Surrogate Mother Is Addicted To Having Babies

Surrogate Mother Is Addicted To Having Babies

COMM: Meet Tara Sawyer, the mum who’s addicted to having babies. 00:09
Tara: As soon as we got the first pregnancy test that came through positive, I knew I
was hooked. 00:13
COMM: The 37-year-old has had four children of her own, but she didn’t want to stop there. 00:20
COMM: Now Tara is a surrogate mum and said she’ll have babies until her body can’t take
it anymore. 00:25
Tara: I don’t think I’m going to stop being a surrogate for a long time. I think it’s
something that I’ve now got attached to. 00:34
COMM: Today, Tara, from Cambridgeshire, has had three babies for couples who have been
unable to conceive. 00:41
COMM: As a surrogate, she can’t be paid, but Tara, who was adopted as a child, is simply
doing it to help those who haven’t been as lucky as her. 00:51
Tara: I’ve just always loved having the big belly and having people queuing over the precious
little gift inside and being really, really healthy. 01:00
COMM: And she says her body has never been in such good shape. 01:04
Tara: The pregnancy to me is the healthiest part of my life. You get nine months where
you’re committed to being healthy. 01:11
Tara: My body is better now than it was when I was in my late twenties. 01:16
COMM: Tara has the full support of her family, including husband, Matt. 01:20
Matt: It’s made us stronger as a couple, Tara herself is adopted and we talked about it
a lot and she just said that she’d like to give something back to the parents that can’t
have children like her mum and dad couldn’t have children. 01:32
Matt: I’m behind her 100 percent on that. 01:34
COMM: When the nine months is up, Tara says she has no problem parting with the baby. 01:40
Tara: I wouldn’t see this as ever handing a baby over, this is handing a baby back. 01:45
Tara: I’ve babysat that baby for nine months and it’s the best part. 01:49
COMM: Today, only four months after giving birth, she’s already talking about the next
pregnancy. 01:56
Tara: I want to help so many people so It’s something that I’m going to carry on doing
for as long as I can.


  1. I hope to be a surrogate someday, after I'm done having babies of my own. Being pregnant is so wonderful and helping people is what I'm made to do. 🙂

  2. are u freakin kidding me giving it back honestly, think about the child later on in its life what if it is corious to find u !!!!!! what if its bad and goes into depression and your like nope dont care what so ever i would confront my mom emedently

  3. It's so beautiful of her to help people like that. I guess they don't pay for surrogacy in Britain. You're supposed to make a lot for it here. I don't think it'd be any less commendable if she got paid for it. It's understandable for her to enjoy the positive points of pregnancy and if it doesn't interfere with her happiness and well being, and she gets to help people bring their children into the world there isn't any harm.

  4. surrogacy is the most selfless thing a women can do. and I can't imaging how forfilling this must be. I always wanted to be a surrogate. but my history of having preemies has taking me off the list.

  5. I don't understand why some people don't adopt f they can't conceive. Like what is so wrong with it? We have enough of a population as it is.

  6. I see this as my life! Just had my
    Third. Husband says we only get one more baby 😭.
    Same story I was adopted because my parents couldn't have kids after years and years or trying.
    And I've been blessed with easy pregnancy even easier births takes me days to heal up and feel great after.
    I get where she coming from. I want to do the same. I want to give other people the gift I was given. I feel selfish because I was given the ability to have babies like no tomorrow.

  7. she might carry the child but its not hers biologically it belong 2 the couple they use the embryo n the husband sperm n put it together n they put it inside the women who would carry the child since the wife cant carry a baby at all thats called a surrogate mother

  8. At first I thought she was crazy, but what she does is actually amazing. My aunt can't have babies, I suggested her to adopt, she said my uncle doesn't want a child that doesn't have his blood. They won't have kids. It's very sad

  9. thank God for them…nothing for having choices in a country that suppose to be of one's choice.
    No prenuptials, contracts, etc

  10. I wouldn't say its addicted to having babies. I'm on my first surrogate journey and yes I love how I feel being pregnant despite how hard it is, but helping a family create life and completing a family is such an amazing thing. I want to do more then one journey

  11. never thought about it this way. people always try to find hidden reasons for surrogacy but it's so simple sometimes. she feels much better when she is pregnant and this is what she can do well making others happy. I think her reason is pure and wonderful

  12. Surrogates are the best people. Helping others to become parents. They do not know what happiness it brings. I am so glad for such people. I have seen cases where a couple goes for years. Just trying to conceive. They then see hope in someone else carying their baby. This is letting others have happiness. When you even sacrifice your own body for it. The surrogates are heroines to me. They have made the world a better place. At least now parents can smile. As they walk out of a clinic as parents. I am one who has been through that case. And i can say that Bio texcom did help me a great deal. Without them i would not have been a parent today.

