SPONSOR EAGLE!! | Tuber Simulator #1

SPONSOR EAGLE!! | Tuber Simulator #1

[whip sound] Top of the mornin’ to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. This is Felix’s new game that
just came out today that I wanted to try out. ‘Cause I haven’t seen anything- well
I’ve seen the screenshots and everything but I haven’t actually played the game
myself yet. So I’m really looking forward to seeing what it actually is. He hasn’t paid me to play this by the
way. Or, he hasn’t even asked me it’s a- This isn’t a thing like “Oh please play my game to get it more money or more reception.” Or anything like that. Nothing like that at all. I- I just wanted to play it out of my own curiosity to see what it was like. So
let’s get in and play a new game. ‘Cause when I- when I played Legend of the- (Felix:) Hey, how’s it going bros. My name is [high] PewDiePie. (Jack:) It sure is, bro. So I played Legend of the Brofist everyone thought that he paid me to play it (Felix:) Welcome to PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. (Jack:) [laughs] “Tuber Simu-” He’s not allowed to say youtuber because YouTube is obviously a copyrighted thing. (Felix:) Let’s make a video. First, you need a camera. (Jack:) Hell yeah! Well I have one. A really good camera what are you saying Felix? You better teach me how to become the best on all of YouTube ever. Seeing as you’re number one on YouTube so.. Give us all those sick tips. (Felix:) This is the shop. Here you can buy cool stuff for your room and.. Well, I guess that’s pretty much it. Here’s the Affordable section. It shows you the stuff that’s available for the views you gained so far. (Jack:) OK, so I buy stuff with views? (Felix:) It should be called stuff for cheap people really but.. “affordable” sounds better. (Jack:) Fuck you. [laughs] OK, that’s my camera? (Felix:) Anyway, here take this camera. I don’t mind paying for you this time, bro. Got all this tuber money you know. (Jack:) No, I know, bro. Oh yeah. Very cool, good jokes [laughs] (Felix:) You can pretty much put it anywhere you could in real life. (Jack:) Ok. Should I put it on my desk? Can I turn it? Oh, ok. Yeah! This is gonna give me a- ‘Cause that’s kind of where it is now. I’m playing this on my iPad by the way that’s why I’m always like looking down into something but.. If the screen was right there that’s where my camera is right now. I’d be looking at it over here. Yeah perfect. Just like real life. (Felix:) Really? There? Well, you’re the boss. (Jack:) I am the boss! Thank You Felix at least you know. [laughs] (Felix:) Now, finally, for real. Let’s make a video. (Jack:) Ok “Make video.” (Felix:) Here you can decide what kind of cool video you want to make. [Jack laughs] (Felix:) You always have three ideas to choose from. (Jack:) “Butthair violin strings”, “My Robot Lover” and “Flat earth is REAL” I have to go with “Butthair violin strings”. (Felix:) For now you can only publish one video at a time- (Jack:) Ok. (Felix:) but if you’re smart like me (Jack:) Ok. (Felix:) Just make sure you keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s not with- Select one of the two- (Jack:) I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. It’s simple. Here we go. Oh, look at these
views. Oh look at these views! That’s actually great! (Felix:) That’s a lot of views for your first video.
(Jack:) Yeah! (Felix:) Congratulations. (Jack:) When I started off doing YouTube videos I got no views per video. [laughs] I think I got like five views on one of my videos I was like “Yeah! People are watching! Woo!” and then the first hundred views was insane. Go away fluff! (Felix:) Nowhere near what I get though. [laughs] (Jack:) Oh come on. You have 48 million subscribers and you only get like four million views per video. Where’s all the views, bro? Where’s all the views? [laughs] (Felix:) Don’t forget to claim the video to get subs. (Jack:) That’s not how it works in real life you don’t claim a video to get subs. But whatever. (Felix:) Now why don’t you head down to the shop to see what you can get. [Jack laughs] (Jack:) Go get’em. [laughs] Yay! I got 2 subscribers and 21 views after one video. This is not accurate to real life. If you want to start a YouTube channel
