Signs in Vedic Astrology – Mithuna / Gemini [Hindi]

Signs in Vedic Astrology – Mithuna / Gemini [Hindi]

Today we will go towards Rashi Chakras third Rashi but before going there i want to clear one thing that when we discussed and uploaded Mesha(Aries) Rashi on YouTube there was a comment that the qualities discussed about Mesha(Aries)Rashi in the lecture doesn’t match the persons personality. If the person who commented this will refer with the lecture again then he will understand that i said that we are only looking at the qualities of Lagna Rashi Apart from Rashi we all know that there are Nakshatras,Grahas, Bhavas and they collectively show the results in a chart. So today we will only concentrate on the Lagna Rashi , its qualities and personalities In future when we will discuss individual horoscopes then we will see in detail that why a certain person behaves in a certain way. Then we will see what is that persons Lagna, Nakshatras, planetary positions and in what Bhavas they are placed. This we will make clear that a person is made up of two things i.e personality and individuality which together makes up a person and to know that fully you(Astrologer) should have a full horoscope of the person. If by chance you don’t have his horoscope then you will notice some qualities of Mesha(Aries) Rashi there. when we will talk about Vrishaba(Taurus) Lagna,then you’ll notice that all qualities of Taurus Lagna will not match. only a few qualities will match and others will not match as the qualities of your individual horoscope is not mentioned but a generalized idea is given. So when we will discuss that in detail you will be able to pin point a persons personality and qualities perfectly. Lets discuss about the third Rashi i.e Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi. The Sign shown here is the international sign but here in India the sign is described as a male holding a mace and a female holding a necked bowl lute. This shows that they are Dual i.e male and female,secondly the male holding the mace could be a game player the women holding the Veena(necked bowl lute) means the person could be interested in all kinds of arts. According to western astrology the sign shows two children walking while holding hands. This indicates that no matter how grownup an individual under this sign is they never loose touch with their inner child. This in turn is a good thing as we get irritated and get tired very soon but a person under this sign will always have the energy of a child. Even when old,the person under this sign stays in touch with its inner child. Every one of us has a child inside us but ultimately gets lost with time but with this sign it stays till the end. This quality reduces their maturity level for eg if you take all 12 signs together in a class and try to teach them something then the person under Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi will be the first to put their hands up. Indicating that they have understood everything. The way a child picks up anything new taught to him ,very quickly and hops to the second task. similarly the (Gemini) people will remain curious to achieve something but the moment they achieve it they will want to go for something new. Here we are not commenting on , if it’s one of their flaws or qualities. We are mainly focusing on understanding their capacity. If its good or bad, we will get to that later Now we move towards their nakshatra. We saw that in Vrishabha Rashi mrigasira pada 1,2 comes and in Gemini mrigasira pada 3,4 comes, Arudra and Punarvasu also comes under this rashi. Now we see how are Gemini people are,their qualities.They are very soft spoken and don’t like to hurt anyone. Gemini people have a curious,inquisitive sight like Aries Lagna people who have the tendency to pick up everything in one glace . But Gemini Lagna people see everything with utter curiosity,as they want to be updated with everything new. They are very kind hearted, also very loving as they hold the male and female sign together, therefore they also have inclination towards sex. they have interest in music and can have a good career in singing. Gemini people are mostly inflicted with mucus, like in case of Taurus Lagna the focus is on the face, while in Gemini the focus is on the respiratory tract. Therefore the most primary disease in their case is coughing. Now if coughing is their primary disease then its cure also has to be there. If we see in Avahakada Chakra the main worshiped tree of the Mrigasira nakshastra is Acacia Sundra, and its extract “Kattha”(Catechu) is the best remedy for cough in Ayurveda. people who sing professionally or practice singing regularly are mostly seen having “paan”(betel leaf). we mostly think they consume it out of addiction, which is also true but the catechu present in the paan,helps keeping the respiratory tract clean. Therefore the best remedy for mucus is”kattha” or catechu. now we see that the mrigasira naksahstra is of air element, arudra is of water element and Punarvasu is again of the air element. our respiratory track is full of air which comes from mrigasira and Punarvasu. As air has the tendency to dry things up. If only mrigasira and Punarvasu were present then the person would suffer from bouts of dry cough and a dry respiratory tract. In order to prevent this dryness some moisture should be there, which is provided by arudra nakshastra being of water element. if we see the Kala Purusha kundali ,Gemini comes in the 3rd house, which symbolizes the respiratory