Social Drinking vs Alcoholism | Is alcohol Truth Serum?

Social Drinking vs Alcoholism | Is alcohol Truth Serum?

People with alcoholism often refer to themselves as a social drinker. Is this denial? Is Alcohol truth serum? Social Drinking is fun, but am i funnier when i’m drunk? Is a person more honest when drinking? Social drinker vs alcoholism. Is a person more authentic while drinking? Some may say so. Is alcoholism a disease? The alcoholism disease debate has floated around for quite some time. Alcoholism as a disease and as a concept can help the alcoholic recover. Alcoholics anonymous has long been helping people with alcohol use disorder stay sober and remain in sobriety Addiction, addiction recovery, addiction and the brain are all subjects I touch on Recovering alcoholic, plus alcoholism signs. These channels: sober james, russel brand. ah Mike Tucker says people have told me
that alcohol reveals the true you well those people are concentrating on
certain things and not other things a non alcoholic person it’s a social
lubricant so another way to say that without alcohol in the equation is a
relaxed person is more than truly themselves than a non relaxed person and
some people say that alcohol relieves the true you and you disagree I disagree
– they are however concentrating on the fact that alcohol seems to relax people
and they can now tell the truth or they can you know be more relaxed about being
themselves yeah that’s true for somebody who can have three beers and that’s it I
can have three beers and I’ll be relaxed I’ll be more myself but I can have six
or seven beers and I will start to become this different person this entity
of intoxication is way not me I mean there’s some me in there but it’s
completely eclipsed by the the alcohol


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  2. Well I was a compulsive liar all through my drinking and using, if I ever told the truth, it was usually a mistake… by the end of my drinking I had completely lost any tolerance I ever had and there was very little of my real personality left when I was under the influence. I might have been telling some truths without knowing it. I do vaguely remember being on a bus and telling a passenger my harrowing life story … I wouldn’t have done that sober. I was never a ‘social’ drinker alcohol turned bad on me very early on

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