Suboxone vs Methadone For Treating Opiate & Heroin Addiction

Suboxone vs Methadone For Treating Opiate & Heroin Addiction

Hey guys, this is Matt from Project, I’m broken I’m here Greg and we wanted to talk a little bit about Different I guess maintenance programs when it comes to recovery so Greg and I have completely different experiences with Transitioning from Heroin to I I didn’t suboxone and Greg did the the methadone route and uh? I honestly like right now. I have no idea what Greg’s experiences are with that and I don’t think he has much Knowledge of what I went through with suboxone so we’re gonna kind of hash it out today talk about the maybe the similarities the difference is the the positives and the negatives of each and If you guys are out there looking for a Path to recovery and you’re thinking about either one maybe you can get a little bit information from this conversation So I’ll let Greg start off with With his kind of info yes at first. I have done both actually done suboxone and afternoon I did some boxing with Matt actually for awhile. We first started trying to quit and There was I think there’s great things. That was a boxing and bad things of suboxone just like methadone for Me suboxone was more of a crutch I don’t think I was totally ready to get clean when I started taking suboxone and I would basically use it to You know as a crutch like I said when I couldn’t get dope I would use that Or I would use it for a week I’ll fall off start getting high and then used as a crutch again to not withdraw right and the doctor I was getting it from was giving me a Hundred and eighty pills a month of eighty milligrams, so basically I was selling her stuff For that so I know a lot of people do that as well But I think suboxone can be great. I think you talk you can talk more about the experience with successful experience But I can see it being a really good tool When you’re really ready to quit and when you when you withdraw yourself away look we talked about about other videos where you can’t get done for you really don’t want to get you’re really ready to quit or You’re just in an area where you can’t contact anyone. I think you can be a great tool by letting that cover there I mainly want to talk about math there this in other videos I’ll sure we talk about the upsides and down to that since Mac doesn’t have experience with it’ll cover more boxing so methadone Which is one of the big reasons? I was able to get clean, but I still haven’t Jolted view on it. I guess you could say to hasten up Recommending people to take math with them and is still tough for me even though it helped me quit because it is a bitch to get off let me tell you that and When you’re on it. I mean I don’t I don’t really remember much of what I do so method It’s like I was a frickin sound you just you don’t think straight and When I first got on and I was kind of still trying to get high so I took way too much to start you know You know I started. I think they started me at thirty and I kept going up saying oh, it’s not working It’s not working. It sounds long way to high video So if you do start just be careful that what’s just it cuz I don’t know anything about it what like when you say thirty thirty milligrams okay a story then they’ll Gradually send you up as you good with the program so you start with a lower lower third dose and is it they wrap you up because you’re Women you’ll come in later. I know you come in for your dose, and they’ll be like well. How are you feeling today? I wanted to quit but I’m like well I’m thinking mentor, so I might as well feel good too right so that’s one things got to be careful I was getting on too high of a dose and again the other thing is that? It’s so hard to get all like when I detox I was on 105 milligrams for my maintenance like everyday I was think I’ve heard of five milligrams when I decided it. This is it like I’m done I found my son was being born and from that point on it was like BAM like I’m done I gotta figure out a plan to get off and from that day I came down one milligram a week alright So it took me two years to detox and still you you we were hanging out when I was Sighs yeah, yeah, well you got anymore everyone else at the end, and I still didn’t sleep for two weeks to a month So let me ask you this when you started your detox on the way down From 105 thousand feet like that was 105 I was on for like a year or two like those But that was like the most you would ever love yes, so were you still getting high no So that’s the thing after a while look drawn methodone. You’re trying to use to get high It’s pointless because gonna be harder to get off okay The more you take the harder the detoxes right it’s a good question and then also You’re not thinking. How you might get high for a few days You know you might feel good for a few days, but you might get used to it And it’s gonna be like this ain’t like you were taken forward So there’s no point you do give good the method of room it might be there’s no No reason to go higher than you need together. Okay? I understand from an attic mind say you wanted to try to feel better, but there’s no point these are gonna feel the same as you did from a lower dose warranty even at what was the What was the like? I’ve been in that methadone clinic I’ll touch on that later about what happened there, but what was the culture inside the methadone clinic, so I’m guessing you have Like a counselor that you’re working with that You’re telling how you feel or whatever some what you see I think I saw my counselor Maybe once a month, but did they give you any shit about saying like I need more, or is it like Thursday? They just don’t want you doing heroin Pretty much if you don’t care necessarily you’re getting high off. Those. Yes, so the video yeah the program. I was in they Basically the more you test clean the more you can do take care of bottles so if I’m sales taking it like a week at A time if you do pills you actually take them once a month at a time But if you test dirty they were good to go every day. You’d show up every day and eventually if you keep testing dirty They’d kick you off. Okay. Nothing is different for each methadone program You know changes for program to program, but I mean, that’s how it was there, okay? Got it so anyway, so am I way down Just so you know how this when I really was comfortable the whole way down because remember I started 30 milligrams. I probably could have Flatlined there like a cock fight at the store own authority to stay there and be comfortable So I mean all the way down I would say I started feeling withdrawal symptoms around 10:00 or so late a little bit not super uncomfortable Then I got down to the 3 to 1 milligrams those last few weeks that started kind of feeling it wasn’t horrible It wasn’t like normal windrow, but I couldn’t sleep. I had restless legs And that pretty that was the most it wasn’t really intense withdrawing But it was I was uncomfortable so the big thing with methadone is You gotta know that it’s gonna. Be hard to get off. Okay, you gotta You gotta be ready for that battle to come off it because in a way methadone I think can be hard you do often do