Super Princess Peach: Peach’s Solo Game!  – Trailer Drake

Super Princess Peach: Peach’s Solo Game! – Trailer Drake

Princess Peach has always been a damsel in
distress. I mean yeah, you got to play as her in Super Mario Brothers 2, but let’s
be honest, that probably wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t already a lady in Doki Doki
Panic. I mean heck, people were complimenting the
nice change of pace that Super Mario 3D World gave us by making her a playable character
again, but why does nobody seem to remember that our dear Princess Toadstool actually
had an adventure of her own? Super Princess Peach. This is a game that plenty of people KNOW
about, but I have a hard time finding anybody who’s actually played it and I’m a bit
curious as to why. The sprites are really well done, some of the music is pretty catchy,
and oh. Okay, yeah that’ll do it. For the three of you that are out of the loop,
this game’s unique game mechanic is that Peach’s various mood swings give her different
powers. So let’s address the elephant in the room. Is it sexist? Yeah, pretty much.
Are we gonna dwell on it? No. When she’s happy, Peach forms tornadoes
and can fly. When she’s angry, she lights things on fire. Her tears extinguish flames
and let her run faster and finally being calm restores her health. Oddly enough, the game
seems to imply that Peach has ALWAYS had these powers so… why exactly she’s never used
them before and hasn’t since? Besides, why is she even on a mission and
to quote my Cookie Clicker video, where are the boys? I mean Peach is content to just
sit around the castle, get kidnapped, and bake cakes so what’s the the dealy-o? Bowser
built a summer home on a new land called Vibe Island where he finds the magical Vibe Scepter
that lets emotions run wild as most uh… Vibe Scepters do… so he sends his troops
to Peach’s Castle… Since the princess was out for a walk at that particular moment,
the Koopa Army instead captures Mario, Luigi, and a plethora of Toads with only Peach to
save them… With a magical talking umbrella that Toadsworth conveniently bought for her…
I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed out on that explanation because while the plot
is being dumped, you’re also asked to play a mini-game at the exact same time. See, this game really tries to shoehorn in
touch screen controls, but it’s really not that bad when compared to some other DS titles.
Regardless, you’re going to be playing a pointless touch screen mini-game at least
once per world. Outside of Peach’s emotions though, her
new umbrella is the game’s other unique game mechanic. Meet Perry the Parasol, a little boy who was
turned into a talking umbrella. That can also turn into a submarine… Okay. Perry brings
more to the table than the umbrellas from Kingsman. Not only are you able to buy upgrades
for him to unlock new moves, but he can also be used to pick up enemies AND items to be
flung. Oh and he can also EAT BAD GUYS to refill your special meter. Forget Eevee, Perry the Parasol is the world’s
most dangerous carnivore! Can an Eevee turn into a submarine? No! No it can’t. Honestly, I’m shocked that Perry hasn’t
made a return appearance. He would add a little something unique to Peach’s ensemble and
has some moves that would be pretty awesome in Smash. Come on, are you seriously telling
me that you wouldn’t want Peach firing energy blasts from her parasol like the freaking
Penguin! Honestly, I just like working those pop culture references in so that my editor
can have some fun in Photoshop. Love you, Sean. Aaaaaand yeah, you embark on a pretty straightforward
platforming game. Beating up the bad guys, collecting coins, solving puzzles, buying
power ups, and finding collectables. You have your grassy level, a forest level,
a spooky ghost level, a volcano level, a beach level, an ice level, a sky level, and a big
bad final level. Just like pretty much every other Mario game. I mean come on guys, let’s
not try to break TOO much of the status quo here! Honestly, the game itself isn’t really that
difficult or challenging and not even in the Kirby sense where it’s easy to get through
the levels, but finding every little collectable is hard. In fact, in order to get the best
ranking on a stage, all you have to do is rescue the level’s three captive Toads and
they’re usually in pretty obvious places. The bosses are really nothing to write home
about with some being too easy or some being just… plain stupid. Sure, the three part
final fight against Bowser was alright, but really? So what’s your reward for making Peach go
through more mood swings than Tommy Wiseau AND successfully navigating the relatively
average eight hour completion time? This! The ending of this game is pretty infamous.
Stating that someone might be using the lost Vibe Scepter right now. Has your mom been
laughing happily a lot? Maybe the Vibe Scepter is hidden inside your house somewhere. Jesus.
I thought people were just making immature jokes about the Vibe Scepter being a vibrator,
but the game pretty much confirms it. I… really can’t think of an ending that
can top that so… This.


