Stop Relapse with an Addiction Education

in addiction education you are given the opportunity to get vulnerable and understand why past conditioning or traumas or any kind of events that led to the disease of addiction, how it continues to play a role in your life. If you have relapse after relapse and go I “don’t get it” then addiction education will help you find that solution. Now the idea of shut up, sit down and do what you’re told is a very old method of treatment and it fails. Understanding the why – the root causes that’s where somebody can get relief in empowerment with the information that myself or one of the teachers is providing which will definitely be relatable. You will be given that opportunity to go “yeah, I get that, I’ve lived that, and if I lived that, then these coping strategies that are also being provided, those will probably work for me too.” Now in a real time you will begin to be able to use those tools and you’ll get assistance from me, staff, your peers, and the end result – the goal of that is for well the empowerment. Through knowledge and constant application you will become fluent with treatment tools addressing those root causes in the moment and be able to well eventually graduate our program, to end going to addiction education because you know it now and you won’t be dependent on me staff or anyone else to remind you to use those tools or how they work because you will already know that. You will leave there confident and you’ll know why the disease exists. You will understand how the passes influence how you currently think and that will no longer be a mystery. If you need help or you know somebody who needs help give us a call today.

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