and there’s a lot of people in that program where they go to jail and or you know they they have to come off quickly if you get called taking a Poor drug test and you fail for whatever, and they have the same look you’re done They’ll take you all five milligrams a day Until you’re at zero and then you’re withdrawing like you would on heroin for a month and seven week, so it’s really dangerous As an alternative on though it worked for me. I would still say proceed with caution Because it’s hard to get off and again when you’re on it. You’re kind of like a zombie so It’s really tough for me to say you know. This is a great alternative It is an alternative that can work obviously it worked for me, but you got to be very careful I think suboxone is a way better route Because I think in the same situation at the point I was at by the time I started coming off if I was once a box out a bit just good Yeah, so right you got to be careful with methadone. You know it can work, but there’s a lot of dangerous to it Yeah, I mean I guess they probably both come with You know there are areas that you have to watch out for yeah, I mean because going back. I know Greg and I We just saw it’s all billboard it was like get off You know off of opiates or whatever call this number, and there was a there was a doctor in? Wilmington who has definitely lost their license? I think there was a big against them But Greg and I this was around the first time we started to try to quit heroin We saw this sign. We were like let’s give it a shot called up there. It was so they charged you for the Initial meeting, and it was not she was a couple of bucks. Well the whole thing I remember was six on the dollar was clearly those $600 And I remember We scraped his money together Gregg paid for it I don’t even remember what it was but I remember it was a large investment if you’re a heroin addict six hundred bucks That’s a fool grade there. That’s it so we were really you know trying to quit and this was the first thing that we came across so I Remember Greg went in and I was with him I was waiting in the car, and it was 600 bucks per person We couldn’t do that so we were like we’ll split you know whatever. This is and I think the doctor the whole thing the whole program He sent you out with like maybe ten pills and suppose some Ozzy’s worth Yeah, it was like a week’s worth of pills can get you through winter though withdrawal stage to get you yet So supposedly you’re supposed to be able to get through this withdrawal stage and then You’re you’re good. You’re good after seven days so we were like let’s we we split them and we split these bills we were like you know let’s just let’s see what happens and I’m pretty sure it won’t be hard for you to guess what happens. You know couple days later. We were back on the boat and so that was super discouraging and You know that that’s a whole that’s a whole another topic is that there are definitely predatory oh Yeah Forces out there trying to prey on people that are struggling with addiction and you know they were realizing their lives were becoming unmanageable and this was one of those people and that that’s that’s There’s a special place in hell for people that are doing stuff like that But anyways You know I think after Greg and I kind of went our separate ways when we were trying to get clean I Struggled for a while with it I ended up finding a reputable doctor Not far from where I lived, but if it was not a nice program to get into and the way they had it set up is you would have to go see like a physician and Part of the program is we’d have to go see a psychiatrist They were like a partner team together and the guy was collected once a week. He would write me a week’s worth of Prescribe weeks prescription for First of oxen and I start with like 8 milligrams a day, which is like a regular pill They come in what eight two and four I remember anything so I mean actually when I was doing them I Would just break them into quarters they were But it was it that started the process for me, and and it was great I found a lot of success with that It took me about a year from start to finish with suboxone And I would just constantly myself daily myself down and to be honest. I still to this day Don’t know because there wasn’t there was a drastic change like from the last sliver of suboxone I had it was like maybe a milligram I think To the day one of nothing. I don’t know if it was Psychological that’s gonna. Ask it. I don’t know but there was a dramatic difference well We’re so used to taking something every single day to feel better for years and all of a sudden get nothing Yeah, if it’s a little sliver of yes, definitely some price some psychology or something physical. Yeah, yeah, and I remember Specifically what I was doing. It was I was in Philadelphia and Keep in mind. I was still drinking like I I was still drinking pretty regularly But I was in Philly I you know went out had my last dose of suboxone Woman the next day, and I was like hmm like What now I got a I had to do this on my own And I I did not feel good about it and there was for a long time And I knew was there be a long time It took me it took me a while to get back to like a base level of Feeling okay. It was it was a and. I you know I had I prepared for this. I expected it and again, maybe was a placebo effect of just not having a crush to fall back one every day but It was tough. I really had to work hard to keep my bed to health in a decent place I was you know by now. I was trying to exercise and do things like that to create You know the healthy chemicals and hormones in my mind naturally. I was trying to eat better. It was difficult All in all it was a good experience You know I one thing. I really liked about it is I was able to completely remove myself from Other addicts You know I know at the methadone clinic You’re just surrounded by well half the people at the methadone clinic or selling their mother their gaming the system Right, and it was I I realized that it was nice to just not be around that anymore It was half of that that those are easy things to fall into I mean and those When you you get a bunch of addicts together? The conversation goes south real quick when it’s like hey, let’s sell this so let’s go get this or it’s amazing another topic That’s one of the things that I don’t like about outpatient rehab to someone who’s like pudding Yeah, and fire sometime. Oh absolutely But to stay on topic One of the things I did when I was on methadone is like you said you know it’s been so long since we haven’t taken something I Actually went I said, I want to do I want to get another week’s worth and so I went and at that time I was getting a week at a time So I got my weeks worth while I had seven five or six files. I took my shows that day They give you six bottles so I had six bottles they each have one milligram And I did that for an extra week and what I do is like alright I’m going to just take these home, but I’m not going to take them so that way I’m like you know if I start feeling like complete shit. I’ll take it maybe I’ll do it every other day We’re all doing every third day You got to the point where