Taking The Pills | One Night of Ecstasy Ep 2

Taking The Pills | One Night of Ecstasy Ep 2

For all us to be hanging out,
away from home, where Mum and Dad’s not going see
what you’re up to, is fantastic. Being able to just let
loose for a weekend. It was the best feeling ever. NEWS REPORT: We are hearing that
emergency services are currently dealing with an incident
at the Kendal Calling festival. You get that mind-set of,
“It’s not going to happen to me.” And then, boom,
just like that. It happens. Woke up in the morning,
got a festival ahead of me, you know, what better feeling? Group chat’s still going, everyone’s
absolutely buzzing for it. We got changed into our clothes
and our wellies, and put glitter all over ourselves, because apparently that’s
what you do at festivals. I have all this stuff and I’ve got
to lug it all the way to the gates. Right, take the essentials. I heard Simon shout, “Lacie!” Turned around,
and there they all were. Simon’s tent was actually
next to ours. Cracked out, opened the beers,
and started hammering the drink. I mean, we’d only just got there, we were all absolutely happy
as Larry. From a very young age,
me and Jordan got together. He was one of my really
close friends when I first started infant school. Yeah, it was kind of like
a quick bond, really. I remember the first time
I met him in school, we were at this after-school club
doing a band rehearsal. I don’t even remember what he said, I just remember being in stitches
with him, every time we spoke. He was just lovely and bubbly and he just put a smile on your face
when you saw him. He was just really kind and
definitely a very good friend of Chris. Chris, hands down, he was the glue,
he was like a magnet, everyone loved him. He was always there to make a joke, he was always there to be
the star of the show. The general craic was…what was
going to happen over the weekend. What kind of filthy states
we were going to get ourselves into. Of course,
we were talking about the music. And, ultimately,
the drugs and whatnot that perhaps we can get hold of. Someone brought up
the idea of pills, and, you know, I didn’t really
think anything of it. At a festival, I knew people
did that, it was kind of a norm. There was quite a lot of talk
about it, obviously, young lads, they want to do
what they want to do. You could hear people disappearing
off for two minutes on the phone, and then disappearing again
for another ten minutes, and coming back and everyone just
suddenly changing and being, like, all right, everyone’s suddenly
just got a burst of energy. Where’s this come from? So, yeah,
we had a little whip-round, we said, “Who can put in?
Who wants some?” It was, like, everyone wanted
their own little fix. So, yeah, everyone just started
chucking money in. It was in a bag. I’m not sure
how many you got exactly. Like, 20, for so much money. They were, like,
a greeny-blue colour. Really small,
with an Adidas logo on it. We just decided, yeah,
we’ll take them all together. Just to say,
if we take them together, at least we’re going to be
riding it together. About half an hour, 40 minutes,
it’s in your system. You start to feel yourself,
you know, slowly building up to this effect. Simon said, “Do you want one? “You can be on the same
wavelength as us.” So I took one and thought, “Yeah,
let’s have fun, like everyone else.” It changed from everyone being drunk to everyone being dead chatty
and, like, loved-up. Everything was the most amazing,
beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. And I remember
sitting on Chris’ knee, and he was hugging me
and was singing and dancing. It was kind of nice to feel
out there and just free. I’m in a field with
a group of my friends. Really happy, you know,
what more could I want? Like, life is great right now. I was in a tent with Chris, and I was just really tired
and I just wanted to go to sleep. And I actually remember
kind of rocking… Not rocking as such, but cradling
myself, cos I was really cold. And I said to Chris, “I don’t feel
all right, I don’t feel OK.” And I was panicking. And I didn’t need to panic, I’d just never done it before,
it was all new. And I remember Chris
holding my hand. And he was, like, “We’ll be
OK, Lace, we’ll be all right.” The next thing
I remember is just the waking up. It was really early in the morning. Maybe about four or five o’clock
in the morning, something like that. All I can hear is this grunting. I heard heavy breathing. It was actually Chris,
struggling to breathe. Chris’ eyes were open,
as if he was awake. He was making these grunting sounds
as if he was in pain. I didn’t really know
what was going on. And I heard people shouting
and screaming. And that’s when I ran to get help. I heard over the radio that a first aid team arriving had
found Christian in cardiac arrest. Those two words, “cardiac arrest”,
they really focus your mind, because that’s not what
you’re expecting to hear on a Friday morning in a field in
the middle of the Lake District.


