Stiletto Cupcakes! Decorate High Heel Shoe Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Stiletto Cupcakes! Decorate High Heel Shoe Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Stiletto
Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this very cool stiletto cupcake.
There’s quite a lot to this tutorial so let’s get started.
Tools and equipment that I will be using today: I have some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream
frosting which I’ve pre-colored in a fuchsia-y type color. If you are having trouble getting
your frosting to that consistency, we do have a tutorial on how to make the buttercream
frosting, as well as a recipe, so feel free to check that one out.
I have some melted white chocolate. You can also use melted white candy wafers.
I have some lavender sanding sugar. I’ve placed my lavender sanding sugar in quite a wide
flat base bowl. I’ve got a disposable piping bag which I’ve
pre-filled with some of that fuchsia buttercream and I’m using that in conjunction with a Loyal
number 20 piping nozzle. You don’t have to have the Loyal number 20, but just something
with a nice, round, open tip will be perfect. I have 3 knives. I have 1 serrated edge knife
or steak knife. I have 2 just plain butter knives.
I prepared household scissors. I’ve pre-made some fuchsia fondant.
And I’ve also pre-made one of our little bows. We have a tutorial in this small fondant bow
with ribbon tails, and I’ve just left the ribbon tails off this one.
I’ve got a couple of ice cream wafers. These are natural ice cream wafers available at
your local supermarket. I’ve got some cream wafer straws. You can
see those. They do come in quite a few different designs, patterns, colors and flavors so bear
in mind what you look you want for your stiletto heel when you’re choosing your wafers.
I’ve got a plain vanilla cupcake. I’ve baked that in a lovely fuchsia patty pan, the same
color that I’ve used for my fondant. And I’ve got a spare snap lock or sandwich
bag. Let’s get started.
Firstly we’re going to prepare the front of our stiletto so I’m going to take my piping
bag. I’m going to squeeze that frosting all the way to the end until it’s just popping
out the end of the nozzle, and I’m just going to swirl it all the way to the edges in a
nice dome swirl. Now I’m going to take the back of one of my
butter knives and I’m just going to spread that out to the edges. Try not to get it over
the edges of the patty pan too much. If you get it a little bit, it’s okay, and make that
into a nice dome. I’m going to take that and roll it in my lovely
sanding sugar. So you can see there, the sanding sugar really does change the color of that
icing and takes it from being that fuchsia color to more of a purple. Feel free to give
it a couple of rolls and then just take the palm of your hand and pat it down making that
nice smooth dome. Next we’ll be making the sole of our shoe.
This is where our ice cream wafers come in, as well as our candy melts or our white chocolate.
Now I’ve taken these ice cream wafers, and just with a standard pair of scissors, I’ve
cut them into this shape. Now make sure that you got a couple of this spare because you
will have a couple of mishaps along the way, especially if you’re going to do a whole dozen
pairs of shoes. You see, I’ve really just trim the edges off to give us that lovely
sole shape. I’m going to take the white chocolate or the
white candy melts and my other butter knife. What I’m going to do is just dip that in and
I’m just going to spread it up. Now you should have quite a rough side to that wafer, quite
a, I guess, quite a coarse side. You want to make sure that the coarse side is the back.
Now you see here, I’m just smoothing it up the sides, smoothing it at across. I am leaving
a little bit of that top corner so that I can still hold it. It can be a little bit
messy. Try and get it as smooth as you can though with the back of that knife. If you
need to add a little bit more, you can add a little bit more. And don’t worry about the
back of the wafer. It’s going to be a bit messy but it’s the back of the shoe anyway
so no one should really be looking. So you should have something that looks a little
bit like that. I’m going to pop that to the side on a piece
grease-proof paper. I should mention, this will take about 10 minutes to dry so I would
suggest pre-making this and that way you can get straight into the decorating.
So here’s one that I’ve pre-made. As you can see, that’s lovely and touched dry and ready
to go. Now, I’m going to prepare my cupcake. We’re taking my serrated edge knife and cutting
about a centimeter from the patty pan. I’m cutting all the way into the cupcake, just
to the width of the knife. Now just going to prepare the space for us to put in the
wafer. Now I just want to make sure that’s going to go in all the way. Beautiful, alright!
