically it’s something to sort
of put the pill on or crush it up that kind of thing
nasal spray hollowed-out pens so think of it like a bic pen with the insides
taken out because you have the tube or the straw left over and they also put
just bic pens in general if you see a lot of those and toilet paper because
sometimes people that are doing pills will take toilet paper stuff it down in
the pill bottle so it doesn’t make that rattling sound when they’re walking or
they have it on them bottle caps and little pieces of cotton Signs that
someone may be drinking excessively empty bottles unexplained mood changes
excessive Listerine use and excessive cologne or perfume that’s usually used
to cover up the smell next is signs that your loved one might
be using cocaine runny nose droopy eyes missing money hey that’s a big one that
should also go under pills for sure that’s probably the biggest one and
pupil size pupil size is also something that you should put under someone that
might be taking pills as well they’ll have really sort of constricted pupils
so it means even when they walk into a sort of dim room their pupils don’t
dilate like like they regularly should so that you’re looking for that sort of
restricted pupil size and lastly I want to add to the list balloons air duster
and or inhalants and I’ve got a special surprise for you because I asked a good
friend of mine Megan from the Megan F YouTube channel to weigh in on what she
thinks are signs and symptoms that you have a loved one using drugs so let’s
hear what Megan has to say about this topic and I’ll be sure to
leave a link to her channel at the end of the video. Megan: if you’re worried that your
kid might be using drugs it’s pretty obvious to spot as long as you’re paying
attention if the child is like a preteen or teenager and living in your home just
look for any changes in their routine changes in their sleeping habits or they
sleeping too much or not enough are they eating like are their friends changing
are their grades suffering it’s pretty easy to see honestly but I think
sometimes we see our child as we want them to be instead of how they actually
are now if you do see any of these changes it doesn’t mean it’s drugs
automatically but it does mean that they need you they have something going on and
they need your help if it’s an adult child living outside of the house that’s
when things get a little bit tricky because you don’t really have any
control over them and you probably see them a whole lot less but if they are at
your house and you are getting suspicious some things that I would look
out for would be actual physical symptoms of the drugs you can look it up
on Google but depending on the drug it might have dilated pupils they might
have constricted pupils they might be sweaty they might be scratching a lot
and itching or they might be picking at their skin all of those could be
symptoms of different drugs so you’ll just kind of to play it by ear
I wouldn’t accuse them I would just kind of observe them my name is Megan and you
can find me on youtube at Megan F I share my story online because I want to
break down that stigma I want to fight back against the misinformation that
exists out there and I want to spread hope because recovery is always possible.


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