I got to day one and I was like I’m not comfortable, but it’s not work No, they – same thing. Yeah. I’m not sleeping but look. I don’t got cold sweats I’m not throwing up And I’ve got too bad if anxiety you all know how bad withdrawal can get it wasn’t that bad it sucked But it wasn’t that bad And I just knew that I had my bottles there just in case so maybe if you’re coming down Keep that little bit there if you’re if you’re ready now you gotta be at the right stage. I was right quit I’ve done like you gotta keep that mine out, but get my head I was done I just want to not be super super uncomfortable And I knew if I ever got that point I had the one milligram there to kind of keep me You know keep that we draw more stabilized so that’s an option. You can do is when you’re coming down just Maybe keep a very very low dose for it for that time where maybe you’re scared being super uncomfortable Yeah, yeah, I mean and then a lot of stuff can happen. It’s a stressful time so you know a lot of this stuff you have to look at all the things that are going on in your life and Prepare yourself as much as you can for dealing with that that level of discomfort or whatever it is and It’s a slippery slope man like it’s one of those things because it’s that that’s definitely Keeping that little stash for yourself, it’s definitely coming from a place of detection That’s why I said like I was completely Brandi yeah And it’s not coming from a bad place you you do have to be because I did the same thing with suboxone like I would I would cut up little pieces, and I’ll just keep these up in the cabin saved for a rainy day, and I Did this and I wasn’t quite ready yet? so When you when you make that decision I think it’s good to leave yourself You know a little bit of leeway in case you do if you’re just not comfortable With a certain situation or whatever and leave that there, and then you know just be smart about it Just and you you have to be level four ready for that level of discomfort And it’s you don’t want it to be overwhelming like to Greg’s point a lot of it may have been for you to Psychological like you’re like. I’m not getting these sweats. I don’t have the restless legs I don’t have these flu-like symptoms or they come with rough withdrawal I Just kind of missed that crutch. I think a lot of it is in our minds You know mentally you have to just remember what your goal is what your mission is With the whole thing and stay strong, and I just knew when I did that it’s very important to bring this out I knew I was done like I look like one through two years of this detox My son was here like I’m not going back and I knew that it was just there just in case I’m gonna get very very Uncomfortable like I’m gonna do this no matter. What if I’m very uncomfortable I might go through those six bottles after that it was done to matter what it was kind of nice from There is a backup. I think Matt was country you know it’s got to be careful with that as well because You don’t want that in for different people that could kind of break you down the wrong path So just be aware of you know Where you are your recovery and how confident you are you’re going to quit if you’re going to use something like that like a crutch Yeah, yeah I think that’s A great point you know one thing that I’m wondering is we’re shooting this is if there’s probably parents out there that are wondering you know should I put my Kid own spots or method. I think we can do a different thing you for that I think there’s different aspects of that, but as far as this one for you addicts out there It can definitely help. You know might be spots. I use methadone but it just really depends on where you are be aware of you know the How you can use as a crutch you can end up making things worse you can sell it to get more do Yeah, you know just do take whatever path you think is going to be most successful for you You know you may know people that have used one method or the other or both Through your research when you’re ready to make a decision do your research again? You know we’ve talked about today in this conversation just Going to the first billboard We saw and we got ripped off and it really was a huge roadblock for our recovery I mean that you know that was it was almost one of those things were like well We tried yeah, and then you know we’re just back on the wagon so if you start thinking about if you’re still in Deep in your addiction. You’re starting to look for ways out Don’t just jump at the first flashy sign like we did because a lot of times. There’s a little more you know behind the curtain there, and if you start taking suboxone or methadone and You’re trying to take the higher dose to still get high it might not be totally right you might want to put yourself in check Right and we talk about accountability before if it’s going through your head well Let me increase my do so I can hide like I did with methadone like we prep We’ve done with the box and gotta put yourself in check here What am I really doing what I want to really get cleaned right now? You know I mean put yourself in check yeah, and it’s you know a lot of times It’s still and maybe in your case when you start that road through Methadone and you were still trying to get high so trying to get high I mean I would imagine It’s still not a healthy behavior to deal with addiction, but it’s better than just grabbing heroin off the street especially nowadays You know the with with the fentanyl and everything they’re cutting it with crazy overdose rates through the roof It’s still better to be in some form of recovery but Think about what you’re doing think about sure your thought process through the whole thing I try to you know talk to the addict part of your mind and be like this isn’t healthy behavior That’s actually one of the strengths I forgot to cover about methadone is I couldn’t get high on it like I tried The first year I was on methadone ever once while I would try to get high on heroin. That’s good I Didn’t know that the dirt is so strong now if you’re shooting up and you’re shooting up a lot you can probably feel but not Nearly as much. That’s just so in my case. You know sniffing heroin, and I was sniff dust it’s like four or five bags I still wouldn’t even feel it It’s not just like why am I even going to keep doing this, and then I wasn’t going to get off the methadone So I started using dope again because that mean I have to go through which are also and that’s one of the strengths is its Hard a lot harder to get high and is on Spots and where you can take like a 12 to 18 hour break not really withdrawal that much and get high whereas methadone It’s a lot longer Where it blocks it a lot long right? So you’re going to deal with the consequences All right well I think that about covers it for you know our thoughts on suboxone methadone or at least some of our experience with it if you guys have any more questions on that topic Leave us leave us a comment below And we would be happy to touch on that later definitely alright guys Thanks for watching and make sure to check us out at project. I’ve broken comm we will be talking to you soon Take care. See you guys


