SLEEPER GOTY?! My Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review!

Hey guys OJ here welcome back to
another video and today we’re gonna be talking about Luigi’s Mansion three on
the Nintendo switch I recently beat the game so I wanted to go over my
impressions and thoughts with you guys in a video now this isn’t gonna be
anything fancy when it comes to the video I just want to go over everything
kind of review the game a little bit give a bit of a score for those who want
that from me and kind of go over what I liked and disliked and opportunities for
this franchise in the future so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re
gonna be starting off with the story Luigi’s Mansion is not anything crazy or
elaborate or anything like that it’s just the same type of thing they go to a
mansion it gets taken over Luigi has to save the day by getting his friends like
Mario Princess Peach toads out of these paintings and he has to go through each
floor in order to do that fighting bosses solving puzzles and just
basically getting these little knobs for the elevator the little buttons for the
elevator and there’s all sorts of stuff standing in his way it’s a typical very
short on the story right there’s not a lot of drawn-out cutscenes or there’s no
real voice acting there’s just a bunch of like gobbledygook or whatever the
kind of weird gibberish type of speak for each different character but at the
same time the story is coherent and there is plenty to kind of you know kind
of sink your teeth into if you talk to doctor egad or even if you look at some
of the stuff that’s happened before you’ll not be staying up all day freakin
looking at cutscenes or anything like that so it’s not that type of game it
doesn’t have that type of story and you should be able to get through everything
pretty quickly when it comes to any time that there’s text on the screen it
usually goes up and goes down within the next you know minute or so it’s never
really that elaborate and I felt that that’s pretty good for this type of game
if you look at what Luigi’s Mansion is the type of gameplay which we’ll be
getting into I think the minimalist story the whole
type of like Mario pretty much like any type of Mario game right there’s not
really much story there’s not really anything that’s really deep and this
game follows in those footsteps but there is some Baxter
this is the third game in this series so if you’d known some of the story what
happened beforehand you’ll kind of get some of the references and things that
they do have to say but the story is pretty minimal this game is about the
gameplay right so let’s go ahead and get into the gameplay because I find this to
be very fascinating with the gameplay this game is heavy puzzles right you
have a lot of puzzles you have a lot of different abilities that you can have
that are really cool so you can use your abilities to not only solve puzzles but
to also take down enemies take down enemy ghosts boss it seems like
everything is kind of like a puzzle at times there’ll be enemies that come in
with sunglasses okay you have to use your suction to get the sunglasses off
and then you can hit them and there’ll be some enemies that have shields or
they have swords or you have to kind of dismantle them in different types of
ways or even use like different abilities you have like the black light
in order to kind of reveal what they actually are or even just be able to
find them in the first place so there’s a lot of different abilities that you
have that lets you just kind of do all sorts of stuff within the world and
everything now I think the abilities are cool and I think that adding in a lot of
that kind of make it a little bit more action than what we’ve seen from
previous Luigi’s Mansion games was a good idea
I love the suction shot that’s probably one of my favorite ones was the plunger
or whatever it is I love being able to slam down the enemy ghosts and one of my
favorite things to do which is I guess part of the gameplay is just use the
Poltergust to just suck up everything inside the room when it comes to like
everything to get money and all of that it’s just kind of like really addicting
with the HD Rumble and like the Poltergust you’re just using it to just
suck up every single thing inside the room when it comes to just like the
different trash and the paintings and pulling off blankets and pillows and all
sorts of stuff and it’s just weirdly satisfying for some reason I don’t know
why it is but it’s just really satisfying to use that Poltergust the
vacuum and just suck up everything inside the room so it’s pretty cool I do
like that about the gameplay and it feels good to do I think that the
controls at first were a little wonky for me but then when I changed it to
actually using the gyroscopes in the Nintendo switch pro controller that’s
kind of where I found my comfort which it didn’t take me too long to
change it up and speaking of controls I did play the game in multiple different
styles so I played the game in portable mode on the Nintendo switch light I do
not like that as much I mean it works especially if you’re going to use like
the tilt controls I mean it kind of works well but I do find playing docked