  1. I think she gets her "emotions powers" like a lot of enemies in this game because of the staff shown at the beginning…
    That was a great idea too: the angry boos that come at you when you look at them and stop when you don't, the crying goombas that run at you and hurt themselves on the walls…

  2. I always did enjoy this game…….aaaaaaand perry's story may or may not have caused me to get sad the first time I played through the game
    Yes, it is a bit easy, but it still should be played for the "laughs"

  3. Funny how about 80% of these comments are trying desperately to explain away an argument that took up 5% of the video.

  4. Awesome vid, but if this game is sexist for using peach's mood swings then any later GTA or ride to hell retribution is sexist

  5. Is it really right to consider the 4 Vibes to be Peach's "Mood Swings"? If anything Peach is shown to have great emotional control. She's the only one in the Mushroom Kingdom who was able to control all of her emotions at will.

    Also I've played Super Princess Peach and it was a really fun game and I wish it had a sequel since Perry the Parasol's story ended without really giving him an ending.

  6. Peach was also playable in Super paper mario, Mario rpg… Smash bros.
    Though I always been curious to check this game.

  7. Ive played and finished this and is truely is up there with a mario game and is better then any SONIC game since S3&K – PMS Power rocks :P…….

  8. Tons of people who review this game makes fun of Peach using her emotions and the vibe scepture joke. We get it! I expected your review to be more original and mature, but nah.

  9. ughhhhh why do everyone just keeps saying this game is sexist, that´s like saying Ocarina of Time is racist because of the Gerudo

  10. Wait! Wait! Wait! A Super Princess Peach review that wasn't just bitching about the sexism?! You're are truly amazing Drake.

  11. I remember quite enoying this game. It also got me interested in Starfy!  As for Peach's magic emotions, I was under the impression that power was the result of being in range of the Vibe Scepter's magic–the same reason the baddies had emotion-based powers. Peach was just better at controlling her own emotions than any of her enemies.

  12. Drake, I'm pretty sure the game actually didn't get played because people who judge books by their covers thought "who likes Princess Peach? I don't wanna play as her. First Luigi's Mansion now they're giving everyone a game. (shoutout to Captain Toad) What's next a gane where you play as Birdo?

  13. I love this game. It remids me of a mix of Mario World and Paper Mario. (Only some of the enemy designs. Not the mechanics).

  14. I would love if there's a sequel to the game. With Daisy as a second playable character with different emotions than peach. The first game is underappreciated, like yoshi island.

  15. I wouldn't called this game sexist. I find the emotional power idea pretty interesting, in fact I feel that Peach should actually keep these abilities. It makes her a more interesting character and what change up her gameplay.

    ask yourself this
    If Mario had a magical talking hat that eat enemies and grants him powers depending on his emotion, people will love that idea. But since it's a woman with that ability its sexist, I'm calling double standard on this one.

  16. I remember when I was younger and I reached the ending. I remember asking my mom if we had a "Vibe Scepter"… She gave me the weirdest expression because obviously she thought I meant vibrator but then I showed her the ending and well… I was very young like… 8? Yeah she got rid of the game.

  17. Good review Drake. I played this game myself and I thought it was pretty fun. I tend to view this game as a tie-in with the "Mario & Luigi" universe, seeing as how the game used some of the same sprites from "M&L: Superstar Saga". However, I never thought about the ending that way until other reviewers put it in a suggestive light. Not to mention, I didn't think that Peach's emotion-based powers were mood swings so much as they were simply the effects that Vibe Island had on the characters.

  18. Also, when she cries, you can grow plants! I was one of the few who played this game. Loved it, and saw the ending. I was only 6 at the time, and didn't understand. You ruined my childhood…

  19. i think the part where you said can evee turn into a submarine? no and there was a pic with vaporeon saying actually…

  20. Wait! Would mario, luigi, and the toads be screwed if toadsworth got a normal umbrella, or worse… none at all?

  21. If this game is sexist because of stereotyping women as emotional by having Peach getting powers based on emotions, then guess what, most games are sexist for having men as the villains which perpetuate the stereotype that all men are dangerous and violent.

  22. I really don't know what to say…
    the game seems fun and interesting, despite it being easier than Kirby, and it looks great! I don't know why it's so underrated.

  23. I think the reason this game is considered sexist is because of how easy it is, yes, Peach's emotions bring new elements to the table, but they're so game-breaking it's not even fun. Mario and Luigi can't afford to get hit more than twice depending on the power up they have, but Peach not only has a health meter, a parasol with multiple attacks, various emotion-based attacks that drain little magic and she can still upgrade everything?! Even if they didn't have a female demographic in mind this game doesn't even feature a challenge worth remebembering and this was the first (if not only) time where the roles are reversed and Peach must save Mario instead. It could have been memorable, but it just came out as an uninteresting experiment with touch screen and Perry's character rather than Peach's.