  1. The main problem with methadone is that you just don't feel like doing anything when you're on it. You just have no motivation to achieve anything. Also it is very hard to get off of.

  2. I’m so thankful I’ve found these videos. I was on Suboxone/subutex for 11.5 years and today is Day 13 without it. I’m feeling a LOT better today than I have been feeling, mainly bc I put my body back into ketosis and I’m working out again. The last rx I was written was a 30 day rx and I broke them and stretched it out over a year, so I was taking a crumb a day. Even at that teeny dose, I’ve been super lethargic and irritable with my kids the past 12 days. I used the keto diet for months but stopped it to give my body more nutrients in the “coming off” phase…I ended up eating lots of fruit and that led to sugars and I felt like total crap. Today I woke up, I know I’m in ketosis, I feel amazing. It’s early but I know my body and I really feel like I’m past the worst of it. Now it’s just adjusting to life without the crutch but if I’m being honest, ketosis probably is that crutch. There’s just something about knowing you feel a little bit better than everybody else that appeals to my brain still…

  3. Methadone is the best choice because of it's price,Suboxone is $10 a 8mg film and methadone is 25 cents a 10mg pill.I take methadone for (pain) because my lumbar spine is pretty screwed up I'm prescribed a fairly small dose of 30mg a day which barely eases the pain.I did take Suboxone films at #3 8mg a day and the sub clinic was cash only $240 a month and my insurance paid for the films for 2yrs and suddenly stopped.If I had to pay for the suboxone it would have been right around $1000 a month,now I pay $30 a month for my methadone and insurance pays for my specialist.

  4. My story is also similar to Greg I don’t get mentally fit on suboxone no matter how much I take I get very uncomfortable nausea still I make execuse to increase my dose.I haven’t tried methadone tho.

  5. I don't feel well on subs, even if it is as much as 32mg or as low as 2mg. Sometimes don't feel like leaving the house. But going to the clinic every day for the liquid handcuffs? Ehhhh…

  6. If you get enough take homes and you want to go on a trip for vacation, can you get on a plane with 7-10 doses?

  7. Suboxone has some loopholes you can abuse . I could mix it with stuff. Subutex has less loopholes . Subutex saved my life . Been clean since January 2018 only on 0.8mg now in July 2018. I just surrendered to the programme . I had enough. So I take two 0.4mg a day. I slowly reduced my subutex from February 2018. I went lower rather than higher in the beginning of my detox. ❤️❤️

  8. 5:00 Well That's not all the way true because if you get take homes what most methadone addicts do is they will get a weeks worth of there take homes and the first day they will do a double dose. then be on a smaller milligram the rest of the week, your body won't get use to that one big dose a week. but you can only get high once or maybe twice a week doing that

  9. i have been shhoting dope for 23 years i have been on methadone sub etc subs work only good when you are getting out of jail or a program sowhen you are clean so you dont go back on herion that when subs work the best or if you have been getting high for a short period of time or if you are on pills oxys perc 30s etc if you have a a bad dope habit and take a sub to early its makes you sicker the window is to long you will do dope before the subs work for the full effec methadone i i like better when you get a a good dose if you dont like going to groups go to a clinc that you pay cash for not obma care shit were they make you go to gruops lets face it both withdrawls sucks i feel you do waht works for you i persnonaly hate subs

  10. I am on 260mg of morphine every day,i want stop,i want to go to hospital for about 4 weeks and just afer 4 months in reab.
    My question is, in the hospital is better to take buprenorphine or metadone,just for 2 or 3 weeks max in rapid regress just to stop morphin ?is possible to take metadone or Buprenorphine in the hospital just to stop morphin,is possible to don't take nothing too.what the best way for the withdrawal ?cold turkey,meta,or buprenorphine.
    Sorry for my english i hope somebody anderstand.

  11. Gonna try methadone tues im been on subs and on zubsolv now i prob need high dose of methadone im on 16 mg zubsolv which is 2 5.6mg and 1 1.4mg a day

  12. They are both for profit, if they really wanted to help, they would put them in a one year in house treatment program. The numbers of recovery from both methods are too low to be effective

  13. So glad I came across this! Thank you. God bless both of you!!!! Recovery is possible. If you need medication assisted help who cares if it works for you and keeps you clean and sober!!!!!!!!!! Works for me!!!!!!! #cleanisbetter #recoveryispossible

  14. I went up to 130mg and decided to come down 1mg a week too. Instead they messed up and took me down 1mg per DAY. I didn't notice for about 3 weeks then I started getting uncomfortable. I had them fix it and today they actually upped me to 114 and then I'll continue the mg a week which is not even noticeable. What I hate the most is the weight gain of 60lbs n sluggishness!

  15. I've just been rapidly detoxed off methadone from 95ml down 10ml a week untill 40ml (was ill for months!) Then addmitted to a psychiatric hospital (more like a prison!) And made to go cold turkey my prescriper said I had that option or cold turkey off 95 ml. I thought the hospital was going to kill me! My heart rate was through the roof,and I had 3 seizures, couldn't eat for 9 days,and ended up throwing up continusly untill I was several dehydrated and threw up blood in the end! They switched me in there to subutex (I've been on it 4 times before and relapsed each time,but on the methadone have been clean nearly 4 years now!) But back on the subutex I'm having horrendous side effects, and it isn't even holding me! Don't know what to do. I want off the subutex,but I've been constantly withdrawing for months,I've lost loads of weight and haven't been able to function for months. ANY advice would be REALLY appreciated! The only advice I'm getting from my prescriper is if the side effects are really bad they'll be happy to bring me down to zero and discharge me. I've looked into kratom but being in the u.k. the government has recently made it illegal so no one is willing to ship to me. Good luck to anyone else trying to beat addiction.

  16. Hey guys thanks 4 discussing this topic-I was @ 120mlgs of methadone 4 about 6mos & now down to 20 mlgs but it is now getting difficult.For me depression is worst but also not sleeping well & nodding while driving to work @ 4am.At 30mlgs I started reducing 1 mlg every 2 days.What reducing plan would u suggest to get to 0.Would switching to suboxone or subutex or anything else be better.Thanks again

  17. Thanks for your honesty fella's. Luckily I live in the UK and 56, 60 ml tablets of dihydrocodeine cost me about £8 ($10.80). I've been taking this dose for quite a few years now and have got into the habit of chewing them first to get it into my system faster.
    Because I take more of the tablets at the beginning of the week I'm then left with one day of no tablets at the weeks end with cold turkey withdrawal, sweating, cramps and depression etc before I pick up the following weeks prescription and so the cycle continues.
    I really do want to stop and have tried but have found it really impossible to reduce the dosage and cut down.
    At my local addiction center they have recommended methodone or suboxone to me but from what I have read and heard over the years I really don't want to try methodone so it's interesting to hear what you have said about these 2 drugs. I no longer smoke weed or tobacco since I started vaping 4 years ago and the dihyrocodeine helped me to stop drinking (11 years dry) as well as killing all the pain but now I'm totally addicted to the painkiller and hope that the monthly injection might help.
    So what do you think?

