This is our Test Subject: Adam.
And he’s already a SOCIA NETWORK ADDICT. He spends most of his time by scrolling pictures
on instagram, taking…um…various selfies, and he’s posting
sh*t to Facebook. – No, I’m not! – How long he will last without computer and
phone? Cry you little baby. Day 1 : Subject is doing great! Day 2: Subject is bored without Social Network Life Day 3: Subject is becoming unsustainable… Random madness… And he’s feeling sad. Day 4: Subject tries to replace his social network life with books. It seems that…um… …it doesn’t work. Day 5: Subject finally decides to go outside and explore surrounding nature. – I gotta take a pic and put it on the instagram! Wait…
I can’t do that??? Error! Subject Test Failure!
Subject is out of control! – Wait! What are you doing?
– I’m doing what I should’ve done days ago! “hysteric laughter”

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