Signs You Might Be Asexual Spectrum

Signs You Might Be Asexual Spectrum

Hi guys, today I’m going to do a video
I’ve been meaning to do for a while Let’s talk about signs that you may be asexual Now, disclaimer, before we start:
you can experience every single thing on this list and still not identify as asexual
spectrum. That’s cool. You can identify with nothing on this list
and still identify as asexual spectrum, that’s also cool. It could also be that you experience a lot of
things on this list but that’s due to sex repulsion rather than being on the asexual spectrum.
Again, that’s cool. So, let’s go. I’m gonna give you 15 common
signs you might be asexual or asexual spectrum. You never quite got over that thing where
people thought sex was icky, when they were little. Sex related plots in TV or film annoy you
or make you bored or irritate you. You feel like people are lying about how
much they want to have sex or when they describe sexual attraction you
think they’re being a little bit over the top about it Sex is just ‘meh’ to you. You’ve never wanted it
but you’ve never disliked it. When you hear the definition of terms like
grey-sexual, asexual or demisexual you find yourself wondering that…
isn’t everyone just like that? You can only see yourself having sex with
a theoretical or maybe literal close partner Heavily sexualized environments like clubs
make you feel out of place or uncomfortable You feel nervous about having a relationship
because you feel like sex will be expected of you You feel like you never ‘bloomed’ You can only think of one or two experiences
that could classify as sexual attraction, if any Your realtionship daydreams all feature
non-sexual intimacy You have trouble understanding the term
‘sexual attraction’ Other people finding you sexual attractive
weirds you out You’ve considered remaining celibate forever You clicked on a video called “Signs You
Might Be Asexual Spectrum” Okay, and in case of that last fact, real
talk, if you’re someone who find yourself looking up an identity because you think
you might be that identity and you start looking up that identity in
in a lots and lots of detail There’s a good chance you do relate to
that identity in some way. Only you can actually decide if you’re
asexual spectrum. If you watched this video and think: “Oh
shit, that’s me!” I put some helpful links in the description including a list of
asexual spectrum terms so you can see if you can find one
that fits That’s all from me, bye guys. Subtitles by the community


  1. To me it seems like understanding sexual attraction can be difficult for everybody. To put it in simplistic terms: some asexuals don't understand it (but can notice a lack of something that is expected of them) because they've never experienced it and people who do generally experience it might have difficulties distinguishing sexual attraction from other forms of attractions. I haven't thought this through too carefully but I'd like to know if anybody can relate with this or disagrees, since I'm looking at the whole thing from a very subjective angle.

  2. Thanks for clarifying that you could tick all the boxes on this list and still not be ace! I'm not, but I still feel super uncomfortable in clubs, largely because I'm kind of scared of drunk people, and also the thought that anyone could be heavily sexualising me in their mind right now is a bit unnerving. It's that same reason why I struggle wearing things like short skirts very often. Even though I love how they look aesthetically, they're quite a sexualised item of clothing and feeling ogled by strangers can be creepy as heck.

  3. I don't understand sexual attraction at all. Like some people say it's the desire to have sex with that specific person and I'm like ok then, I'm defiantly ace. But then others are like nooo it's more than just that and I'm like stop trying confusing me! xD

  4. Thank you for this video. I thought I was lesbian for a while and now I'm considering the fact that I'm ace. Your channel is helping a lot!

  5. Thank you for this video. I thought I was lesbian for a while and now I'm considering the fact that I'm ace. Your channel is helping a lot!

  6. If someone wants to know what my sexuality is, I tell them asexual. But, there are a few things about the identity that keep me from fully embracing it, or "being out". I don't know how to define sexual attraction, and whether I feel it or not. I do sometimes feel attracted to people, but not necessarily to their bodies? But, I would have sex them with if we were in a relationship and it meant something special, but I don't go seeking sex out? But, I don't dislike sex either….and I do masturbate on occasion. I just don't know. Other sexualities don't really have these problems, because even though they are all different from one another, they all agree that sexual attraction, whatever that might mean to them, does exist. Asexuals are saying it doesn't for them, and before we can do that, we have to be able to define what it is we are talking about in the first place. I can't answer all these complex questions, and honestly I don't really have the inclination. I am who I am. That's it

  7. Hah, I knew I was ace for over a year, maybe two. What makes it funny, most of my friends are on A-spectrum. Some may not say that they are but to me they clearly are? Like my best of the bestest friends, when I told her I was ace and hey it means you do not really see other people as you know, sexually attractive, like meh, hey human, hope you have a nice day, she was immidately like "aren't everybody like this?". And in my mind I went like oooh girl you have no idea, but welcome to the club.

