Signs of an imbalanced Empath and Solutions

Signs of an imbalanced Empath and Solutions

Signs of an imbalanced Empath and Solutions Signs of an imbalanced Empath Physical pain, stomach issues, headaches,
as well as over or under eating are HUGE warning signs. Don’t ignore these. These are signs of imbalance. Feeling spaced out, confused and disconnected
(sometimes for extended periods, days or weeks). Being around toxic people and taking on their
energy, causing wild mood swings. Feeling like you’re swirling around and
around with nowhere to call home (ungrounded). The mind can go to very dark places if allowed. Preferring solitude (this can become extreme,
wanting to always be alone, and avoid places and people). Downtime and rejuvenation are necessary and
healthy for an Empath, but going into complete “avoidance” mode is not. Feeling alone when you are in a crowded place
or feeling invisible to others. Empath sickness Empath sickness is probably the most common
problem found among practitioners of magic and naturally gifted psychics. It seems to be a problem among members of
every single magical religion and spiritual group. If you haven’t yet suffered from it you Solutions and coping skills for living with
Empath abilities. To avoid falling prey to mental over-load,
drug addiction, depression, and a sense of disconnect follow these simple suggestions
for coping with being an Empath. Stay creative, whatever that means for you. Sing, dance, draw, etc… Learn to guard your OWN energy, this is VERY
important. How can you do this? Breathe, and when you do focus on your breath,
reminding yourself of what is yours, and what is not. Make a point to meditate on a regular basis,
even if you can only commit to a few times a week. The key is staying consistent. Use your voice (many Empaths lose track of
who they are because of emotions they absorb). It’s very easy for an Empath to become sick,
and disconnected from the self, (reducing their ability to speak for themselves and
maintain their sense of individuality and health). Get outside! Go for walks, take hikes, admire and involve
yourself with nature, lay in the sun, put your bare feet on the ground. Use water! If possible get near an ocean ASAP! Water is a huge emotional cleanser and energy
remover for an Empath, drink plenty of water. When you feel you are covered in emotional
slime, take a shower, or do a detox bath. I’ve included my personal recipe to the
right of this column. Use it often! You can also add 1-2 cups of sea salt to a
bath and soak for 40 minutes, that will bring great relief. Keep your Chakras open. Again this means speaking up for yourself,
taking time for solitude, stay balanced with yoga, prayer, and meditation. Give your worries and overwhelm to God. Use stones and crystals. Smokey quartz is highly protective and grounding,
as well as Labarodite, and Black Tourmaline (these are my personal favorites as my grounding
has not been mastered). Although any object you determine is a talisman
for you (the point is to change that tape in your head that begins to overwhelm, objects
can help change attention), can be used. These can be found locally at Apothecary shops
or online. Avoid negativity and stress when possible,
especially from people!!! Limit time with TV’s, news, electronics,
and places that drain your energy. This also goes for people, some also referred
to as “emotional vampires”, keep them away. When anxious, close your eyes, envision your
Chakras and remind yourself of what is yours and what is not. This helps stay grounded. Use Chakra healing techniques. Learn grounding, centering, and shielding. Pray. Prayer is extremely healing, uplifting, and
motivating. Pray often to Spirit/God. Pray with grace and gratitude. Seek outside help from an energy practitioner
or spiritual healer. Find support groups, therapy, Churches (or
whatever form of spiritual practice that works for you) as well as consider group fitness
classes. Try to look for at least one positive thing,
Every day! Embrace your ability Above all, embrace your ability. People of all walks of life and animals and
children are attracted to the warmth and genuine compassion of Empaths. Regardless of whether others are aware of
one being empathic or not, people are drawn to them as a metal object is to a magnet!


  1. Be aware that "society" will LABEL Empaths as mentally unstable. They will attempt to put you on poisonous prescriptions. Addictive prescriptions. Brain damaging prescriptions. Don't take them. Research Bach Flower Remedies and PLEASE stay far away from FAKE people. Stay away from people that are NOT positive. This is KEY. Research Cluster B personality disorders. Stay away from these people for they are attracted to Empaths and will suck your life force energy out of your SOUL

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