  18. I got so high from methadone. Second strongest med i was ever on. I wE very physically sick and on fentynal patch at one point. That was strongest. But methadone best morphine and heroin especially cause they had me on 140 mg! I was going to be on that forever if I stayed there!

  19. Wrong..suboxone blocks pills and Heroin way way longer..I know I been on it for years and I tried many times to get high and u cant..It takes me 6 to 7 days to feel anything off pills once off suboxone..methadone dont block nothing to is strong as shit and if your dope not strong u wont feel much..its same as u was on perk 30s for a year and then did a hydro 5mg..see my point

  20. No fog at all you must have had your dose way too high the only people that look like zombies that are on methadone are taking benzos with the methadone. Definitely no zombie effect from Methadone.

  21. Everybody is different but i had a complete different expierience…Not sure if he was on too high of a dose or what…He said he cant remember anything whn he was on methadone like he was a zombie…I am on methadone now 60mg stable fr years and i had the opposite expierence.I was alert all day i could drive i had a steady job where i had to think on my feet.I think Him telling people that they will be a zombie is sooooo misleading Methadone saved my life.Constapation dry mouth craving sweets tooth decay yep those are side effects but if you are honest with your dr and with yourself and dont get too high of a dose You will be ok and alert and by no means a zombie…

  22. Long story short. My identical twin brother and I were both bad heroin addicts. Joined the methadone clinic and the night mare began was on it for 3 yrs until they sent my brother to another clinic an hour away and in route was killed by a bad truck driver my brother was on a motorcycle. Lost my identical twin brother and now I was on my own. We did everything together even shot up at the same time. That close. Now I'm stuck on meth and got nothing. Had a warrant and was dreading turning myself in but , I did at 100mgs. Ps they dont give you your methadone in jail unless your pregnant. So cold Turkey in jail was terrible but i thought of my twin and knew that he'd been clean since he passed away. So i put that in my Head and pushed threw got out 18days later still kicking for about 40days. Right around 4-5 months I started feeling better but needed something to keep me away from the devil. So I turned too working out that was August 5 2017 now its sep 10 2018 so keep your head up it's possible to get this done. My twin passed august 27 2014 took me over 3yrs to get off if I didnt have that warrant I prolly still be on it to this day.

  23. Watch out with the Suboxone l ended up with ulcerative colitis and pulmonary hypertension. and whenever you look on the Suboxone website, it gives you the numbers on the human testing that they have done. of 4,600 people 281 ended up with the pluminary hypertension,and 2 ended up with ulcerative colitis. I guess I was the lucky one to get both of them. I kind of believe it was the naloxone which is the same ingredient that is in Narcan. And now I am back on methadone because I cannot take the Suboxone due to what it's done to me before. But it was a heck of a lot easier to come off of than methadone by far all you do is get the strips and start cutting them down whenever you're ready I got down to where I was cutting a strip literally into 30 pieces as small as I could cut with a pair of scissors and that actually did something everyday and whenever I quit I still went through two weeks of withdrawal I couldn't believe it. So I can only imagine if I would have quit and say 24 mg which is what I was on or 8 mg. It probably would have been just about as bad as methadone..

  24. Suboxone IS the devil. Never ever ever going back on them again. Those chemicals are so powerful and now my brain is so messed up.

  25. What's new, two obsessed coward pussies, how about you say what you mean??? Oh, wait, look at how fake both these guys are. Look at that green jacket, just wreaks of "i'm cool". Please, let's meet, I need help with my addiction, while we are working on that why not go a few rounds? You guys are obviously man enough to "go through withdrawal", so man up and confront 97, don't beat around the bush like a little bitch, even more of a bitch than 97.

  26. Hey guys I'm just doing my detox on methadone and really wanna staŕt coming down what does would you recommend to start coming down

  27. after the physical comes the mental and your mind will fuck you more than a drug dealer right in front of you saying come on you know you want too.

  28. makes me so mad these stupid people put down suboxone or methadone when in reality it is the addict who is the problem if a person is ready Suboxone or methadone will 100% Aid them in their recovery

  29. and the people who are too weak or they do not want to stop are the ones who talk about how bad it is and another thing I was stripped off of my Suboxone from 16 mile mg-20 twice in the last 2 years once last year I went to jail for 10 days and this year about a month ago I did 30 days and both times I felt zero withdraw whatsoever maybe because I knew I couldn't have it I don't know but both times I had zero withdraw and you cannot compare suboxone withdrawal to heroin it is a mental thing

  30. dont ever go on methadone or suboxone when ur actually ready to get clean ull get clean (METHADEMON) soon enough with methadone ull get toxicity , biggest trap

  31. I was detoxed off 20+ years of Methadone, No withdrawals, cravings or relapse. Procedure was done 10 years ago. Addiction is the Symptom not the Cause. Doctor treats under lying Brain disfunction which is the cause of Addiction.