  8. I have difficulty distinguishing between sexual, romantic and platonic attraction, so I don't know if I'm ace, but do feel some connection to the spectrum. I doubt that I am 100% asexual, but am pretty sure I fit somewhere on the spectrum from pure gut feeling. It's weird •~•

  9. Basically all of these are me 🙂 also thanks for qualifying that whether people agree with these or not it's not a checklist. Deciding your sexuality is easier said than done and you can't say someone is or is not something because of how they feel in a few particular aspects.
    Also anyone questioning their sexuality or gender etc, don't let anyone else tell you what you feel, how how you feel is wrong, or (as also happened to me) worrying about looking like "a special snowflake". If you are something you are, if you're not you're not. Doesn't mean your 'superior' you're just being you. Whatever you (even currently ID with) OWN IT.

  10. Great video! I'm not sure if I'm asexual, but the part when you talk about being uncomfortable in clubs because of sexualization made me feel relieved, since I've never met someone my age who feels the same and I always felt like an outsider because of that.

  11. I've identified as a asexual for a little more than a year now.
    As I was having a boyfriend at the time I found it weird that I didn't feel sexually attracted to him, and have never experienced this towards anyone else. Sex seemed like a distant and weird thing, and it just didn't feel right. And as everyone around me started talking about it and having it I felt like the elephant in the room. But as my depression got worse I was also thought it had to be something that came with it. I was questioning myself if I just wanted a just wanted a romantic relationship, a platonic one or if I just was feeling lonely. And if that was the reason why I didn't feel this way.
    But as I got into researching asexuality the signs were pointing at the fact that I identified as a asexual.
    Now I feel better because now I know there is alot of people that feels the exact same way.
    Now the only thing left is to find out my romantic orientation.

  12. Awesome. I'd also say that if you want to hear a bunch of asexuality spectrum terms check out Ashley Mardell's (sp?) ace series. It's fabulous.

  13. @AmeliaAce I adore you videos I just discovered them but I'm hooked. I'm a fellow asexual waves Could you please make a video on the difference between aesthetic and sexual attraction?😀

  14. I experience almost all of these and I'm asexual, so I'd say this is a very accurate and helpful video! I'll have to try and remember about it if I'm ever talking to someone who's wondering whether they're on the asexual spectrum.

  15. Great video 🙂 The note on being uncomfortable in sexualised places like clubs is something I haven't thought of before! (probably because I have never been to a club) It makes sense. I hope you have an ace day!

  16. There's no such thing as an "asexual spectrum", you're either asexual or you're not.
    A spectrum describes a condition that isn't limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum.
    Autism is a spectrum, for this disorder is not limited to a specific set of values, every individual case of autism is different in one way or another, asexuality isnt, because that describes very specifically one condition: an individual who has no sexual feelings or desires.

  17. You might want to delete your video and your account. Undoomed just did a video and a down vote brigade 100,000 strong is on its way.

  18. I'm sorry about the flood of ignorance and hate that came to this video. I would like to thank you for making this video and for putting yourself out there despite the risks. It means a lot.

  19. Thank you for making this awesome video. I'm sorry you're getting so many hate comments, and I hope you have a wonderful day! 😀

  20. Don't let the asshats get you down. Haters gotta hate what they don't get. Really, why does everyone care about disproving her? It doesn't affect you, so buzz off.

  21. I am so sorry you are getting all these assholes on here. I kinda want to say ignore them but sometimes that's hard to do.i just want you to know that your videos are important to a lot of people and I'm thankful there are people like you that decide to make videos like this to help educate people even at the risk of nasty comments

  22. Listen, its great that you want to spread the word about asexuality and try to reach out to people with an alternate sexual persuasion that doesn't get a lot of recognition. However, I don't think any of these examples are great indicators of whether or not you are Asexual.

