Sugar Addiction: The Most Socially Acceptable Drug of Choice

Sugar Addiction: The Most Socially Acceptable Drug of Choice

– Are you completely a food addict? Is food your drug? – Food is easily my drug. I mean, I may not, you know, have to illegally get it and that’s what makes it so
hard, is food’s not illegal. I can go out to the store and, you know, buy a pack of candy bars and a bag of donuts and walk back home like it, or drive back home like it was nothing. – It’s the most socially
acceptable drug of choice. – Isn’t it almost, I’m glad you brought up
that word again, addiction, because we’ve been doing
a series on the show, The United States of Addiction, and this is about people
addicted to opiates, but they say the same thing that you said. You said how much you love
your wife and she’s your rock, how much you love your family, and yet much like an opiate, will choose opiates over their family. You choose food over life and family. I think it’s important, right now, just like an opiate may
need their heroin fix, the amount of food that
you consume in a day, I want to go through this so that you can objectively,
on the stage right now, think about this. So on a given day, you acknowledge 20 to 35 pizza bites, a one family-sized pack of cookies, donut, eight to 12 frozen burritos, one quart of ice cream, one family-sized bag of mini candy bars, 25 to 35 chicken nuggets, 13 chili dogs, up to four tubs of frosting. In totality, that’s, in the food category alone, that’s over 20,000 calories, over 1,250 grams of sugar. But that’s not the entire story here. Every day, you drink about eight 44 ounce cups of sweet tea. You’re having 25 times the recommended amount of sugar in just sugary drinks alone. You are getting over 3,000 calories a day just from the sweet tea you drink, which is more calories than
someone is supposed to eat in a given day.


  1. Sugar is a drug. Trust me I was overweight. Luckily I could get rid of it by myself. From 120 kg to 75 kg. I did quit sugar for the most part. This and riding my bike helped me to lose my obesity. Try to live without candies and retail sugar for a month. I promise you're going to feel it! 1. It's the best healthiest diet you can do. 2. You're going to feel much better after two weeks.

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