Super Mario Run demo at the Apple Store on an iPad Pro! | iJustine

Super Mario Run demo at the Apple Store on an iPad Pro! | iJustine

Hey guys, what’s up? So, I’m so excited because they have demos of Super Mario Run at the Apple Store so i’m going to go in here and i’m gonna give it a try the game doesn’t come out until december 15 so really, the only way to play it is to go play at the Apple Store! so, let’s go! here it is Super Mario Run! Oh buddy! Tap to begin, alright. -[Jenna] Are you excited? Oh, i’m so excited *mario sounds* OK, it’s easier with your finger I feel like that takes away from the experience Yeah it does Ok, let’s restart that Shoot! -[Jenna] *laughing* -[iJ] I wasn’t ready
-[Jenna] It was a good idea in theory -[Jenna] What are your initial thoughts? So I think it’s pretty cool I know this is one of those games your probably just gonna keep playing over and over and over and over and over again Alright, I’m gonna go back to this beginning one since the trial doesn’t really let you do much but I’m gonna try to get all the pink stars Coins, pink coins Starting pretty good Oh no! We got three pink coins No, I missed- Ok guys who did it. We got all the pink coins. I’m feeling quite, quite completed Oh no! Now it turns to purple ones? Oh God! So now I gotta find all of the purple coins I’ve been looking but, it gets so much more difficult as you progress So, as you see, the level has now changed and the purple coin is- Oh shoot! See I miss it already Retry Yes, purple coin Like, look how hard this one is No no no no no I only need one more No! Where did it, oh my God, and I just died! Well, where the heck could that purple one be? It’s taking me back as far as I want I don’t even know where it’s at Well you guys get the point That was Super Mario Run They have it here as a demo at the Apple Store and it’s actually really fun I thought it was gonna be kinda basic which, yes, it is basic but it was getting super addicting because every time you collect all of the same color coins You then carry on and it brings you to another level where it gets more difficult to collect the next color I’m not really sure how many of those there are but, man (Rudolph the red nose Reindeer plays in background) Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight Let me know what you guys think of the game and I will see you in my next video So sorry I haven’t been posting much I have been so sick the past couple of days that basically I’ve only been playing mobile games So if you guys have any suggestions for games I could play leave me some down in the comments below they can also be android games because now I’ve got a Pixel phone so, I’ll see you guys later mistakes were made… I screwed up What’d you get under the tree? Nothing! box of coal Gosh I love holidays Do you like Rosalina? Do you want her to be your mom? Does she look like your mom? Does she look like your mom?


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  8. Wait…Justine is a lefty 😱 I never knew! I'm left handed too and we both LOVE apple ❤maybe we have stuff in common 😏😂

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  10. I am glad this game bombed. shows how inept the people are on app store calling themselves gamers, Nintendo sort of delivers with half ass gameplay, and thinks 10 bucks is too expensive!

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  13. I enjoy watching your video ijustine great showing gadget and i'm very excited about the gadget apple product. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😀

  14. Love the ipad pro, unfortunately not into games. Unless i give it a try myself, but i have never been into games, i think it's more for the guys. I know females can play them too, but being a female, i don't see the excitement.

  15. What super Mario run actually does is do it for you it runs for u I tried not playing it with my fingers and it ran for me

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