  24. Drake I was wondering if you could do a comic drake episode about static shock he seems like a underrated superhero even though his powers are awesome

  25. I bought this game many years ago, and played a few levels. Then I picked it up a few months later and played it through 100%. Sure there are 3 toads in each level, but there are also a bunch of puzzle pieces you can look for throughout the world. For what it's worth this game was satisfying.

  26. I played that game. I didn't think anything was wrong with it. It was an interesting twist. I enjoyed it. There must be something wrong with me. I'm not offended by Peach having mood swings. 😀

  27. your completely right about this I played the game myself Marios expression was da fuck and it's like basically dealing with a girl on a period

  28. Why do people say she uses the power of mood swings but don't count the fact that Every enemy in the game including bosses and yes even Bowser was using them Peach's rescue mission was on an island that was powered by the oddly named Vibe Scepter, That controls people's emotion, As a matter of fact, Peach is the only one not only unaffected by it, but she can tap into it's power, if you look at the game she has a magic meter for it, when it runs out she can't use the emotion power, she has to recharge, so at the base level the scepter's magic doesn't work on her, Or she has really good emotional control.

  29. 1:57 I spy with my little eye a potential fellow HM fan. (hey, at least Ds isn't as bad as… shiver sunshine islands…)

  30. Why is it sexists,why does a character trait of 1 character have to represent every woman in the world? I mean, saying "Women have extreme mood swings",which is a sexist statement, and making one character, who is female have extreme mood swings are 2 different things, even if the idea was got from the original sexist statement, there is nothing to show that Peach represents all women, characters can flaws, just real people, saying that women have extreme mood swings, is sexist,but that doesn't mean that no woman(or man) who has ever walked the earth has ever been like that.It's like saying that CJ from GTA San Andreas,being a criminal and black is racist.Of course, the problem comes when too many people use it, and it becomes too cliche, but, you have creative freedom, just because someone before made it cliche, doesn't mean it will be sexist if you use it(or he), unless it's implying(or even worse being blunt) that ALL people of certain sex are like that.

  31. A few years back I was a at gamestop looking to purchase a used game. Among the games was this one, and I didn't buy it simply because the name sort of turn me away from it, if you know what I mean. I probably wouldn't of liked it anyway because the I actually don't like the sound of the mechanics. I don't know why but the game really has never been interesting to me

  32. ''super princess peach'' i thought was girl's turn to rescue the boys and i thkought that nowadays! people would find it kinda boring to always play the guys rescuing the girl! there are also rumors that peach's emotions are considered P.M.S. ! ! ! ! !

  33. always loved this game. when it came out, i was actually excited to play as someone other than Mario for once. PS.Tommy Wiseau reference = win,

  34. This game being coined as sexist is probably the most laughable thing I've ever heard
    Do you want peach to be her own character with her own adventures or not?
    Peach's powers from her emotions come from the power the vibe scepter gives when used by Bowser, not to mention she isn't the only one who is influenced by interchangeable emotions, Bowser, the hammer Bro boss, basically all the bosses, the enemies, the toads, Bowser's minions in the cutscenes, etc.
    Even if people weren't digging this deep to find a problem, what the fucking problem? Are we not allowed to make jokes like that? Humour is subjective, you don't need to enjoy it to stop being sensitive.

    I played this tons as a kid, I was never exactly a super girly girl, but I was never a huge tomboy either, I idolised peach, my little ponies, etc, and I played with my dad's toy cars, and action figures, I know that as a kid, I saw this game as a whole new level of characterisation for Peach, I could make my own adventures based upon my experiences with this game, because it gave me a reason to think to look up to her

    To me, completely rejecting everything the game actually is, despite it being undoubtedly catered towards very young females, the game has a complex level design, and Perry's story is something that many who played the game were immersed in, I find the game to be almost on par with its repeatability, exploration for items and extras, etc as super mario world, but the difficulty is definitely toned down.

    I understand thinking the plot is rushed, the princess peach segment of the story does seem rather rushed, but in all honesty, calling it sexist is kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to be offended by

    Like I said, one moment, you want peach to be independent, the next, you don't

  35. It so is yoshi's island though, i mean the art style is similar and the enemies that appear are from yoshi's island. I could go on but I think you get the point.

  36. This loser tried to belittle this game in every way he could, I never wanted to punch somebody as much as this idiot

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