with a pro controller is the best way to play I also played it with split joi
cons as well and once again I felt playing with the pro controller is the
most fun and best way to play the game for me at least now some of you guys
might disagree or you guys might have had more fun playing in a different way
but for me that was the best way to play it so if you’re wondering well what’s
the best should I use the split joi con should I use the Nintendo switch like
portable mode to no switch light and I did play with the regular intend o
switch in portable mode as well and I thought a little bit better than light
for some reason I’m not sure why but at the same time it’s pretty much the same
thing but I would go with the Nintendo switch pro controller and dock to
gameplay I felt that it played best it obviously looks best when it’s docked
and everything which we’ll talk about a thing and when it comes to graphics and
sound and all that because Luigi’s Mansion 3 is amazing in those
departments but when it comes to game play fun bosses interesting level design
cool gameplay elements a lot of different abilities I had a ton of fun
gameplay was really cool now one other thing that this game does have is
multiplayer and I played through the multiplayer and while it’s good and you
can have some fun for sure it’s not anything that’s really going to keep you
hooked like a Super Smash Brothers or like an overwatch or like some of these
other games out there or even other competitive or sorry not competitive but
cooperative because this is a cooperative that the game I didn’t get a
chance to play the locals like scream park or whatever but I played the scarce
creeper mode and it’s just like the Luigi’s Mansion dark moon scare scraper
mode it’s just like that but the problem with this which is one of the problems
I’m going to talk about at the end which is the missed opportunities and
everything problems that there’s no real incentive like you really have to like
Luigi’s Mansion or just trying to goof around and have some fun if you want to
get into this mode because it’s not really any incentive to do it what it
does it give you I mean get some more money transferred over vote what does it
do you know so there’s not enough incentive to continue going
these floors and everything like that but there is multiplayer there is local
multiplayer minigames that are fun and there’s also the scare scraper online as
well which you can actually head into the online multiplayer with somebody
there so if you want to do co-op scare scraper where you have somebody with you
in the same room and then you play online you can do that as well up to
eight players you can create lobbies for your friends it is a good multiplayer it
has the features and everything no voice chat built-in but there is a built-in
messaging type of like you know hey help me or thank you or come over here stuff
like that so you can’t communicate in that way you just go through and Claire
floors you know just go through clear for us um had a little bit of fun but
overall not anything that I’m really gonna go back to over and over and over
again now let’s talk about the graphics and let’s talk about the sound design
and everything like that that’s where this game really shines I think that
it’s one of the most if not the most polished Nintendo game out there and
graphically speaking since they’re only rendering like one floor at a time and
one room they really can put the attention to detail and focus on their
it looks phenomenal it might be the best-looking game on the Nintendo switch
but once again it’s not as big in scope with what they’re doing at the time that
you are looking at the screen right there’s never gonna be a bunch of
different stuff and a huge landscape like a Xenoblade or like a Super Mario
Odyssey or even like a dragon quest 11 s but for what it does it looks really
good like you’re gonna be looking at the game and some people even said yo that
kind of looks like Pixar quality not sure if I’m there but there were times
that I’m like okay that is almost there right you might be able to kind of put
it up real quick and somebody who didn’t know it was Luigi’s Mansion 3 might
think it is like some type of you know Pixar movie or something like that so
the game does look good the sound design is really good with everything pretty
much in the game how the booths sound how the ghosts sound how luigi is the
footsteps the sound design and the music necessarily isn’t the best I don’t
really remember any of the tracks I’m gonna have some of the classic Luigi’s
Mansion stuff but nothing is really memorable from there but it fits the
tone of the game I’m not expecting jeez man shit to really have bangers
like a Mario or something like that but at the same time I mean it fits and
there is some stuff there and there is some cool puzzles with some of the music
in there and once you get to one of the later floors there’s actually a really
fun music part too so that was cool now let’s talk about some missed
opportunities and some issues that I do have with the game I do think that some
of the puzzles are kind of silly just because Luigi can’t jump and they can be
solved that Luigi could jump Luigi can jump like in every other game that he’s