  32. Please answer me……I have been on oxy ir 20 mg for ten years. But i fell into a personal situation and had to come of them, I was NOT READY, I was on them for chronic back and neck pain and now on suboxone 24 mg. a day. I got to be honest to say I liked the high from the oxy. You get NO high or buzz off suboxone, now in a couple of days I got the choice from the doctor to switch to methadone if I want, what do I do. I know everyone is different but I lost on what to do. Does methadone give a buzz or high. If I start methadone doctor said I will be starting at 20mg, is that a lot. I have no idea how this works, but I have to say I'm on suboxone for two months now and yes it really works and I never relapsed once. However I do think about it a lot,I don't know what to do with myself…any ideas or anything to help me decide what to do.. thanks….

  33. Methadone doesn't make me a zombie at all, thank goodness. I'm on 55 mgs. I've been going for 2 and a half years. I also have never felt high on it, even when I first started out on 60 mgs. The Suboxone made me feel very strange and messed with my head. I feel pretty normal on methadone. I'm in the process of knocking down my dose because I don't want to be on it forever. I am worried about withdraw, but I feel a bit better about it after listening to your experience. I think I can deal with that. Even though restless leg syndrome SUCKS!!!

  34. I have to say that methadone and suboxone are horrible. Yes they can get a person off the street sometimes but I can tell you from experience that it usually doesn't. I went to a methadone clinic for 5 years and I did get off heroin but I paid a serious price. Getting off methadone was a thousand times worse than detoxing off heroin. It took YEARS to feel normal again. The PAWS lasted years. And I know people who have been on Suboxone for extended periods of time who went through 30 days at least of absolute torment to detox from this medication. Heroin is nothing compared to these drugs. Opiate addiction has taken up more than half my life by far and I know how it is. I'm just saying this to warn anyone who is trying to get on a maintenance program that if you think heroin withdrawal was hell, just wait until you feel this withdrawal. It almost doesn't even compare. God can deliver you from your addiction. And you don't you won't need to destroy yourself in the process. Methadone is horrible. Much worse than heroin. God bless

  35. Kicked methadone the hard way decades ago. It was a nightmare! These synthetic opioids are much stronger and more addicting than even heroin. Gee, wonder why they never mention that at detox/maintenance clinics? Could it be because they are "for profit" businesses?
    Thinking back, I should have just manned up and kicked my heroin habit cold turkey before ever getting on methadone. I had kicked heroin cold turkey several times before that, and yeah, it's torture, but nothing compared to methadone withdrawal… not even close!
    My advice to those who need one of these synthetic opioids to get off of heroin or whatever opiate, is to only use it to detox and never allow yourself to get on regular maintenance.

  36. I withdrew from methadone around 90mg. In jail when I was in Colorado wher if your homeless is Colorado u get Medicaid and free methadone clinic's and I will never forget about my ass asking to die because of the with drawing and shit… people were wandering if I would die.. it was soo long and just really not good.. at all.. I haven't been on methadone ever since that.. I would chose subutex or suboxone

  37. Wow you guys are awesome paying $600 and sharing 💗 so here's my story I was a semi addict I never really got into heroin but I was doing cocaine and I wanted recovery but the recovery house I started going to said you can only be here if you start methadone well 15 years later im slowly going down on my dose I also save my dose incase I need it🌼you guys inspire me thanks for the video

  38. The priority of a maintenance clinic is taking your money in large amounts(cash only)actually helping you comes second.

  39. I've been on subs a while and alive a d well. I'm 34 and living a good life. I don't steal, lie, or cheat anymore. I don't do anyother drugs. I'm my old self. I understand it's hard to get off but it's easier to taper. I'm still alive and well unlike many around me who stayed on the other crap. For me it's worked mostly well. Everyone is different though. Stay positive people. Peace

  40. I been on subutex for about 4 years, had a relapse and put myself on methadone and that is the worst I ever done, stopped it at 70 and now after only two months I am going down and over to subutex again, this two months been extreme, the methadone have ruin my hormones totally, my thoughts is f…. up, muscles disappearing my fat distribution is more like a women, loosing my hair….stay away, been reading alot and about 20 % experience this shit and its no way to live…..
    EDIT: now successfully gone over to sub, taper from 70 to 50, no prob, 1 week on 50, 2 days on 40, no prob, 1 day at 30 and needed aprx 50 hours to get sick enough to be safe when I took the first 2 mg of sub, YOU REALLY WANNA BE SURE so you don`t get a crash and are trow`n into the worst withdrawal you will ever experience… the last 24 hours was pretty rough but if you been around the block a few times it should not be a problem (and you should if you have started on this medication!)…already notice changes in my body and so glad to get it back, feel like a man again:)

  41. I did both and methadone was the way for me now im at 120 and i go 2 times a month saved my life family and everything

  42. Im terrified to get off..i have such bad memories of heroin abuse and all that comes with it. I am so worried to come off

  43. Doesn't help im with a man who has zero understanding of addiction. I'm thankful for him but also hate it at the same time.

  44. This is great advice. Been on both. Still on one of them and I’m so sick of it. I’ve tried so many ways to make the detox easier, and I have very strong will to get off! I break at about 3 mg of suboxone. It’s a rough detox for either one.

  45. I was on methadone 13 years and now suboxone about 13 years. On the Methadone program I got 30 take homes each month. I was one of the first suboxone patients. I like Suboxone a lot better because it does not have the bad side effects. I functioned great on both driving 18 wheelers accident free. Suboxone is just as hard or harder to kick than Methadone. I would recommend people trying Kratom first. It is a natural herb that acts on your body like opiates but you really don't get high. It is an easy detox from Suboxone using Kratom but was so hard on my stomach I could not handle it. Kratom has worked for lots of people though.

  46. With Methadone you can still dope and get high. I know an old time dope head, that takes two Meth pills before work everyday and then shoots two bags after work every day. With suboxone it has a blocking agent so if the user try’s to get high it’d be like shooting water in their arm.

  47. Hey,

    I will try to switch from heroin to suboxone next Week!
    then i want to taper the subs down to 0 rather quickly within 7 days!
    What sub taper regimen would you suggest?