  1. Don't drink an do ecstasy you have a higher chance to die do research before u do drugs but still do drugs ther dyno

  2. Ecstasy is a hella of drug you gotta have a strong mind, good environment, WATER WATER WATER and you’ll be straight but if you have a bad trip the first time it could be the pill that should be a sign just stay away from all that

  3. Test your substances before taking them. If you can afford the substance, you can afford to test it. Always consider your environment and the people around you and know your dosage. This should be basics with consuming any drug.

  4. Research the drug
    Test the drug (buy test kits)
    and never take a full pill first time doing it

    in other words just be smart about it

  5. they were drinking and then taking mdma ? Alright , but you make it sound like it was mdma's fault . I am pretty sure if they didn't drink alcohol and were smart about taking ecstasy they'd all be fine right now

  6. IF ONE PERSON OUT OF A 1000 WHO TAKE EXTACY OVERDOSE ITS NOT THE DRUG THATS DANGEROUS ITS THE GUY WHO IS PRE DEPOSED TO THIS!!! Stop lying about drugs, for every one extacy overdose a 100 die from alcohol.., and we ate not making that illegal

  7. He only died because they had alcohol. Everyone knows you’re not supposedly mix exos with alcohol 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  8. Life is a test. Just because you survive doing a drug doesn’t mean you got away with that sin.
    I’ve done it all and went to extremes with XTC etc.
    It’s not a joke they carry some serious demons as a side effect. It will drive you to a darkness you never knew was possible. Please be careful and remember GOD loves you.

    Islam is the truth may GOD protect us all. Ameen.

  9. MDMA is a AMAZING drug!
    Just use it responsibly, one night I misused it and ended up in hospital.
    I won’t ever use it again. Not because it’s a bad drug, because I misused it and I’m afraid of misusing it again. Respect drugs like you would anything else that could take your life. Be safe, don’t mix substances, get a test kit and test your substances to make sure they are what you think they are! It’s very hard to die from real MDMA unless you’re trying to!

  10. That kid died from lack of a Xanax that’s shits crazy educational drug info for kids would be good but their parents scream at them instead of giving good advice then bang

  11. MDA / MDMA has NEVER killed anyone EVER. More fake news. I swear reporting has no morals. Drinking alcohol and taking Chinese analogues will kill you with the quickness but pure MDMA will never harm you.

    Why don’t you talk about that alcohol he was drinking that contributed to his death? Because you’re a bunch of alcoholics yourself?? Because it’s “legal”? 🙄

    Test your drugs people!

  12. The only thing that kills people who take MDMA is that THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO TAKE IT ! There are few simple rules when taking MDMA and if you follow them correctly I am sure one will be safe.

  13. I have a guy that does me extremely pure mdma and not once have I had a bad experience in the 2 years I’ve been doing it. Then again, I never mix any other substance with it and I also weigh out my doses in advance. Some people are stupid and some are just unlucky I guess.

  14. One night of PMA *

    Poor kids tho, noone deserves such a fate.
    Goverment will never stop illegal drug usage…Legalizing drugs is the way to a more safe consumption!

  15. As stupid as it sounds back in the day i used to stay up all night whilst on mdma or xtc. I was too scared to go to sleep because i couldng breathe well when trying and also paranoia

  16. Anyone else just hate extasy ? Tried many drugs and one of the worst for me was extasy or even pure MDMA. People drink heavy on that shit and fry their brains.. Fake love, fake pleasure. Mushrooms are the way to go once a year.

  17. people are not going to buy into this scaremongering tactic BBC because people have the drug themselves.Which means they know the truth. Its like trying to scare a person not to go into a room and telling them all lies or at least exaggerating things when the person has already been into the room.

