SKIN ABSCESSES Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

SKIN ABSCESSES Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

A skin abscess is a localized collection
of pus that generally develops in response to infection or to the presence
of other foreign materials under the skin an abscess is typically painful and
it appears as a swollen area that is warm to the touch
the skin surrounding an abscess often appears pink or red symptoms the
symptoms of a skin abscess vary depending on the location of the abscess
but in general individuals will experience the following a painful
compressible mass that is red warm to the touch and tender as an abscess
progresses it may point and come to a head pustular drainage and spontaneous
rupture may occur most abscesses will continue to worsen without care and
proper incision and drainage the infection can potentially spread to
deeper tissues and even into the bloodstream if the infection spreads
fever nausea vomiting increasing pain and increasing skin redness may develop
causes skin abscesses are typically caused by either an inflammatory
reaction to an infectious process bacteria or parasite or less commonly to
a foreign substance within the body a needle or a splinter for example
abscesses may develop because of obstructed oil sebaceous or sweat glands
inflammation of hair follicles on the body or scalp or from minor breaks and
punctures of the skin abscesses may also develop after a surgical procedure a
major risk factor for developing skin abscesses includes a weakened immune
system either from chronic diseases or from medications because the body’s
ability to fight infection is decreased the following conditions are risk
factors for developing abscesses and forgetting recurrent or multiple
abscesses chronic steroid therapy chemotherapy diabetes cancer
lupus dialysis for kidney failure a Javy / aids sickle cell disease peripheral
vascular disease Crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis severe burns severe
trauma intravenous for drug use skin injections from medical procedures
prescription drugs or tattoos alcoholism treatments a skin abscess will not heal
on its own without further intervention by a healthcare provider initially an
abscess may feel firm and hardened and you rate it at which time incision and
drainage may not be possible however once the abscess begins to come to a
head and it becomes softer and fluid-filled a minor surgery to Lancet
to evacuate the pus and relieve the pressure is the best course of action a
doctor will open and drain the abscess incision and drainage using the
following technique the area around the abscess will be numbed with local
anaesthetic it is often difficult to completely numb the area but in general
local anesthesia can make the procedure almost painless a sedative may be given
if the abscess is large the affected area will be covered with an antiseptic
solution and sterile towels placed around it the doctor will cut open the
abscess with a scalpel and drain as much of the pus and debris as possible
sometimes there will be multiple pockets of pus that must be identified and
drained once the saw has drained the doctor may insert packing into the
remaining cavity to minimize bleeding and to keep the wound open for a day or
two so any remaining pus can continue to drain every individual needs unique
treatment and care we encourage people with skin abscesses and their families
to learn as much as possible about the latest medical treatment and approaches
as well as healthy lifestyle choices stay strong
live long thank you


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  2. I didn't see Lymphedema on that list! i have lymphedema and the abcess I've had for more than nine months just won't heal. I am in my 40's and apparently my immune system is trash!!! How rude…

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