Smartphone Apps and Sex Addiction

Smartphone Apps and Sex Addiction

It’s kind of cool these days; I can find an
app for my smartphone that will tell me where there is a good Italian restaurant within
three blocks. And, I can find an app on my phone that will direct me how to walk to that
Italian restaurant. Or, I can find an app on my phone that brings up all of the pictures
of my family that I’ve been storing on my phone. I can also find an app on my phone,
an app meaning application, that will lead me to a sexual partner within three blocks
or three minutes. Applications like Ashley Madison and Grinder and the like will help
you find a sexual partner by geo-location. Your phone notes where you are in the world
and then these applications, when pressed and used, will help you find sexual partners
that are located within a block or two blocks, or half a mile, or a mile of where you are.
These are other people who have the same application open, who are looking for a sexual or romantic
experience, and are literally nearby. The problem with this, in terms of infidelity,
is that you really can’t track these applications on a phone in the way that you used to be
able to track things on a website browser. I can’t necessarily tell when my spouse comes
home that they’ve been on this application, or that they even have this application, or
that they have been hooking up. I can’t tell that from looking at their phone necessarily,
if they’ve covered their tracks. Back in the day, I could look on their website, I could
look up their web history, I could look in their browser, I could put software in their
computer to follow where they’ve been and it was much easier to figure out. So part
of the problem with digital age, and especially with applications related to sex, is that
they’re very immediate, they’re very anonymous, they’re difficult to track, and literally
I could be having dinner with my spouse and go to the bathroom and geo-locate a partner
on my phone to say, “Let’s have sex in a hour when I’m done with dinner with my wife (or
husband or whatever it is),” and go back to dinner, finish dinner, and then go hookup
with that person. And my spouse would never be the wiser, because I hooked up with them
in a chat on my phone in the bathroom over two minutes. That just wasn’t doable before

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  1. These things are destructive,people are constantly looking at porn on these things and ignoring family members.

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