and you look at this game. This is not an accurate representation
of what happens. The- It doesn’t go that fast. You don’t get two subscribers for your
first video. Well, maybe you do if your- if your video is absolutely phenomenal but.. (Felix:) Wow, you’re really poor. [Jack laughs] Looks like you can only get this cardboard box, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. (Jack:) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Why would- Why would I even buy a cardboard box? (Felix:) Now where will you put your new friend? [Jack laughs] (Jack:) The fuck? Uh, right here. Mini box and big-box. “are you sure you want to spend 20 views to buy this item? estimated time of arrival 30 seconds” (Felix:) Now let’s wait for the shipping. (Jack:) Oh God. It- Now it’s like real life. (Felix:) Wait, wait, WAIT. (Jack:) I’m waiting. (Felix:) Pause! Time out, bro. (Jack:) Why? (Felix:) Are you telling me I still got more than a couple seconds to wait? Jävlar! Va fan?! (Jack:) [laughs] Jävlar, va fan! Aren’t those swear words? How do you get away with that? [laughs] Just ’cause it’s in Swedish? (Felix:) This is ridiculous. It’s taking way too long. But.. There is another way. (Jack:) Why does it say GG above his head? (Felix:) You can make things ship faster using your “bux”. (Jack:) Ok so it’s Little Inferno mechanics. I get bux and then I can do this and speed up the time. (Felix:) In the menu- (Jack:) Ok yeah. I get it. Oh. Oh, I have to beat the shit out of the box to get another box. [laughs] What’s in the box? Just another box. What’s in that box probably another box It’s the matryoshka doll boxes. (Felix:) For now you can only ship one
item at a time. (Jack:) Got it. (Felix:) I don’t know why I winked, there really is a way. Just use your brains. If the thing arrived while you were out pooping or something.. don’t worry [jack laughs] the item will be here when you get back in the game. [Jack laughs] Now it’s time to make some fabulous videos on your own. (Jack:) Ok and we- Ah! Brains are currency as well. Ok, time to make some videos. Wait.. Uh, “Failed BMX romances”, “Best Trump Wigs For Dinner Parties”, and “Nostalgia Infusing soundtracks” Um, this one. The Trump one. “Boost times 2” “Wanna use boost to make Edgar wear a costume he hates.. while you watch an ad for double your views for a while?” Ok. [Ragtime piano music] [Ragtime piano music] I hope you guys are happy. I hope you guys are happy i had to watch an ad [cries] I had to watch an ad to double my views. [hoarse] It’s just like real life. I did it for you, ok? Now let’s claim and get our two subs. Also.. [laughs] In real life imagine you had to use your views to buy stuff. -for your YouTube channel it’s like “Oh, I want to upload another video today. I got 40,000 views in- the yesterday’s video so I can use 5,000 of those to upload a new video today” That would be crazy. YouTube of the future! “Edgar vs. Maya. Who is Rap God?”, Uh, ” da brown note”, and “Best Funeral Pranks”. The best funeral pranks ’cause this is trending. the happy face Sweet. Can I buy anything else? No. A box. Ok. I don’t want a box. What are these? as we go
on epic quest for epic Lou it will not (Felix:) Join me, as we go on Epic Quests for epic loot. It will not be easy. You probably can’t even do it. (Jack:) Hey! (Felix:) But I believe in you. (Jack:) No you don’t. You just said we probably can’t even do it. (Felix:) You’ll see most of these now and again. But we also got some cool epic quests coming up. So whatever. (Jack:) [laughs] You sound so enthused. Oh! watch an ad? Really. Do i have to do it again? No! No! [(Game:) eagle screech] [yelling] Noo! [Ragtime music] [megaphone] I have died. I have fallen and I can’t get up. I had to watch another ad. [crying in megaphone] Why!? [normal] [Uhhugh] Christ. K, I’m going to die watching all these ads. I can’t. I can’t fund your habits Felix. I can’t fund your drug habits. The fuck? “Sponsor Eagle delivery. Tap on the Box!” Beat the shit out of it. I got 25 views! Thank you Sponsor Eagle. [thump thump kiss] Love you, bro. Wait, what are these things. Inventory. I have a box and the camera. (Felix:) Of course one room is not enough to hold all your artistic talent and dreams. (Jack:) Ok. (Felix:) that’s why the fine folks who run Tuber SImulator have made it so you can- (Jack:) so you can have different rooms? Ok. “You must be logged in to have