So I’m happy that’s going to go into the cupcake nicely. I’m going to take it back out.
We’re going to now do the edging of the sole. This is where our second snap lock bag comes
in. So I’m going to take the snap lock bag and I’ll just [spoon full], not too much of
the buttercream frosting. Pop that into the snap lock bag. And I’m going to use this effectively
as a disposable piping bag. So what I’ going to do is you want to snip
off the corner. But you want to snip off quite a large corner so it’s about a centimeter
this corner. And it’s going to give you this lovely flat edge. So we’re actually going
to be piping out, I suppose you call it like a strip of icing rather than a small dainty
little piped line. It’s going to be quite a fat strip.
Alright, so we want to take this now and I’m going to… see how fat that strip is that’s
coming out of the bag? Down the side, hold it in the center, down the side and across
the back. Now this is why we wanted our sanding sugar in this lovely white flat bowl because
we’re now going to just roll that. Now don’t roll it too hard because you don’t want to
knock the sanding sugar, so you don’t want to knock the icing with the sanding sugar.
It can be a little bit fiddly. Alright, so you can see there, I still got some spaces
in close to the sole with no sanding sugar so I’m just going to sprinkle that on. It’s
probably the messiest part of the shoe and probably the fiddliest as well. If you do
find you get sanding sugar everywhere, I would suggest keeping a paintbrush or something
on hand, and just use the paintbrush just to flick… a dry paintbrush just to flick
away any of that excess sanding sugar. Alright, so you should now have something that resembles
that. Now you can see here, this side here is little bit wider than that side so I’m
just going to take my knife and just push it back a little bit so that I’m happy that
they’re nice and even. Beautiful. So I’m going to take the sole of my stiletto
and I’m going to push it into that pre-cut little slot. Now while you’re still holding
this — it’s a bit of a circus juggling act — take one of your wafers. Make sure you
put the nice smooth flat side to the ground and you put the jagged side where you’ve actually
snapped it up to the shoe, to the sole of the shoe. And then I’m just going to sit that
on the ground, and just let that sole sit nicely on it. Now try not to touch that for
a couple of minutes because you just want that white chocolate to form a nice little
glue to seal it and to just glue itself to the back of the sole.
Alright, while you’re waiting for the stiletto heel to dry, we’ll start rolling some of our
little fuchsia pearls or beads that are going to go along the back. So just make sure they’re
all roughly the same size and do bear in mind that these shoes are a pair so make sure that
you try and get them both as similar as you can in size of your icing swirl, size of the
bows, and size of the little pearls at the back there. Alright, so we’ve got 4 of those.
This might be a touch big. You can see I’m just rolling that into just a little ball
shape. And we’ve also got our beautiful fondant bow.
Now I’m going to use this white chocolate as a little bit of a glue so I’m just going
to dip in there, put a little bit of glue on the back of my fondant bow, and just nestle
that fondant bow on top. You can push it into the icing a little bit if you like.
We’re going to do the same thing with our 4 pearls. Be careful not to apply too much
pressure on these pearls because you don’t want to squash them out of shape. You want
them to still be nice and round. And that white chocolate can get a little bit messy
so try not to have it drip around the pearls too much. I’m just going to rest one, two…oops.
Once you get this far through the shoe, you don’t want to wreck it at the very end…and
four. Now as you can see, I’ve got a few little
bits and pieces on that white sole. I don’t want this so I’m just going to take the paintbrush
and I’m just going to wipe them off to give us that lovely seamless white sole.
When you are moving these shoes, do make sure that you carry them by both halves. They are
a little bit fragile but they’re so worth it.
So there you have a beautiful pair of absolutely gorgeous stiletto cupcakes.
Another one that we’ve prepared earlier, a great design. You can see here how we’ve carried
the design from the patty pan through to the actual front of the shoe. So bear that in
mind, you could choose patty pans, perhaps with a zebra stripe or a leopard print or
something like that. But it does look really effective when you actually carry the patty
pan design all the way through the shoe. We hope you’ve loved this tutorial as much
as we’ve loved making it. Make sure you subscribe to our channel, My Cupcake Addiction, if you’d
like to see more from us. Thanks so much for watching.


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