Step 6: Change of Heart – Aram’s Story about Drug Addiction Recovery

Step 6: Change of Heart – Aram’s Story about Drug Addiction Recovery

Tricia! Tricia! Tricia! Tricia! Tricia! Tricia! When I would let my mind go
to all the possibilities– Tricia! Tricia! –I was absolutely
terrified of where a 15-year-old girl could be. Tricia! Tricia! My youngest sister was missing. She had been lured
out of my parents’ house in the early morning. Exactly how, we
still don’t know. We’ll probably never know. They arrested the
man who did it. The investigators–the
police–found some of her remains buried 19 feet deep. The trial was, by all
means, the worst part of the entire situation. I was left with all of
these horrific images, reliving the nightmare. During that time, my father was
also struggling with cancer. He passed away not
knowing where she was. Several years after, my
mom passed away as well. I was in my mid-30s, and
I felt like an orphan. And I felt so betrayed. I felt that God withdrew,
that God let it happen. It was about that
time that I gave up trying to control my drug use. It was too much. It was time to get
some deeper help. I had been sober
for well over a year and had been
through all 12 steps to the best of my ability. But I was still struggling. I couldn’t understand why, if
I had gone through these steps, why was I feeling like this. I sat down and just
started reading what each of the 12 steps
were, because I knew that there had to have been some place
that I didn’t do everything I could do. And I got to step 6, and
I couldn’t recall truly asking God to remove
my character defects. I decided I was going to do it. And I didn’t know what I
was expecting to happen. So I just thought to
myself, “If He was here in front of me right now,
what would I want Him to say?” And I thought, “Well, I’d want
Him to just take it and say, ‘Thanks, I got this.'”
Instead, at that moment, I heard a question. And it–and it was, “Will
you let me take this?” I realized that I had
done all of this work to be relieved of this misery. And that question–“Will you
let me take this?”–completely changed the trajectory of
my recovery and my life. I had a good friend
recently tell me of an African
proverb that says, “If there’s no demon
within, the demon outside can do us no harm.” And that’s where I live. I’ve conquered those
interior demons. Nothing on the outside matters.


  1. This is powerful, life-changing material. Can't even describe it. Thank you for the question: "Will you let me take this?"

  2. The experiences you faced were absolutely heartbreaking, Aram. Your decision to turn back to God is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. We all either know an addict, have been an addict, or are in danger of becoming one. Thank God for a church that hears the cry for help and is ready to assist in every way possible and is ready to have that conversation, getting it all out into the open, to heal. No one suffering ever needs to be alone. Jesus always has His arms outstretched.

  4. Unbelievable. This story hits in a way that is difficult to describe. Such a witness to the declaration of doing all things through Christ.

  5. This one is incredible. I feel physical pain inside listening to your story. Thank you for being so brave and sharing it with the world. You are a wonderful example to all who see this!

  6. If there's no demon within, the demon on the outside can do us no harm. How powerfully that hits me. I am extremely heartbroken for all you have endured. Thank you for your example.

  7. This was by far the most moving one. I am so touched by this man's story.
    I also happen to be a great lover of music, and the beautiful violin in this makes me wonder if I could find this music on its own somewhere. Anybody know?

  8. This is life-changing. You get to understand the troubles people under the influence experience. They resort to activities that aren't really their personality but in the end, return to what is right and good.

  9. same im not religous,but totally get this,wow,sad,my sons been missing for 9months,i think hes dead,ive just come off suboxone/subutex after 6yrs,i cant handle the anxiety of my missing son,but somedays i just duno how but i have to let go,coz its too much…

  10. Im in recovery from addiction. These videos are truly powerful. I know the church is true, by the power of the Holy Ghost, yet I still fell prey to heroin and other drugs and alcohol. I tried to rob a bank. I lost everything. But now, through the love of the Savior, and the help He provides through others, I have hope to fully recover and reclaim who I really am. God be praised.

  11. i can relate to this video. one day i dropped to my knees and asked heavenly father to please remove the desires for my addictions out of my life and he did just that. was one of the most heart felt prayers i have offered in my entire life. i know there is a supreme being that knows all, because of this I am able to put absolute faith in him.

  12. This video needs to be shared with more people. It's so touching and inspirational. Not only can this man feel the Lord and his comfort and love; of the comfort and love of the Atonement, but everyone can. And that's the beauty of all of it. Our Father in Heaven loves us all and we are all capable of forgiveness and change.

  13. That step 6 is a good one. I have also repeatedly made all 12 steps but I also suffer from physical pain from a work injury this gives me anxiety for a hopeful future

  14. "Will you let Me take this?"

    This brought me an overwhelming feeling of God's love for me. Thank you for sharing your story so that it may lift others!!

  15. God absolutely touched my heart as I watched this video! "Will you let me take this?" was exactly the question that I needed to hear.

  16. Sober 5 months (one day at a time). I cannot relate to Aram's sense of loss, especially in such an awful way. His testimony, however, helps me address many hypothetical fears that I have, about "what if xyz happens to my wife/child/self?" Nothing on the outside matters. Alma 42:29 "And now, my son, I desire that ye should let these things trouble you no more, and only let your sins trouble you, with that trouble which shall bring you down unto repentance."

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