    As comfort Meds i have lyrica, neurontin, baclofen, Tramadol, tizanidin and Benzos!

    What do you guys think?

  48. 302 bjj….I trained with Bill in the beginning…good stuff fellas…I'm on day7 sub….jump off 1 mg…with 2-doses whitevein kratom 10g morning and night and Gaba 500 2x daily….and doing mph dopamite 1x daily…zero withdrawals after 8 years!

  49. I started methadone treatment today. I went in the clinic with the intention to start suboxone treatment but I did not meet the 24 hr wait criteria of not using before coming in, soafter talking with the doctor I decided to go with methadone treatment instead because I knew if I left that clinic without dosing then I would get a bag of dope and I was able to take the methadone at the time without risk of withdrawal. Do you guys think I made a mistake by going with methadone instead? I was on methadone before and I just remember that quitting cold turkey was the worst week in my life, so I was really hesitant to go back on it again. I think its better than shooting up though. much love.

  50. I’m currently on the methadone program and I hear that it’s worse to get off then getting off of heroine. I’m really worried about that.

  51. Most docs will keep u on subs to pay their overhead. 7-10 days MAX is the longest you should be in them. Otherwise, ur never gonna deal with being totally sober!

  52. I have been on methadone for 2 years I get 90 mg the clinic I am at you get 30 mg to start and then every third day they give you five more until you get to a dose that is your blocking dose.. I get 90 mg and it seems to be a good fit for my body.. before I went into the program I was using one gram of heroin every one to two hours and I started weaning myself off of it so that I did not have to worry about being on an extremely high dose because I had heard like everybody is saying that if you're on an extremely high dose it is hard to get off..the clinic I go to you can get take homes.. every 90 days clean they give you one take home you automatically get Sunday but you have to earn every other one I get sick steak homes after you got sticks take homes total you have to wait one year and after that one year of being on 6 they give you 13 so then you only go twice a month..I live an hour and a half from the methadone clinic that I attend and it is a long ride but it is also a way for me to keep focused on staying clean because I don't want to have to drive up there every day like I used to. I have been clean now for almost 2 years May 13th will be two years since the last time I used..I plan on getting off of methadone I tried to get off in September but my son's father and I are now going through a custody battle in family court (he uses Klonopin and hydrocodone) but tells everybody that I'm a junkie lol I got help anyway and the clinic I go to does not want me to try to go down on my dose because they say if something is going on in your personal life they don't want you to get and a position where you might go in use again because you have a lot of stress going on they don't want you to come down and feel sick and feel like the only way to get off of being sick is to use opiates again so I totally understand where they are coming from..I plan on getting off like I said I've been on it 2years now and it is extremely hard to get off but I hope that I do get to get off of it soon and I don't have to be on it for the rest of my life I plan on doing 1mg a week which will take about two years but still it's better than being on it for the rest of my life if I'm going to be on it anyway I might as well come down a little bit.. this is a great video for anybody that wants to get clean and is considering a medication-assisted recovery program to see what their options are and what the pros and cons of each one are.. the clinic I go to also does Suboxone you go there and you get dosed just like you would if they gave it to you to take home now I don't know anything about suboxone if you take it once a day or once every other day I'm not sure but I do know that there are people there that get dosed at the clinic because they're not yet allowed to take their strips home..I tried Suboxone and it felt like it kicked me right into immediate withdrawal even after not using for 3 or 4 days I've heard from the doctor at the clinic I go to that that can happen sometimes because of the blocker in it it can make you feel really sick like you go into immediate withdrawal.. hopefully I can get off sooner rather than later..thanks for the video very helpful to people considering their options..

  53. Super easy to overdose on methadone if you are trying to get high, while you are just starting the treatment especially. If your provider is giving you a green light to increase your dosage daily during stabilization, be careful. You go from high to die pretty quickly if toxic accumulation occurs. If abused, methadone can be every bit as deadly as street heroin… If not more so. Be careful out there.

  54. I'm in the Methadone Clinic now and I have been in it for a year and a half now and I'm trying to get off, I am at 115 milligrams and I was at 130 milligrams but they only let me go down 5 milligrams every 3 weeks so it's gonna be awhile. I have been through this same shit a few times and I know it sounds stupid but I have always had to withdrawal in jail and that's definitely hard and the last time I was awake for 11 days straight and couldn't eat anything for about 3 – 4 days I believe it was. But anyways I am scared of the withdrawals and everything that comes with it.

  55. I was in methadone for 3 years I have been clan 4 mouths now I have had a lot of issues with my blood pressure is that normal I still don't feel the greatest oh and my stomach how pain ful what causes your stomach to feel that way the highest methadone was 45 MLG TAPPERED DOWN TO 12 MLG THEN JUST STOPPED GOING TO THE CLINIC

  56. Suboxone is better in a couple ways. Subs produce less of a high, and won't Zombify you. Subs also work kind of like an Anti-Depressant.. pushing the addict towards productivity. I notice more Suboxone users get a job and hold it down, where Methadone users tend to use other drugs once their opiate cravings are subsided. This might be due to the environment around the clinics, and how methadone forces all the addicts come daily. Withdrawal is worse on subs though believe it or not. Kicking Subs is harder. Even 1MG will cover all receptors.

    Kicking Subs is no Joke though. Bupe binds to the receptors stronger than any opiate on Earth. Not even Narcan can effect Bupe's hold. Coming off Suboxone is really hard. It's a give and take. Suboxone is better in some ways but don't think you're getting off easy. For someone who is driven to get Sober I'd say go do a 120 day Methadone detox and start no higher than 50mg. For a friend who's life is in shambles and doesn't really have the drive I'd recommend Suboxone because that might put himher in a headspace where they see a reason to live and get better.