in then all of a sudden you put a Poltergust on him and all of sudden he
can’t jump anymore right even with his burst ability he can’t move forward or
backwards I think that if he was able to move forward or backwards that would
have helped as well just overall just make the game a little bit like makes
sense a little bit more because Luigi can’t jump at all I don’t know why Luigi
can’t jump so that’s just kind of weird also I
think there was some missed opportunities with the suction and the
money and all that right because there’s this really cool ability that you get
that’s just awesome I don’t want to ruin it for you guys but there’s this really
cool ability but you barely use it you get it so late and you barely use it and
there’s no real upgrades in this game and that’s the missed opportunity they
could have used all this money that you’re collecting because by the end of
the game I have like nearly seventy thousand dollars and I barely used any
of it and the only thing that you use it for are extra like golden bones which
help you if you die you can use a golden bone and I’ll let you restart right
there from where you died and you won’t have to go back to your last saved
checkpoint and then there’s also to where you can like find boos that are
hidden which is an extra little pain in the game you can use your money to find
the locations of gems which are worthless the gems don’t do anything for
you and the boos which are kind of like a little bit of the extra gameplay
element because they have like puzzles attached to them so that’s kind of
valuable but the gems don’t do anything yet they’re having you collect gems
they’re just thrown in there just to be thrown in there and that’s kind of a
problem that I have because you get in all this money you’re getting all this
stuff and it’s really for nothing it’s really for nothing they should have
added in some slight upgrades that you can do to the game that would have made
things a little bit more dynamic and like I said that one upgrade
that you do get from a story part is so cool but it’s so limited and I’m
thinking man what if they actually made this game to where there were more
upgrades and maybe they kind of said hey we want to put a little bit more into
this game when it comes to challenge with monsters or even like a challenge
room right where you can use your upgrades and kind of do stuff so I like
them to be a little bit more aggressive with what they do in the next game
because it’s a bit basic they really could have kind of made the Poltergust a
lot better than what it is because it’s a cool item to have but it’s not in some
ways it’s kind of nerf and when you play the game or if you’ve played the game
you’ll know what I’m talking about but that really cool ability late in the
game but you barely use it there’s just not enough and it’s really cool so
hopefully in the future they can kind of fix that and actually make the money
worth using I mean if you’re not trying to just collect gems that don’t do
anything for you or whatever the cases there should be some upgrades to your
Poltergust backpack that kind of make things better make combat more cool you
can add some more difficulty in there as well but that’s pretty much my thoughts
that’s pretty much my thoughts on Luigi’s Mansion 3 I think it’s a great
game if I had to give it a score because I know you guys always talk about well
what score would it be where would it be at I’d probably go ahead and give it
like an 8 or 8.5 I’d probably give it somewhere in between there that’s where
I think the range of the game is I think that it’s definitely in the conversation
maybe for some people for game of the year I have to look at everything that
I’m looking at then kind of say okay well where does it stack up but I think
I do like a number of other switch games that came out this year over Luigi’s
Mansion um that I’ve played through beated than everything for the most part
I put 20 hours into the single-player the single-player is long but there is
some backtracking parts of stuff like that that kind of pad the hour count or
pad the count of the game we were just kind of going through and doing the same
thing I think two or three three three separate times two of them with one
thing than one with another thing so that is what it is there but overall I
did enjoy my time with the games I’m going to give it an 8 8 or 8.5 just
depending 8.58 one of those two it’s all good you guys determine what you guys
care what it is but I do recommend the game I think that’s the biggest thing
this whole review to know is that I recommend the game so go out there and
pick up the game if you want a cool puzzle type of action type of game
starring Luigi and going through and if you want for the multiplayer and stuff
like that so that wraps it up for this review guys what did you guys think of
Luigi’s Mansion 3 have you guys beat the game yet are you planning on picking it
up are you waiting are you just not gonna get it you gonna watch other
people play I’d love to hear what you guys think about Luigi’s Mansion 3 in
the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here you
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