  23. There's a double space between 'Be' and 'Asexual' in the title. Just letting you know because that one mistake is really getting on my nerves.

  24. Hi, stumbled across with their channel and the others.. Im a late 20s guy frm the Philippines.. and was fascinated with the topic. Kindly bear with me.. im not that fluent with English..
    I came from a Strict upbring of Western Fundamentalist Christianity which is a minority in our Catholic state country. I thought i am living on celibacy or being st paul driven but thoughts bother me that i might be an eunuch type of person..
    I have L5,L6 and S1 lumbosacral back problem since it was detected when i was a teenager.. i have 6gfs at the past.. was on the peer pressure and the constant pressure that my thing can be limp or no action at all. i even hav questioned if its on the same.. but repulsed if i totally be engaged.. I think i have developed coituphobia, and i am much more on intellectual intercourse rather than the other course.. I become so confused at that in my life .. and i felt i had developed avoidant personality..With friends and folks,id stick always on the topics — we discuss stuff that are family oriented coz filipinos are super family oriented blood is really thick, GP general patronage, life testimonies, some scripture and stuff… id go knit pick on green jokes sensual but not strong sexual.. i do like to tease people sensually.. i felt that it really runs on asian family or with chinese ancestry because i have uncles that been single til got old.. folks would term as kinatamaran na mag asawa or in english – Lazy to the point even not to marry some1… Maybe asians are so introvert, have the failure to launch syndrome bcoz of close family ties that added to up that i think i am an ACe..
    Again im really sorry for my grammar. XD

  25. Thanks for making this video! I identify with nearly all of the signs! I sadly came across this video from a very ignorant parody video that came up in my recommended, since I have been watching a lot of videos about asexuality lately. Nevertheless I'm glad it brought me to find your channel. Subscribed 🙂

  26. everyone talking about not understanding asexuality, I don't understand why you're faking an accent? o_0

  27. I said yes to so many of these! I can't believe that there are other people who are uncomfortable being though of in a sexual way. I honestly thought I was the only one!

  28. This comment section is mostly very helpful and supportive, like the video they accompany. But there are way too many, in my opinion, people who are being very judgmental and ignorant about this. I hope they find some way to educate soon, because I think this video is what tipped me over the edge into fully knowing who I am. Thank you!

  29. can you pls stop starting your video with "hi guys"? its quite offensive and stupid… shouldnt be so hard for someone like you to start with a gender neutral opening….. moron

  30. Your accent reminds me of Carrie Hope Fletcher. Maybe I'm crazy though. I'm just an American. What do I know about accents? Lol. But regardless, I still thought of CHF while watching this.

    Also, great video! I've been questioning my sexual identity for a while now. And I think I'm finally headed in the right direction thanks to this video.

  31. It seems to be a common theme of people showing up to asexual awareness or casual asexual videos just to complain about how much they don't like asexuals/the term. I understand wanting to give opinions, they are valid for all, but it's like heading down to a Subway to complain about how much you hate Subway sandwiches: personal complaints aren't gonna shut Subway down if Subway isn't doing anything wrong. You'll just get asked politely to leave for making an unnecessary scene and then you go out to sulk in the parking lot.

  32. I'd like to thank you. Since I started school again, I've had this gut feeling I wasn't straight, but by the first one I looked up and thought to myself "This is me"

  33. I thought to myself, "I wonder if I'm asexual", clicked this video, and related to literally every single thing you said. Thank you so much!

  34. Honestly with me its just that i dont need it, i guess i desire it a bit, but i plan on only doing it to get children…and mostly because i got a small dick so…

  35. I first thought I was bisexual. Then I discovered “asexual”. I was really wondering what that I googled it and realized what it was. Like something like “Someone who doesn’t have sexual thoughts or feelings.” Ive never really thought about “sex”..because I just thought it was weird? In a way. So..I was really confused. And. Then. I. Searched this up. Yet I’m STILL confused..

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