Step 10: Daily Accountability – Adrienne’s Story about Cocaine Addiction Recovery

Step 10: Daily Accountability – Adrienne’s Story about Cocaine Addiction Recovery

[MUSIC PLAYING] I worked in labor and delivery. I was having all these
amazing experiences delivering babies and bringing
all these new little people into the world, and all of that
was extremely intriguing to me. I worked nights and
took 40 hours a call. One night I had worked
my shift, had gone home, and I was on call. I was pretty sure that I
wasn’t going to get called in. I had a cocaine habit, and
I was pretty proud of that because it went on
for several years and my husband had no idea. So I thought it was amazing. I had used so much I
couldn’t feel my teeth, I couldn’t feel my fingers,
and I was spun out of my mind. I did get a call, and it was
for an emergency c-section for twins. So I went. I forgot to wear shoes. I was going 600 miles an hour
in a 30-mile-an-hour zone, and I couldn’t slow down. I had absolutely
no business trying to help deliver babies,
be in the operating room. One little slip is all
it would have taken. There’s no way that God did
not touch that situation. I could’ve been the cause
of those babies’ deaths. I decided that at that
point, it was out of control. As I worked through the program,
the addiction recovery program, and got to step 10, it
was being able to be accountable to my
husband, the one person that I didn’t want to judge
me, and to be able to tell him, “I want to use right now. And I have access to
what I want to use. And I’m letting you know
because that scares me.” Most people in my family didn’t
even know I had an addiction. People thought that
the addict Adrienne, who was actually who they met
and who they knew and who they had come to their kids’ birthday
parties–that was the addict. Nobody actually had
ever met Adrienne. I don’t think I had
ever met Adrienne. I just looked over
at my husband said, “I don’t know how to do this. I’ve never done
Thanksgiving sober before. Right now I really
don’t want to, because I’m not sure that I’m
ready to feel all of that.” I thought that I wanted him to
just praise me and be so proud of me for saying that and just
really pat me on the back, and he didn’t. He just said, “Thanks
for telling me. I’m sure you’ll make
the right decision.” There’s a saying
that says, “You don’t have any control whether
a bird lands on your head, but you don’t have to let
it make a nest there.” And step 10 is not
letting it make a nest. The daily accountability part
is checking in, making sure that I’m doing things
with intention. And the intention is following
the will of the Savior. That was my first
holiday sober by choice. It was scary. I can do scary things. I can do hard things. I am no longer my addictions. I am a success story.


  1. You are a beautiful soul Adrienne. You are one of the most genuine and real people I know. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope!

  2. Adrienne you are absolutely amazing! Such an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you so much for sharing you're story!

  3. I'm about to start my lds step recovery program. I'm living in fear not love and carry to much shame and am not very progressive in life. i need to change

  4. As a career coach, I impress that we have to identify what we want in our life. Then we ask ourselves, “Is my action in this moment, this hour, this day, this year in alignment with the vision of my desire?" Are we thinking big enough and boldly? Daily accountability means reviewing our day and each hour within it to ensure we are acting consistent with our objectives. We laser focus on what is wanted and say No to distractions.

  5. i married a woman on October 6th 2018 and she went to a crack house on Nobember 7th, came home on November 16th and had a stroke on November 17th now I am trying to do the speech therapy for her and the physical therapy for her as she has no insurance, and she owes over $200,000, or, perhaps I owe that.

  6. Thanks for inspirational story Adrienne you truly are an inspiration and only 14 years old and your inspiring me

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