Smarter Faster: What makes HBO so addicting – with CEO Richard Plepler

Smarter Faster: What makes HBO so addicting – with CEO Richard Plepler

When we talk about HBO, we say we’re trying
to build addicts get people lured into something that, once they get a taste of it, they have to keep coming back This is Richard Plepler the chairman and CEO of HBO Whether its Game of Thrones,
Veep, Silicon Valley or Girls, chances are you or someone you know is addicted to an HBO Show. Oh I love it! I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. We tried to see if Plepler would
reveal some of the secret sauce that makes so many people addicted. What’s the secret, dude? What’s the secret? What’s the secret sauce? Thousand Island Dressing. Arthur Miller had this fantastic
line that I’ve never forgotten. “Artists do what they do and the
rest is up to the zeitgeist.” — don’t force feed the zeitgeist He said that its almost impossible to predict what shows will succeed, I don’t know! I don’t know. I don’t know. The HBO philosophy is that it
all starts with great talent. Action! My metaphor for this
is we’re gallerists. We are a place where the great
artists are hanging their work. The smartest thing that you can do if you’re in my job is pretty much
stay the hell out of the way. Woah! Out of my way! Essentially the secret sauce, isn’t so secret. Find talented people who are
passionate about what they’re making. And stay out of their way. Mike Judge and Alec Berg don’t need too many
notes nor do you want to give them too many. I’m gonna take those notes, and
I’m gonna shove them up my own ass. Let the geniuses do their thing. its HBO at its best!

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