  18. Lol this kids don't have a clue what they're doing thats why things went wrong. "all get our fix" lol its pills not heroin

  19. Different chems for different moods. Booze and MD is an odd/pointless mix. The only times booze should come into play is during comedown. Spliff, couple rum'n'cokes and maybe a valli. Bosh.

  20. Whoever makes pills and puts harmful substances and chemicals in them knowing full well that they can harm or even kill someone, just to make money, you my friend are absolute scum.

  21. when u have no idea what your doing, also your doing it because other are, not the purest intentions yea…. then the only precaution is "we take them all together", muppets. get rekt for beeing a tool.

  22. Yeah just take one,its not the early 2000’s,when they where 120/180 these days they can be 330 mg
    Plain stupid

  23. "I took an unknown pill from an unregulated source WITHOUT TESTING it and also combined it with LARGE amounts of alcohol.

    Why am I dying?"

    Come on guys. Do a little research. Don't do dumb shit. You're not any cooler for being reckless. Just test it. Use safer practices… Like… I dunno… Not using a depressant in heavy doses with a stimulant in a heavy dose.

  24. Wow, do not watch this while hungover – they are heavy on blinding white light between each of their million scene cuts.

  25. See if thay were educated that you shouldn't drink and do MDMA and know the basics of the drug then thay would have been safer. The war on drugs kills people it hasn't worked we need to teach people how to be safe and make sure thay are taking what thay think thay are taking. if you go to a pharmacy you know your getting what your ment to get if you go to a dealer it could be cut with many different things from harmful drugs like meth to dishwasher ditergent. Prohibition dose not work but harm reduction dose drugs will be taken no matter what it's human nature to do what we are told not to do. The war on drugs has and will not work it makes the drug situation worse and until the world realizes this drugs will be a issue. Harm reduction is the only way forwards

  26. Lol this drama bull shit has gotta be a joke. It's called test your pills If you worried. If you wanna roll and don't know your shit is safe then it's tuff shit bro

  27. Lolol just think about this.. How many people are in the hospital from cigarettes/alcohol, how many die from mdma overdose? Mdma overdose is very rare, drinking too much water on mdma has been a deadly occurance but still a lot rarer than cigarettes/alcohol! Know your body and mdma can be very safe if you're smart and dose low at the beginning.

  28. If u try to slow down the ride then drug take control of your brain and u start triping, stay awake untill the end

  29. I gubbed ten at once, I was fine. You are more likely to get hit by lightning than die of ecstacy lol I mean me and my mates would take like 10 to 20 a night and the day after every friday.

  30. Don't say "you don't think it'll happen to you" when you Keep mixing alcohol with xtc, because if you do then this WILL happen to you

  31. Why ,my former gf life was destroyed by drugs and the drug pumps she associated with ,damn all of you ,find something better to do with you life you only have one on this lifetime

  32. Take pure mdma crystals and you will be fine. Test it, measure it and only drink water, not alcohol. Stay safe ❤️

  33. I’ve done it it’s all fun once you taken the pills but the down fall of them are horrible I kept getting hot then really really cold! My heart beat with going crazy. I had no appetite and I was really tired and that lasted 2 days.

  34. Shut up and man up. Yes there are deaths from pills but that’s the crap they add when making them. Legalise and regulation is the key.

  35. You’ve got more chance of choking on a Brussels sprout with your Sunday dinner 😂
    Drugs are the same as anything, enjoy in moderation 👍🏻

  36. If you have a pill always get them tested spend the extra £5 on a test kit just to make sure and if you don't have a kit and are unsure use pillreport it's stopped me from taking a few fakeys. Had bad ones dosed with meth before and have never really went back to them as they can never be trusted now a days

  37. I like how these nittys be chatting shit and defending their drug of choice. Bro if it's not food or medication to help with an illness/condition then we as humans shouldnt put it in our bodies. Simple. Further more you nittys chatting shit about propoganda when man like me are getting insight into this whole white boy festival overdose epidemic. Sorry if I seem pissed off but I lost my best friend to drugs.

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