multiple rooms.” Aw, man. Fine I’ll come back to it later. May I! Yes. We got a shit ton of subscribers now. “Make video”. I- Oh, this is trending again. “Skeet shooting, infant edition” What? Skeet shooting is when you throw things up and then “Pull!” Boom! You firing kids? Don’t fucking shoot kids. Ok. Jack- septiceye. Yeah. “Do you really want to use’ ‘jacksepticeye'” Yes! “Failed to connect to server.” Sponsor Eagle! Get him! Yeah! Oh God and feeling it now. [high] Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs? Oh, I can buy a window. Can I have a window? I can has? [soft] Yeah. Nice! “PewDiePie Tuber Simulator would like to send you
notifications.” No! I don’t want fucking push notifications. Go away. Um. What’s Puggle? (Felix:) Welcome to Puggle! where you can win great prizes such as.. slightly reducing your shipping time. (Jack:) [laughs] So I have to play a game to reduce the shipping time in the game? (Felix:) And that’s it! (Jack:) Beautiful. (Felix:) What!? A fun minigame [Jack laughs] and faster shipping isn’t good enough? (Jack:) No! I want more. (Felix:) Fine, I guess we can throw
some random bux in there. Happy now? (Jack:) I have to spend 10 views to play this game? Go! Aw! Poor little Edgar! Oh no! Oh Jesus! I’m bouncing him all over the place! Edgar I’m sorry! Oh no. Poor little dog. [Edgar: pained howl] [laugh] Aw-aw-aw. Oh no! [howls like Edgar] [laughs] Oh I just murdered a dog. Ok, play again. [laughs] Aw, he looked so happy up there. Edgar are you really happy? Back once for ‘Yes’ twice for ‘Felix
abuses me.’ Come on, come on, get in that dog bowl. Get that dog bowl! Aw! He almost did and I almost got three extra bux for that as well. Oh, that would have been amazing. I would have really loved you then Edgar. Com on. Don’t be a piece of shit. Don’t be a piece of shit. [pained howl] [laughs] [howls] [laughs] Woo! Level up! I am feeling good and I got brains for
leveling up. Great. What can I use my brains on? (Felix:) You know what I care more about
then Lambos and bux? (Felix:) The Knowledge Tree. Which is actually more like..
(Jack:) Views? Memes? (Felix:) a gross brain place really.
(Jack:) Oh. (Jack:) Oh, Lambos and money? Knowledge. I get it. Good- good meme! (Felix:) Speaking of gross brains, this is where you can spend those brains you’ve been getting for leveling- You can use them to purchase- (Jack:) Ok. Ok. these are where I get my perks. So what are my perks Oh, God there’s a whole bunch of them. Um, “views boost” Yes. “Boost your views to 25%, purchase this upgrade.” Yes. I used all my brains. It didn’t take a whole lot. [laughs] I didn’t have that many to begin with. [laughs] I had a whole five brains. Ok. Sports is trending as well. Let’s do
that. Ooh! Yeah! (Felix:) Gotta start somewhere right? I would have tried some- (Jack:) Shut up Felix, with your big fucking Swedish chin. Nice. Look at all the views and subs! [gasps] I’m making it big. [yells] Ma! I’m gettin’ em’! Woo!
[eagle screech] Sponsor Eagle! I got you Swedish eagle-man! Oh God yeah. I can feel this getting addicting already Oh yes. Wait wait, what did I get. Ooh! [Laser booms] Oh yes all the upgrades! [Laser booms] Oh yeah! Oh, feels so good! Oh rewards! Clickable rewards! Oh I love it! Ooh, that soothes the soul. Oh, these ones boost things. Um, I want a pie. Or do I want a gaming thing? No. The happy thing is trending so let’s get this. Is it just a pie? Imma put it on my box. [laughs] Why the fuck not? And I have to wait 3 and a half minutes? What- Let’s play more Puggle. Let’s- Aw, I need 20 views to play it. Ah, shit. Ok, I need to make a new video then. Uh, this is trending. If I get more views then I can play more Puggle. Come on. I need them views man. I need them views. There we go. [hip] Boink! There you go. Reduce that shipping time! Come on. Come on, yes. Yes, get in the bowl! Get in the bowl! Ga-Edgar! [pained howl] God damn it man. Sponsor Eagle! It just gives you a shit ton of views. Thanks, bruh. I appreciate it can we.. Ok. Oh no! I probably can’t buy anything else ’cause this is still shipping, right? Ok, let’s just wait for our video to be finished. There we go. Make another one. This ’cause it’s trending. Oh yes. “Top 10 science cats gone sexual” At least the titles of the videos in this.. Are very, very accurate. Ok, let’s speed up shipping. (Felix:) This isn’t- You can use the- You can also- (Jack:) I know how it works! Ooh! There’s a boost thing in here. Aw, shit
