Successful Millionaire Spills All: Do Smart Drugs Really Work?

Successful Millionaire Spills All: Do Smart Drugs Really Work?

And one thing I want to ask you about also in addition to Burning Man you’re kind of known as I think “conscious body hacker”. Is that the way it’s been phrased? My quest with that started several years ago when I really got curious about the quantified self and that’s sort of tracking your bio signals. Those types of aspects for fitness or for health. Right. You know wellness. And then soon that went from trying to optimize and hack the physical body to also “Well what can I do to hack my mental state or my emotions?” And now it’s almost like what about my inner health my – My spirit if you will. Are those “hackable” or “quantifiable” as well? And that leads into things like consciousness hacking or transformative technologies which has been a real big self growth journey in the last few years me. Cool. Are there any like… can you list any of the smart drugs you’ve done and like what your experience has been like? I picture literally like the Bradley Cooper “Limitless”, like I want that pill or C-42 or whatever they called it. But yeah – what’s it…Can you just describe what’s it like? So that movie Limitless, I believe it is based somewhat off of Provigil. Right. Provigil is kind of like Adderall or one of these um, smart drugs that that is there for focus Ritalin etc. Interestingly a lot of graduate students a lot of people use those drugs now to try to sustain focus or when they have to jam an all nighter or what not. I’ve tried some of this before. For example if you have a red eye to New York and you’re just on for like an 8am board meeting or something. You know those can help. And there’s times you might try something like Provigil and you’ll feel like every neuron is firing and you can see the pixels of every word in the document. Like when you put on glasses kind of. Right. Exactly. Things look great. I do wonder what the downside is you know some people say “oh there is no downside”. I just don’t believe that. I don’t think there’s ever a free lunch with things. I have tried some of the other Nootropic supplements. Everything from Alyssian to wow there’s so many out there.. Nootrobox. And it is there is there like a general.. Like you described some that are for focus Are Nootropics like specific to a certain type of cognitive benefit or? There are several that are supposed be for different areas whether it’s working memory or focus or attention or whatnot. I think the research is still out there so it’s kind of a gray area. Much of it is in the hacker experimental world right now. And some of these things are pretty aggressive like the Racetam stacks and whatnot and folks like Tim Ferriss and others were early – Dave Asprey – were very early on reading about that. Interestingly I’ve actually started using less of that because as I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of body mind etcetera hacking they keep leading back to the same four or five behaviors which are really just: Get good sleep. Don’t pack your sleep. Get your good seven to eight hours. Pick up meditation. Manage your stress and anxiety with mindfulness and presence and gratitude. You know eat clean. Eat healthy. Mediterranean diet, paleo, Keto whatever you want to do. Incorporate some fasting into that. You know have a strong sense of community, friendship relationships etc. Um know move and pick up yoga or strength training. And between those five or six behaviors it kind of takes care of everything else. What I found actually, if you do these five or six good behaviors regularly your body knows what to do. If you try to jam it with additional hyper antioxidants all these other things you might be hurting yourself more. It’s kind of like testosterone therapy. Once you start taking testosterone as a man it’s sort of like telling your testicles don’t make any more you don’t need to. and they’ll “Say okay I give up”. It’s like the Warren Buffett investing approach. No one wants to do that it’s too boring. It’s like just stop trying to like time to market everyone’s wants to get rich quick or wanna hack their body and you’re like you know that’s I think that’s why people do hacking is like I want to go out and party I don’t want to sleep I want to study what’s the quick way? I think..I think you’ve nailed it. It’s taken me almost 46 years to realize this but the work is there for a reason. We all love hacks in Silicon Valley. I think we are seeking shortcuts. The “Three steps”! The “Lean method”! The this or that but the truth is those are ways to avoid doing the work. I mean yes you can probably cut out some unnecessary waste or you know kind of accelerate some things but the truth of it as an example even in meditation any method or framework or whatnot. Those are prescriptions. Prescriptions actually are not the thing itself. The method is no method and the only way to get there is you sink in the time and you do the work and you’ve figured out yourself no one can ever show you the way you walk it for yourself. So for the record there’s no nootropics or smart drugs that you’d say you’ve got to try this. This is like crazy. Now it’s a very short list of some of the ones that have some good science behind it and I’ll take some of those like Bacopa Monnieri And some like that’s one example of one nootropic for, for working memory it’s not quite as aggressive as some of the stacks of the other things. But it is worth doing the homework to look at the science look at the evidence of whatever it is in many of these because sometimes some of these nootropics jam every possible thing they can including some questionable ingredients.

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