Street dealers: Bastiaan sells fake drugs | Drugslab Extra

Street dealers: Bastiaan sells fake drugs | Drugslab Extra

Hi, I’m Bastiaan.
Welcome to Drugslab Extra. On Drugslab we test drugs to see how it
affects our body in the name of science. On Drugslab Extra we answer questions
about the world of drugs twice a month. Leave your questions in the comments
and we might answer them next time. I’m often approached by street dealers. I lived in the Red Light District
for two years. They’d approach me
when I put one foot out the door. It’s sketchy and unreliable, because
you never know what they’re selling. As a tourist in Amsterdam, you’ll likely
look for a street dealer to buy drugs. What if someone sells you fake drugs?
You don’t know who they are after all. You need to have it tested
to find out what it is. This can lead to
life-threatening situations. How easy is it to sell fake drugs
on the streets of Amsterdam? I’m going to find out.
I’m going undercover as a street dealer. I’ve put powdered sugar,
that looks like cocaine, in pony packs. It’s in here. It looks like cocaine,
but it’s powdered sugar. I have a hidden camera in my bag.
It’s here. No one can see it. I’m very nervous. I don’t know what
to expect and whether I’ll sell anything. I’m also very nervous, because
people sometimes notify the police. I’m going to put on my cap,
raise my hoodie and let’s go. I need to find groups.
A group of young tourists… who are in Amsterdam on holiday
and are looking to have a great night. I also need to be beware of the police,
because they just passed by on bikes. Guys, you want to buy coke? You want to buy some coke?
-No, no, no. It’s a bit tricky. The police is nearby.
They just cycled away, luckily. I was a bit scared,
because they kept looking back. We’ve moved to a busier spot,
because the other spot was quiet. Guys, do you want to buy some coke?
-No, thanks. Guys, you want to buy some coke? I get the feeling,
I don’t know if it’s just me… that people know
that I’m trying to sell something… because I’m pacing back and forth
in one spot. People look at me suspiciously,
because I’m wearing black and a cap. Guys, do you need something? Do you
need something, like weed, coke? No, we’re good. Thanks very much. You said no, why?
-Because neither of us do drugs. We’re not into it. It’s not our scene.
We know it’s not good for you. We know that it’s…
We don’t know where it’s coming from. We don’t want to have anything bad
inside us. It’s not really our vibe. It’s dangerous off the street as well.
-Yes, it is. A bit of a randomer.
Looking quite quirky coming up to you: ‘Hey, do you want to buy drugs?’
It’s like: No. Dealers don’t have a typical look,
they could be anyone in the street… coming up to you: ‘Do you want to buy
some of this?’ And you could say yes. You have no idea what it’s mixed with
and it’s not worth it. Hey guys, do you need something?
-No, I’m good. Hey guys, do you need something?
-No. Hey guys, do you need something,
like weed, coke or…? Do you need something? Coke? How much does it cost?
-50 euro for one gram. 50 euro. What is this?
-It’s coke. It’s too cheap.
-50 euro, no, it’s an okay price. No, the good cokes are from
100 euro is the minimum. I have good stuff. One gram 50 euro.
-We aren’t going to buy it. You don’t want it? You sure?
-No. Thank you. So close. I almost sold some,
but they didn’t want it in the end. They said that it was too cheap. We said no, because it was
suspicious. You were suspicious. That it’s fake or something like that,
because it was really cheap. So, I mean, if you want to buy
good quality coke, it’s more than that. Where are you from?
-From Hungary. And in Hungary, do you have people
who are selling drugs on the street? Yes, sure.
We have this club area in Budapest. There you can see lots of people
selling drugs, but it’s illegal there. Hey guys,
do you want something to buy? Do you want something?
-No. I’m just standing here
waiting for people to buy something. I doubt I’m the only one. Hi guys, do you want something? Do you want something?
Coke? Weed? Coke? I have good stuff.
50 euro for one gram of coke. All right. If you’re around here
we look for you later. We will walk around.
-You don’t want to come now? Not at the moment.
-Okay, thank you. Ah, so close. Oh, guys. This is funny. Two guys were walking in this direction,
who I assume are also street dealers… but they turned away
when they saw that this spot was taken. Hey guys, do you want something?
-No, man. Do you want something, like coke?
-I know you. You’re from Drugslab.
-Shit. Everything fine?
-Sure thing. How about you? What are you doing here?
-I’m just here with some friends. Need anything?
-No, absolutely not. They asked me as a ‘street dealer’
if I wanted to buy something from them. Hey guys, do you want something? Do you want something?
-I’m good, man. Do you want something?
-Yes. What do you have?
-I have coke. Do you want? Is it real shit?
-It’s good shit. Very good. How can I trust you?
-I can tell you it’s good shit. How can I trust you?
-You can trust me for sure. How?
-I don’t know. You can walk with me. I can give you.
Yes? Okay, come. Okay, sorry, listen. I’m not real. You want to buy drugs from me,
but I heard you said first: ‘How can I trust you?’
Why do you ask me? Of course, because I know that
there’s a lot of hoax around the streets. Yes, because in Holland
there are a lot of street dealers… and they sell fake drugs and
most of the time it can be heroin or… Of course I read about it in the news
that there was some group. They thought they were buying cocaine,
but they bought white heroin. Everyone was found dead afterwards.
Of course that is a really big risk. You said this, but you want to buy.
-Because you offered me. So you took the initiative.
-If I was real and walked with you… and let you see the drugs?
-Maybe I have a good time. It’s been a long night.
I’m knackered now. Lots of no’s. It struck me that
many tourists thought it was too cheap. That’s why they thought
that the quality was poor. They were right,
as I was selling powdered sugar. All-in-all, don’t buy from street dealers.
You never know what they’re selling. It can be really dangerous shit.
Be careful that they don’t mug you. They can also be very intimidating.
This was Drugslab Extra for this week. If you want to know more about a drug
or the world around drugs… let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.
I’ll see you again next time.


  1. Dealers in amsterdam are so annoying . Coke , Coke , Coke . My friend you wanna buy coke ? . ffs D: finnaly thinks ahh no more dealers . 5 mins later 10 scooters drive by You wanna try and buy coke? My coke very good the best. xD ffs .

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