the Outer Minds thing came up and I didn’t read it. Let’s- Aw, do I have to watch
another ad? Noo! [Ragtime music] Oh. Oh I feel dirty. [Ragtime music] Oh, I feel it bad deep within my soul. [Ragtime music] I feel- oh. Is this what whoring out feels like? No! Yes! Now my time is going down faster. I could feel it, the addiction. [eagle screech] [yelling] Sponsor Eagle! It’s just like- You start playing the game you’re like “Yes yes. Puggle Puggle! Sponsor Eagle! Make a video. Make a video. Get the views. Get the money. Sponsor Eagle! [laughs] Views! Views! Views! Views!” [chuckles] It’s gonna get so addictive! Fall in the bowl! Ok we’re going right down the middle this time. Yes! Yes! Atta- Atta girl Maya. Oh, you’re so much better than Edgar. Oh you’re- [yelling] Oh! So much better than Edgar! Yes perfect! Now I only have to wait 4, 3, 2.. pie.. I forgot what I ordered. That’s not exciting. Ooh, but I leveled up my happiness. Twice! Ooh, and I got one dollar and five brains. I love when I get brains. That means I can increase this. Twice! Ooh! Now do we have any videos that have a
smiley face in them? Fuck. We’ve nothing that’s trending. “Global warming isn’t real” “Butt hair violin strings part 2” I’ll make a sequel. A sequel to my video. And I got rewards. “Watch an ad.” Oh my god. Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator? No.
Pewdiepie’s ad watching simulator. Why? Ooh! oh cool That’s why the name was taken. If you go into this thing up here. The.. The YouTuber trophy icon up here at the top. You have a list of actual youtubers. Felix, Mark, me, Marzia, Kwebbelkop, Jelly, Ken Cry, EmmaBlackery, KickthePJ, Dodger, RevelMode Ah, awesome. Oh, wait. Is this me at the bottom? ‘Tuber’? [laughs] Ok. Ah, ok. So that’s why I couldn’t actually pick the name. ‘Cause it’s an actual thing in it. And it has the real subscriber counts too. [snap] Very neat! Can I have that one in the game? Can you just.. give me the jacksepticeye one and then I’ll have the 12 million instead of the 162 I have here. [laughs] [eagle screech] Sponsor Eagle! Oh. Watch an ad to triple your reward? [ragtime music]
[slurred] There was a time when I was a well respected [hicup] YouTuber. When I-all I had to do is play the game and now I’m sittin’ here watchin’ ads. Oh, I’m gonna be sick! Ooh, let’s buy some scary candles. Sponsor Eagle! Yeah, 25 views. Where’s my candles go. Oh yes. Going to build a shrine to our Lord and savior. 3 fuckin minutes. Actually technically 4. Can I speed this bad boy up? Yeah! There we go. Remember kids, to speed up anything in life just throw money at it. It always works. I’m gonna buy a basketball as well. “Get more views to purchase this item.” Well, tell me that before I click on it. “380 views” Wait. Go into affordable items. There we go now we can’t afford it. Great. [eagle screech] Sponsor Eagle! Four dollars! That’s actually a lot. Wait. How do we increase our room? 10 dollars to increase our room. I only need 1 more dollar and I can do that. Yes. That video is called “Don’t tell
Marzia Please.” [laughs] Um, do I have any brains? [laughs] A question I should ask myself on a continuous basis. Do I have any brains? I have a total of
one brain. Lovely! [laughs] Do I have any brains.. Oh jeez. My room looks like shit. Could I get some better wallpaper and carpet? Christ and a- a table that’s not a box? Ok now I can get a basketball because ball is life. There we go, and speed it up. Yes. Oh, feels so good. I like it. I’m leveling up my sports. Ooh, and I’m level 3 now! I got so much shit for that. Awesome. I got so many more brains [eagle screech] ah- Sponsor Eagle! Nice. not getting away from me. Um, increase my views. Yes yes yes. Oh that feels good, Now I need 10 brains increase it? Fuck! Ok, and I want to increase my room. Nice! Now I can put the box in the corner along with baby. And put my ball in this corner. Fucking sweet. Can I move this? Ooh, I can. Um.. Oh, I can only move it two ways. Why? Can I put it over here? There we go. Nice, now I’m facing out so you can see my beautiful face. Even though that doesn’t look like me. [eagle screech] Can I change that?