Super Cafe: Batman GO

Super Cafe: Batman GO

Oh Look! You’ve got a Bulbasaur on your shoulder! Ugh… Are you playing that stupid game? Hey Bulbasaur! How’s about you… Get in this Poké Ball?! Yes! Got’em. Oh wait! He broke out. Dangit. Give him some berries. Now… Get in that Poké Ball! Get in that Poké Ball! Get in THAT Poké Ball! I can’t believe this. Get in THAT Poké Ball! Get in THAT Poké Ball! Dang it! Get in THAT Poké Ball! Got’em! wow. Hold on for just a little longer and… YES! Got’em. Oh thank goodness. Ha Ha! I shall name you Bulba Fett. You’re so old. You are! Otherwise you’d be playing this game. Why would I want to play that? Because it’s FUN! And it’s free! You get to go all around the city and catch these little monsters! You never know what you’ll find! I already do that! Every Night! You play pokémon every night? NO! I go all over the city hunting monsters. Except mine aren’t’ fuzzy little cartoon animals. They aren’t ALL fuzy. Mine are actual evil criminals. Some of them are really weird. That are a danger to society. My problem is I am too fast for this game. I can’t ever get my eggs to hatch! I mean if the game keeps thinking I’m driving at fast speeds, what am I supposed to do? I’m sorry I fly too fast to hatch your eggs, Pokemon! *sigh* It’s so frustrating. Do you even hear yourself? You should join! We could be on the same team! I’m Team Valor, because of strength and you know the red cape. Aaah who am I kidding? You’d probably be Team Mystic wouldn’t you? Why do you always gotta be different? Because I’m Batman! Dang it! I knew you’d say that! I’m just… Getting slow? No! Someone’s attacking my gym here at the cafe. Come on! Defend it! AAAGH! I lost to someone on Team Instinct! Oh that’s… SO sad. It IS! I mean who picks the yellow team? Right? Hey! Thanks for the gym, Kal! Dang it! Diana. Well, you enjoy your kids game. It’s really fun! You should get it. I told you. Already got my own. Batman GO. Check it out. It says a Boomerang is robbing a bank nearby. If I hurry, I can catch him. Put the money in the bag Sheila! I haven’t got all day! I ran out of Pokeballs again, and I’m not gonna pay for new ones! Looks like you forgot to stay aware of your surroundings. Speaking of which… Hey. What’s up? I’m Batman. You wanna know my… whup! Hold on one second. *beep* Joker. Gotta catch ’em all. Looks like you forgot to stay aware of your furoun… Furoundings. Furoundings! What’s a furounding?!


    I’ve always ignored Pokémon go. That’s what I do. Ignore the really popular stuff.

  2. 🎶Because i am
    Who has no powers!
    Who scared of snake crowns
    Who addicted to caffeine
    Who plays batman go

  3. Heyyyyy…..wanna know my….
    Oh! Wait a second… lemme just uhh
    JOKER! He’s robbing a bank……….
    Gotta Catch ‘Em All….

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