  57. One thing tht needs to be pointed out is, how much u can comfortably tapper of while on methadone, tapering down 1 mg per week when you taking 80,90,100mgs of methadone is is too low, you can tapper down more comfortably without hitting withdrawal , my max dose was 90 and some. Time. Ago I decided to get of it and I tapper down 5mg ever 2 weeks very comfortably no withdrawal what so ever right now at 40 and I plan to keep going , the only time u should be tapering down with 1s is when you are under 10mg,, goodluck to everyone trying to get of it and comeon guys it's not as hard as we make it sometimes, our mind is very powerfull. If you tell It you can't do it, that's what's gonna happen, so beleive in yourselves guys, congratulations to everyone who has finally gotten of it and to the ones who are on the path of getting of

  58. The methadone clinic where i started at,starts everyone at 20 mils unless you are coming off of Fentanyl than & only then will they start you at 30 mils.I went on methadone coming off of 8-10 8mg dillies a day & they started me on 20 mils & felt good on that & 3 days later they put me up at 25 mils & could have stayed there & would have been fine,me being an addict though kept going until i hit 55 mils & stopped moving up at that dose.Methadone has got the longest half life of any opioids & truly believe no one needs to go past 100 mils.I met a person one time who was on methadone for addiction & pain as am I & he was on 525 mils the highest dose i have ever seen anyone on & I believe way to high a dose for anyone.This guy would nod off as he was talking to you.I have been on methadone for 18 years & clean from all other opioids in that time & i have always stayed between 30mils-60 mils.In the time i have been on methadone I have quit smoking & drinking.Who ever said quiting smoking is harder than getting off Heroin is full of shit.


  60. I couldn’t get off Methadone after 4 years so I switched to suboxin went to 12 mg then went down 5 mg then 2 then took my last dose yesterday,so today is the first day off everything and it’s kinda scary but ya give me hope so ty

  61. I am from the United States of America and I have been living in Australia for 9 years and I have Panic Disorder. Doctors here as in the States say that this Disorder is a metabolic disease. Now I have been 10 Days and Counting in a Brisbane Hospital getting off Suboxone and I am 66 years old. Going through drug withdrawal and it is Sheer Hell. I see these guys here are from Crossfit. My Daughter owns one in Park City Utah.

  62. Yep, I know all about the methadone bullshit!!! That shit is poison. Methadone takes addiction to a new level. Suboxone works for me, so far anyway.

  63. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THESE VIDEOS. I'm contemplating trying to switch from methadone to suboxone using the Bernice method but I'll only have a year of coverage and here in Canada it's pretty pricey and we don't have the strips where I am. It's been 4 years of this shit and I just want to feel normal again. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to just cold turkey it.

  64. What I don’t get and can’t figure out is why methadone pills and far better to take than the liquid. I was on the pills for 3 years 30mg a day. I could go a couple days before withdrawal set in. I then had to go to a clinic and got the liquid and it is way different. I would start to get sick immediately around the 22-23 hour mark before I could take my next dose. I really believe the liquid is made different or weaker to keep you coming back compared to the pills. I took myself off and it’s been a month now. I still can’t sleep normal but the other symptoms have for the most part dissipated.

  65. And I’m only 20 years old yesterday was my first day on 1 mg of methadone of tapering off of it the highest I ever was at was 76 mg and for people who do not know there are things that your doctor can I tell you like micro dosing it’s not for everybody it wasn’t for me but I know a lot of people that it is doing a lot of good and I’m happy Channel really does help people in their recovery I was almost on methadone for two years I started when I was 18 and now I am 20 and I knew longer I’m on it the better chance I will not be able to get off of it I promised myself after I got off probation and got my life fixed I will get off methadone for life as long as I’m away from all of the negativity’s and my old friend zone

  66. It's super dangerous to take your personal experience and then generalize it to everybody else. MAT saves lives and there are people who take methadone for years or decades without the cognitive impairment you described. Some people simply cannot tolerate buprenorphine. Others find it doesn't reduce their cravings. Ideally, treatment centers would offer all three FDA approved treatments (suboxone, methadone, vivitrol) and tailor that to the needs of diverse individuals with varying needs. Additionally, we need research into new drug and non-drug therapies for OUD. Finally, MAT needs to become more accessible and affordable as few people with OUD actually receive treatment.

  67. I’m nearly 5 months on buprenorphine , try to do it on methadone unsuccessfully. It’s bad that they give us addicts the option to take opiates still when we want to be drug free

  68. I dropped from 87 daily to 40 daily in 4 months, then switched to suboxone, it was hell! I was dropping 5 mg a week at first then leveled off at 60 cuz I was hurtin then started dropping 5 every week again! Then had to go into a moderate withdrawal to switch to subs so basically ive been withdrawaling for the last 5-6 months, all to keep my career, you have to have something very meaningful to you at the end of the tunnel or your not going to put yourself through that! Mind plays tricks on you cuz your body feels like it's dying! But I made it through and feel alot more alert, energetic and less depressed compared to methadone, methadone changes your personality I found, it numbs your senses, i.e. it's kind of like taking the volume from 10 and turning it down to 3-4. So it takes extreme situations to get your blood going, if that makes sense…subs are better than metadone in the long run. Hope you all can manage to get your lives back and enjoy all the hardwork and hard things you have put yourself through already…✌️✌️🤙💪👍💯💯💯

  69. I was on methadone for 6 years in order to get off I went through a rapid detox I wish now.i never went to methadone and just detoxed cold turkey I'm 10 days clean and the post acute withdraw is terrible god I hope this is over quick…..

  70. See u r from Delaware!!! I'm from de myself, but now live in SC. Moved here to get away from heroin! I'm on methadone and it's been a life saver.i did suboxone in Delaware but it wasn't for me. Methadone works best for me.

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