“State Of Emergency”: The After-Effects of Addiction

“State Of Emergency”: The After-Effects of Addiction

I’m on my way to meet
with Kyle. I’m not sure what to expect. Frankie is gonna come with me
just in case. ♪♪ ♪ Dun-duh-duh-dun ♪ What up? ♪♪ So here is the deal. This kid, his name is Kyle, and he’s probably been
in treatment maybe, like, five times,
and his dad found out he was doing heroin
and then cut his insurance off. He’s from Ohio.
Oh, cool. Yeah.
He’s from Cleveland. He’s not a fucking Browns fan,
is he? I haven’t got that… If he’s a Browns fan,
he definitely needs treatment. [ Chuckles ] What’s he using? Fentanyl, heroin, and crack —
the trio. Yeah.
That’s a scary combination. Yeah.
You know what I mean? Especially with the crack,
like, fuck. Oh, my God.
I know. Crack is, like, the worst.
Yeah. For real. Oh, Frank,
that’s him right here. I’m just gonna get out
and talk to him really quick. All right.
You want me to get out with you? No.
You can stay here. Hey, bud.
Hey. What’s going on? Not much. Can you just, like,
give me a update on what’s going on kind of? About 4 months now, I’ve been
homeless, sleeping in a tent. Wow. It’s, like, I don’t eat. I eat when I start getting
really, really hungry. I eat, like, a McChicken
every two days. That’s rough, man.
Yeah. I’ve just been kind of stuck,
like, trying to find rehab, but it’s hard
without insurance. When I try to go
into state-ran facilities, and then, like,
they told me I needed ID. And you can’t get
the ID. Yeah.
I have warrants up in Cleveland, too.
What are they for? Possession of heroin
and possession of fentanyl, but, like, I can’t actually get
the ID, and nothing gets solved. How can we fix that,
you think? I have to go up there
and turn myself in, obviously. You have to go
up there? -Yeah.
-Yeah. I mean, the only reason
I stay here is ’cause, like, I have a spot
with a tent that, like, I don’t get kicked out of. Like, it’s behind a car wash that a couple
of my friends worked at I’m homeless with that sleep
in tents next to me. Eventually, I want
to return home ’cause I want to live
with my grandma, and I kind of
want to be with her ’cause she’s getting older.
You know what I’m saying?
Yeah. And that’s the only person
I can truly say I really love, and, like,
I want to be with her. -You guys are close?
-Yeah. That’s cool. You’re young, man. You have, like,
a good life to live. You know that?
Yeah. Your arm looks
a little rough.
Yeah. Both of them are,
like, really bad. You have an abscess?
This one might… Yeah. It’s swollen.
…end up turning
into one. Yeah. Kind of missed, like,
a shot of crack yesterday. You’re shooting crack?
Yeah. Allie: The thing about
shooting crack is that usually people
get abscesses from it. With abscesses, man, if you don’t get
those things checked out, they turn into
serious infections, and what happens is,
your blood get infected, and then your bones
get infected, and you’re basically… You need
a blood transfusion, or you’re gonna die. Where do you go when
you need antibiotics, buddy? I haven’t been getting
any antibiotics. Crazy.
Yeah. I don’t know.
I’m done with this shit. I’m over it.
Yeah. I’m, like, trying to get in
as soon as possible. We’ll figure it out. Kyle is a sweet kid. He’s super young. He has a lot of legal issues. He has a lot of personal issues, but he seems ready
to kind of start to face it. He doesn’t have insurance, and he also doesn’t have
a state-issued ID, which is stopping him
from getting treatment at any state-ran facility, so basically, a scholarship
is his only option for treatment right now.
Do you need a ride? Do you want me to drop you
off somewhere?
Yeah, back by Walgreens. All right.
I got you. Kyle: I hop in with y’all
or… Yeah. -What’s up?
-Do we have room? Frankie: Yeah. It was nice to
meet you, brother. Yep.
Nice to meet you, too. Here is a smoke
to take with you, brother. -Thank you. Appreciate it.
-Yeah. Allie: Kyle is not the only
person that needs a scholarship, but I just felt like he was
in a state of emergency. I feel like the homeless
come first. If you’re homeless, you don’t
have a safe place to stay at night. You’re at the top of my list. Frankie: How long you been
down here in Florida, man? Like, a year and a half
consistently, but, like, I’ve been
coming down since 2015. Just kind of going to rehab,
going back and… -Yeah.
-Yeah. It’s up here on the right. It’s the next parking lot. Allie: All right, Kyle.
Talk to you soon. Yeah. Dude, he’s such a baby. I feel bad. He’s a good kid. He’s — He’s fucked up
in the game, though. It’s so sad. ♪♪ ♪♪ Kyle: It hasn’t been any good
times down here homeless, man. Worst shit that’s happened,
I guess, would probably just be
getting beat for money, actually happened last night. I’ve been panhandling
or flying a sign. Flying a sign is what we call it
pretty much when you make a sign, you stand at the intersection
and walk down. Thing is, I only spend
my money on my habit. Fucked up my life so bad,
about to turn 22, started doing this shit,
like, 15 or 16. I was fucking stupid
and in love. My girlfriend, she was selling
stuff at that point. Fucking love is worse
than any fucking drug. [ Chuckles ] That shit will fuck you up.


