Social Media : An Addiction

Social Media : An Addiction

Good morning
Morning bro, Put the seatbelt on buddy Leave it buddy By the way, have you heard of the news? Which one? A man fell off the bridge while taking a selfie. Oh really? How do people take selfies these days – and you upload such bad posts on instagram Why what happened? The posts that I upload are so good buddy Here we go on live Sunny sunny what are you doing? Keep your phone down Bro I’m going live Sunny keep the phone down, you’re driving Nothing will happen bro Sunny keep your phone down Dude I can drive the car with one hand Okay the day your car crashes, take a selfie and post it as well Okay, tell hi tell hi Wait wait wait wait, what are you doing? Why? Let me take a snap at least, keep it, keep it down Tell me one thing buddy, even when you go take a dump, do you update a post about the same? Hello friends, I am Sunny Misal, my name is Nakul Sanghavi, hi I’m Supriya Barkade. Our new channel is about to be launched and the name is Xero2Hero In our channel you will find every type of video ranging from comedy to emotional from acting to modeling and from singing to dancing. If you have liked our video then please like, comment, share and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


  1. I think we have failed as a generation to understand and make use of technology which holds so much potential but all we have got is social media addicts

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