Super Simple Way to Pack Games for Traveling

Super Simple Way to Pack Games for Traveling

Hey! So guess what! I’m going on a trip! I
gotta pack my undershirts, my shirts, my pants, and shorts. My games. And uh, more games.
So we are all packed and ready to go. It was a five day trip, where
we saw 6 states, and uh, drove 2700 miles about. So it was very busy, and unfortunately,
I never had a chance to even pull my games out of my bag. So, I’m going to show you how
I packed all of those games into this bag right now. Alright, so for some of you, this
might be really obvious, and I’m sure tons of you have already done this, but there might
be a few of you who haven’t, and so, this is what we did. Right now you’re probably
thinking “Wait a second, that wasn’t one of the games he packed.” You’re right! It wasn’t.
This is a spare box that I have, because when I got my copy of War of the Ring, it had this
huge tear in the box. And so I actually emailed the publisher and they sent me a brand new
box for free. This is my old one, so this was a spare empty box that I had that was
nice and big. And so, I jam-packed as many other games as I could in here. And so as
you can see, I’ve got Flick Em Up. I’ve got some pieces for Castle Panic. Betrayal at
House on the Hill. More Flick Em Up. King of Tokyo. And so what I do here is I put everything
into little, individual baggies, and then I’ll usually get one larger bag to fit all
of those smaller bags. So I’m pretty sure this is everything for King of Tokyo. And
uh, you don’t need the big box for it, ’cause you can make it nice and compact and fit it
in a larger box. So, that’s basically it! Um, like, subscribe, share! You know the drill!
Alright, we’ll see you guys next time!

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  1. Darn, neither my War of the Rings or Battle of the Five Armies boxes have holes in them.. Looks like I'll have to keep buying large-boxed games until I receive one with significant damage!

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