  1. Grateful to have 5 months clean off heroin and everything. I’ve gained 45 pounds and happier than ever. Life can get better if there are any junkies reading this

  2. I used to do pills and was cutting myself. I have been sober for a year now and clean from cutting for six months already. It was hard, but I knew life would get better. It's still hard but I'm trying. thanks to professionals at the Rehab Centre (786) 837-5906…

  3. Your granny needs your selfish butt!!! Cummon! I lost my granny 2 yrs ago.. I am clean, cuz I honor my body. I want to see her again!

  4. That girl didn't love you brother. Love shouldn't steal your life it should heal your life. Sending love, the real kind.

  5. Crack wasn't worse it's just that it effected the black community. Now Heroin they dying but thank The most high God for telling us we hope these devils actually are . Esua

  6. I feel absolutely nothing for these fucking people.

    And I was homeless and addicted to heroin for over a decade, but this is all choice-based. There are people all over the world who are dying of starvation lack of clean water etc, I have absolutely no sympathy for someone who continues to make poor choices and then cries about their current situation.

  7. I can tell you buddy in the passenger seat is a ex addict 100%…so how both of them made the mistake of stating that "Crack is worst" out of the three drugs he was using is sicken, no… Fentyal by far is and will remain the worst no matter who you are

  8. Frankie is a clown. No one with that small amount of clean time- not to mention a chronic relapser- should be guiding people through recovery. Not to mention him and Allie let people get high before they enter detox and giving giving Tiffany a scholarship even with all of her red flags just makes then look dumb.

    I appreciate what they are trying to do, but some of the shit they both do is reckless and dangerous.

  9. Can the clinics cure the man-bun? I would choose the dope over that look. Is there a connection to the McChicken?

  10. do these stuff trigger anybody else? i know it's supposed to be horrific but i crave it, i just dont do it. does only thinking about it make me an addict?

  11. "Omg i know cracks like the worst" dude heroin is so much worse. There's no physical addiction to crack…. Im a recovering junkie im speaking from experience not out of my ass

  12. Sigh….. You get abscesses from missing a shot of anything. They are no good but you can drain them yourself or go to the ER to have it drained they cant turn you away. These people are very uninformed

  13. I'm for executions not prisons. Meth and heroin addicts will murder their own grandmother for a fix. Rehabilitation is a word, not a reality.

  14. If it comes from your trusted doctor, then its a prescription. If you get it from your trusted dealer, its a horrible shunned junkie.

    A pain management doc was arrested by the feds for running a pill mill. By then they're hooked and forced to turn to street ways.

    This is what they wanted

  15. The Sackler family should be stripped off their $$$ and the money be used for treatment centers and aftercare. The owner of fentanyl is being sent to prison for awhile. Again his money should go for the same. These 2 families caused a lot of damage to this country

  16. Stop saying he’s a “good kid”! He’s not helping his community or people or doing something positive. Dope fiends are SO selfish! I do drugs I work 6 days a week, And I volunteer unlike this cigarette mooching weak excuse of a life

  17. I have been clean for 14 years now. I started after I a surgery at the age of 14. I never used street drugs …just Demerol or a substitute so I would not get sick. I used off and on and then in my early 20s I became physically addictive.I did things that I am disgusted by but it is why I will never go back.I still crave Demerol especially if I am at a hospital but I don’t ever want that chaos again. I am 45 this year and I am still amazed that I made it . These are not bad people , they are just sick with a horrible illness. They need understanding and help!

  18. Maybe I'm high but
    If he turns himself over to the state he gets rehabilitation and housing structure…things he is missing basically and go from there

  19. Ive had a million abscesses and ive never died. U sound stupid when you say things like that. As if there isn't enough to worry about.

  20. It's simple to get clean. Not necessarily easy. It's easy to stay clean when you've got physical fear of death from use. But the second your body isnt scaring you and you're in a bad head space, boom ready to use.

    I find it's easy to stay clean when you're busy… Idle hands and whatnot. Easier said than done again. I've never been a junkie but I get psychologically addicted to anything basically. If I'm not using narcotics or smoking weed all day then I'm binging on food. Have to fix your mind before you can ever hope to ditch an addiction, and it's especially hard for those of us with hyperactive minds. Many of us have to get intoxicated to even sleep so I understand it's an uphill battle.

    Need to find some purpose in your life that gives you the long term satisfaction that any drug cannot give you. Work is the best remedy in my experience but that's only so far as how good the job is. Working 40 hrs a week for minimum wage is like a guarantee for a junkie to wanna use…

  21. That lady really just said crack is worse than fentanyl thats bullshit. Crack is the exact same as cocaine not many people know that but it's true. Cocaine is ten times more safe than fantanyl you can do a couple lines of coke and be fine but if you do a half a line of fentanyl you can die. Heroin is even more safe than fentanyl if you can believe that. Fentanyl is the worst drug to ever hit the united states. It is killing thousands of people every year. I have done it a few times and every time it gets you so high it scared me i thought my heart was going to stop beating.

  22. WHY does anyone shoot crack? Not judging…former smoker here. But just shoot cocaine, if you must! Jeezis. Ppl scare me, doing that 🤒 🤕!

  23. Omg for real ya real for real grow up take responsibility it’s everyone’s fault but his 🤪that man bun is what needs a intervention

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