  13. Man if she’s addicted to having babies have one for us me and my husband have been trying for the past five years I’ve had to stillbirths and five miscarriages and still no baby

  14. There's still some controversy about using a surrogate mother to have a baby. The legal process is also tricky because it varies from state to state. Even so, whether it's because of fertility problems or other reasons, surrogacy is an option for you and your partner. Surrogacy can be a physically and emotionally demanding experience, and it takes a special person to be a surrogate for another family. However, the women who choose surrogacy agree that seeing a completed family at the end of their journey is the ultimate reward that makes it all worth it. Every surrogacy is different, and each surrogate may walk away from her experience with different benefits and rewards. However, each surrogacy is life-changing, and there is something to be gained from every journey. Women who choose surrogacy are able to share their pregnancy journey with the intended parents and develop a strong bond throughout the process. Many surrogates develop lasting relationships with the families they help create. The surrogate I used in Bio tex clinic till to date we still communicate and if at all I am to go for surrogacy again it will automatically be her.

  15. My girlfriend plans on being a surrogate to a couple of friends. Honestly I don't understand but it's her choice and I will support her through it. Just as someone with a high maternal instinct it's hard for me to understand how someone could go e away something that has been living inside them for 9 months. But honestly anyone who has the courage to do it is a blessing.

  16. This is good advice. Especially to those who want to go independent. Some people feel that mothers under agency are not a suitable suit. So they decide to go for those who are not in any agency. I have even see people use their friends as surrogates. In as much as the friend will be helping you. There have been cases where the surrogate might later ask for the child. Especially when the friendship wears out. This is because such people do not understand the legal procedure. They feel like it is any other method. Yet there is a strict rule governing this. That Is why I always prefer going for an agency. I have had surrogacy in Bio texcom clinic. But in my case. They were the ones who provided the surrogate.

  17. Congralution! Your surrogacy journey has been successful. Biotexcom doing a good job. They encourage the patients. They provide the information and guide the treatment. They hiring the well-educated staff. They treated the patients kindly. Surrogacy is the best option for couples. They success dream with the help of surrogacy treatment. Best wishes to you.

  18. That's something strange. I mean I really appreciate this act of being a surrogate. But addiction is different. I think surrogates are the best women in this world. I can't thank enough to my surrogate. She is no amazing lady. I also thank Biotexcom for choosing her for me. By far I am really happy from every thing they have done for me.

  19. It is really nice of her that she is helping other couples. She is really a source of inspiration for other couples too. If she is doing this then this must make her happy and satisfied. At least she helps others rather than others who are the cause of other people's pain. She is doing a great work. I pray that she enjoys a good and healthy happy life. It really inspired me and many other peoples too. Thanks to such people.

  20. The best charity in this world is to give a woman a baby she can't have herself. Surrogacy is such a beautiful thing. I am going to be a mother soon with surrogacy. My clinic is Biotexcom located in Ukraine. I and my husband are so excited. This video is lovely. Reminds me of when my doctor called me to tell me that our surrogate tested positive. Such a blessing it is.

  21. Wow this lady has guts. Its not easy to bring one child in this world. And she is upto bringing many. Its so inspiring that you are so determined and positive about it. I am also going to start my surrogacy journey at Biotexcom clinic. I ll look up a SM as determined as you. You really are a great soul.

  22. I think this is great! She is actually giving happiness to people! We should stop judging her! I know a surrogate in Biotexcom who is needy! My friend has signed a contract with her. She will get a baby and pay her for her needs! Biotexcom have so many good surrogates.

  23. Hello there. Surrogates are a blessing to infertile mothers. It makes me really happy when women help other women. I had mine in BioTexCom. I have a beautiful child now. Good luck everyone.

  24. Hello there. This is such an emotional story. So beautiful. It makes me really happy when women help other women. I had mine in BioTexCom. I have a beautiful child now. Good luck everyone.

  25. Hey there. This is really a great video. She is really a wonderefull woen. Surrogets are really courges people. Its not easy to be a surrogte. It reminds me of my surrogte at biotexcom. I wish you all good luck. LOts of lvoe and take care.

  26. This is actually good motivation. She should know that she's doing an amazing thing. As a surrogate, she must be very proud of herself. Giving someone the gift of a child is priceless. I'm also going for a surrogacy process at Biotexcom clinic. They are my last hope. I hope everything turns out to be good.