tract. So through that we can see the qualities of the three nakshastras. As thy have the gift of art and game, they are bound to get fame. Due to the dual male-female sign they enjoy all the worldly pleasures and riches. In appearance they are fair skinned, beautiful ,tall and have good command over speech. They are intelligent and have a stable mind. They fight for truth and justice. These were some of the traits of the Gemini ascendants. How to identify a Gemini ascendant by face? it is ruled by mercury, is a male sign, has a dual personality,belongs to air element, comes under the kama trikona and falls under shurda varna. The earth element of mercury and the air element of the rashi collectively make the Gemini sign. Among the 5 senses the sense of touch i.e skin belongs to the air element and its organ of action is hand. Therefore they use excessive hand gestures and hand movements while expressing themselves. Secondly, mercury belongs to the earth element whose sense is the sense of smell,organ of action is nose hence the focus is always on the Gemini ascendant’s nose. Another noticeable factor about them is that they keep fiddling with their nose, without any reason. The air element is responsible for this action. In their appearance they have a broad jawline that tappers towards the chin, whereas in Aries sign the forehead region is broad and tappers towards the chin. mercury is full of good qualities for e.g. in a classroom mostly all students are of similar age therefore their planetary positions are somewhat same. But they all score differently, some score very well while some fail. You will see that the person who outshines the rest has a strong mercury who is the karka of memory. the exams we give in school or college are mainly to test our memorizing power. they have a very charismatic, witty personality and they love to mimic people. Their grasping power is very good, they have a thirst for knowledge. They have a fabulous presence of mind and have interest in learning everything out of curiosity. Such traits can make a person a topper in all the fields but this is not the case with Gemini ascendants. Because the twin children in the sign make them impatient and doesn’t let them finish the task they have taken up and jumps to the other task. That is the main drawback of this sign, that they take up big tasks but leave them incomplete. like they say jack of all trades master of none. Like i said before , they are tall, fair complexioned, their most striking feature is the nose and they mainly fall sick due to the nose. As their lord is mercury, which belongs to earth element, they will be troubled with nose related issues and due to the air element they can also have skin problems. they can also have respiratory tract related problems like frequent coughing. As far as profession is concerned, they can be good reporters, novelists, can do a stationary business, and due to their good vocabulary they can also be good advocates. They are good communicators. If Venus is placed in mercury sign it gives good results as they both are friends, if Jupiter is placed with mercury it wont be that effective but it is the karka of knowledge, so it will give good results. For sun, moon and mars, this is not a favorable rashi. Gemini ascendants should pray to lord Vishnu for good results. Some of the famous people who fall under this sign are: BJP political leader Pramod mahajan Morarji Desai, Albert Einstein. In our Marathi there is Geet Ramayana and the person who composed it was Gadima and had Gemini Lagna but now you’ll think that this Rashi cannot do great things. How can Gadima write such a text because in spite of being of Gemini Lagna his Mercury was in Virgo Rashi. now we will see the qualities of Virgo. The knowledge of Gemini Lagna is like the tip of an iceberg but the knowledge which Virgo possesses goes down till the bottom. now before ending i will tell you a story about Gadima,he was known as the God of Words. He had full control on words. Once someone asked him that what is the toughest word in Marathi to use and pronounce and that if he was capable of composing a poem with that word being used the maximum number of times. He took the challenge and after twenty minutes came up with a poem.Now i will Recite a little part from that poem to you. This is why he was known as the God of Words because he was able to compose such a poem from the toughest word there was. one ore e.g the famous commentator Ravi Shashtri is of Gemini Lagna and has interest in games and won the title of champions of champions in 1983 and now hes a famous commentator and has command over language. now if we talk about artists then before Amitabh Bachchanji ,People were crazy for Rajesh Khanna who was of Gemini Lagna. Laxmanrao Kirloskar another good example of this was of Gemini Lagna.So we remember all these great personalities and expand our knowledge. Thank You.


  1. would love English captions if possible even if just the basic points only.
    seems like truly great information. thank you saptarishi team nevertheless for giving this to those who understand

  2. Thank you Sir ( I am Laila Billi Sapttarishi Astrology Sir Sunil JohnJi's Facebook friend follower ) excellent teacher you are. I am Gemini Ascendant now I understood why I do those things. Again endless thank you Sir!!!

  3. This series is quite good. But please continue in the detailed manner as the first two. Linkage to sankhya philosophy is most welcome.

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