- Sponsor Eagle! Ooh, new items. Oh yeah. Oh feels good to unlock life. What did I get- I got a cat. I want the cat and the pillow. 1600 views? Oh, Christ. Gonna be slim pickings for a while. Ooh, I can customize my Tuber. Nice. Ok, hair. Hair. There I am! Look right there! Jackaboy! Yay! Oh, awesome! It’s not actually me. Because you’re playing as just a random.. uh, customizable character but Felix came to me and asked if they could put green- a green haired character into it that looked like me, that wasn’t actually me but people could still like play as a person to kind of looked like me. So I said “Yeah of course.” So you can actually pick like my hairstyle and- Aw, I can’t now though. I need 10 coins to do it. Aw, why did I- Why did I spend my money increasing my room when I could have had sweet Jackaboy hair? [eagle screech] Oh, there’s me with a mohawk. Sponsor Eagle! Views. Views subs. Subs views. Puggle. Puggle. Puggle. Must watch ads. Ads. Views. Pu- more ads! More views! More subs! Subs! Money! Puggle! Puggle! Lose! Ok! Well I’m gonna leave this episode of Tuber Simulator here. This game is actually kind of cool. As much shit as I was kind of giving it, and poking fun at it all the time. That’s mainly just because I’m friends with Felix and I want to poke fun at him. But I really like the art style of it. It’s very, very nice it’s very aesthetically
pleasing to look at and I really like the music as well. They- they did a good job on the Legend of the Brofist music too. And it’s quite addicting. It does have some of the mechanics that I don’t like waiting around for stuff kind of clash of clans-y. But at least the waiting time isn’t like a half hour for some stuff like that game is. So. It’s really neat. It’s really cool i want to see.. more of the mechanics later on in the game to see if it if- if it gets any deeper or if it’s just the same..
[eagle screech] Sponsor Eagle! Can’t get away from me. No, I’m not watching an ad this time. No. No more ads! I’m done! [laughs] Um, I wanna see if it gets any deeper because that was one of the problems I had with Tube Tycoon.. was that after a few episodes- Well, that isn’t finished game. So there’s still a lot of tweaking to be done with that. So I shouldn’t be too harsh on it, or make it sound like I’m being too harsh. But after a few hours of it you were kinda like. “Mmm.. what else is- not even a few hours- what else is there to do in the game?” so.. I’m interested to see what this one is like, so. Cool! Let me know if you want to see more of it I don’t know if I’m actually going to do more of it. I just wanted to check it out.. at least for this video. So we’ll see what happens. But for now.. Thank you guys so much fo- Oh! There’s a rainbow outside! A really cool one! Ohh! You can actually see like all the perfect colors in it- Anyway! thank you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it punch the like button in the face like a boss! And.. High fives all around. [wapshh wapshh] But thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes.. in the next video! Attack it’s fucking leg! What is happening? What- What is going on? Why? I keep fucking aiming at its legs and then he doesn’t. “As the Beast Titan’s body is covered in fur..” Ok. Firebomb. Got it. Sponsor Eagle! Kill that motherfucker! (NO JACK NO)



    uh Felix I think everyone would and do play games made by you

  2. If buying things in real life meant you needed views 😂 all I’d have to do is upload more NSFW videos and I’d get the big bucks 😂

  3. WHAAAT?!



    You know it’s fun, right?
    I know I’m not supposed to give my opinion,
    but give it a try
    Then tell me if it’s good or not.

    Not convinced yet?
    Ok, I’ll cut you a deal.
    The game is available for FREE.
    changes screen
    ”Get used to it!” Theme plays
    *red spinning spike stamp appears on screen, with slanted text, reading
    “ FREE “

    after 3 seconds, self-promotion ends

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