  27. i think its amazing. i mean she is ready to help others then no one should stop her. i would recommend if you are going to ukraine then must visit biotexcom for this process. they are amazing and ensure the health of the surrogate. also their prices are quite affordable.

  28. I am glad she is. She is helping a lot of people. a true worker of God. Thank you for making such a jolly video. No matter the cause. What she is doing is helping people. binge watching these videos. Before I get my own surrogate mother from biotexcom.

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  30. well instead of making lame comments did anyone ever realize that why she is addicted? she might have felt pain of different mothers who have been unable to give births? she is just amazing if she is thinking as mee and my advise to you people is to reffer your cases at Bio Texx clinic as i have been there and its one of the best clinic for surrogacy

  31. That's actually very amazing. Not everyone can do that. Surrogates do an amazing job, I believe. I had my baby via surrogacy too. My treatment was done at Biotexcom. I was very happy and contented. The feeling of my own baby in my hands was above everything. My little girl is 2 now and I love her.

  32. This is a beautiful video. She's honestly a gem of a person. She's doing a great job. I think more and more people need to know about her. She's a hero! Keep up the fantastic work. I hope my surrogate is something like that too!

  33. That's actually very amazing. Not everyone can do that. Surrogates do an amazing job, I believe. I saw my friend going through surrogacy. I know what hurdles she faced throughout this journey. It was not easy for her. But she is happy today to choose surrogacy at that time. She has a baby now and she is very happy.

  34. Haha, this is great. She's actually an amazing person. Addicted to babies and addicted to helping people. What could be better? Keep up the fantastic work. Keep delivering, haha. I'm a fan.

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  38. This is a great video. What a lovely woman. It's a bit funny, but don't miss the real message. She's a gem of a person. What she is doing is unparalleled. Keep up the great work. You're an amazing person.

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  40. At first I was like ewww what? But this is actually really sweet. She doesn't get paid to do this which means it really comes from her heart. My sister had a terrific experience of surrogacy with Biotexcom clinic and now she is considering about another. I think its great to help others.

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  46. Wow never heard anyone of being addicted to having babies. I think this is a first. I do think that she is doing the right thing tho. Infertility is very hard to deal with and people should be more open towards surrogacy. I respect her.

  47. Hey there, How are you? This is an interesting video. She is very strong. She is indeed very brave. A surrogate mother is the source of happiness for an infertile couple. Surrogacy is beautiful due to these brave ladies. Hats off to this lady. Good wishes

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  51. She is making families complete. She is adding life. The video is really awesome. In today's world it is difficult to imagine such sacrifice. She has been doing it for years. Her smile says how content and satisfied she is. I really salute her passion.

  52. This video is amazing.I think so she loves children a lot. There are so less of such people left in this world.I love such people.she is is such a amazing person.Down to earth is her life moto.Keep up the good work going.

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  55. Haha, this is cute. it is actually really nice of her. This puts the surrogates through so much. She is still willing to do it for the people. This is why I have this immense respect for all the surrogates out there. I remember my surrogate too. She was this amazing lady who wanted to do it just to see the happiness on our faces. She is a great friend now.

  56. I totally respcets surrogates. they are doing such a selfless job. my friend is just blessed with the A baby boy. credit goes to its surrogate and Biotexcom clinic. we are so happy for them. everyone trying should reach this clinic.

  57. Exactly the same thing happened to me. I was really very worried. I just wish everything to be alright. We should always take good care of ourselves. Everything will be alright. Please, take good care of ourselves.

  58. Well, I guess this is good for others. Yeah! I mean there are so many women doing this for other. So, yeah! I'm also going for surrogacy later this month at Biotexcom center in Kiev. So, yeah! I understand how huge effort she is making.

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  63. HAHAH that's cute! well, if she is doing for others. That's just amazing, I feel. I'm also undergoing the process later this week to Ukraine. So, yeah! That's how it goes! Anyway! It's really great the way, she feels about her work.

  64. Hi There. Hope you are doing fine. This is a great video. Very informative. I learned surrogacy is common in India. That is great. It is helping couples all around the world. Hope all goes well for everybody on their TTC journey. Take care. God bless.

  65. Pregnancy can be very dangerous and every pregnancy is different. I keep thinking of her existing kids and her husband in addition to her own health…what if something bad happens when she is carrying yet another pregnancy? I am pregnant now and there have been some stange things that have happened to me that I could not have foreseen.

  66. This is what I wanna do I want to have 3 of my own and 4 of my sisters kids ( because she said she’s afraid of the pain but wants 5) so she’s gonna have one herself then I’m gonna have the rest of hers then I’m gonna be a surrogate for other couples who are unable to have kids without help I think the idea of a surrogate is beautiful.

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