Talking about DRUGS in English

Talking about DRUGS in English

Did you do drugs today? No. But really, did
you do drugs today? Everyone says “no”. Maybe you did. But I need you to double check. I
need you to look at this list of drugs and tell me honestly. Look me in the eyes, and
tell me. Did you do drugs today? I did drugs today. I do drugs every day. But the drug that
I do is caffeine. Do you know that caffeine was a drug? Are you aware of that? Do you
also know that alcohol is a drug? So the next time you say, “I don’t do drugs”, over a coffee,
over a beer, or over a cigarette, guess what? You’re doing drugs. Welcome to the drugs lesson. Do
drugs, people. Makes your life more interesting. As I told you, I do drugs every day. Mine
is caffeine. I drink coffee every morning. Every morning, I wake up, and I do drugs. How
about you? Do you do drugs in the morning? Afternoon? Caffeine is a drug. Slang — also
known as coffee, tea, Red Bull and chocolate. In today’s lesson, I’m going to teach you
some slang words about different kinds of drugs. I don’t think you should do these drugs.
I don’t recommend them. If you want to, go ahead. But again, teaching you slang vocabulary
will help you understand things in movies. So let’s go with the list. As I said, we have caffeine, which is found
in coffee, tea, Red Bull, chocolate. A lot of soft drinks add caffeine as well. So basically,
colas or Cokes. In Canada, we call it “pop”. Then, we have probably the most common drug
ever: alcohol. The slang for alcohol could be “booze”. Also, we call beer a “brew”. We
also call beer “suds”. So all of these words are slang for “alcohol”. We’re going to get into some hard drugs now.
These ones are pretty, pretty terrible. One of the most tragic and very common drugs,
unfortunately, is heroin. The street name or the slang name is “H”, “junk”, or “smack”.
There’s also, like, “brown tar” and all these different slang words for “heroin”, but these,
I think, are the most common. When you watch movies like Trainspotting or — a lot of movies
deal with heroin addiction. A lot of famous rock stars did heroin, and now, they’re dead.
Bye-bye. This is what we’re talking about, “H”, “junk”, and “smack”. A really popular drug, all the way from Colombia,
of Pablo Escobar fame: cocaine. So many songs have been written about cocaine. In the 1980s,
probably the most popular drug in the world ever — short form or slang, we call it “coke” —
that makes sense, “coke”, “cocaine” — “blow”, “Charlie” — I guess that’s his name — or
“nose candy” because you sniff the cocaine in your nose. So it’s
like candy for your nose. There’s a drug that was really, really popular in
the 90s called “MDMA”, also known as “ecstasy” or just “E”. And ecstasy comes in a pill form.
Cocaine is actually a powder. Heroin is a brown powder. Alcohol
is a liquid. And caffeine is a liquid, or it can
be in solid form like chocolate. The next drug that is really, really common
— and all too common nowadays — is this big long drug called “methamphetamine”. You
may have heard the term “meth”. Now, people who do meth or methamphetamine, they can inject
it, which means they put it in a needle in their veins. So it can be injected. And it is
a powder, like heroin. Oh, heroin is injected or smoked. But methamphetamine or “meth” or
“crystal meth” or “crystal”, as people call it, is a really, really big problem in America
and Canada. It’s causing something called “meth mouth”, and “meth mouth” causes the
people’s teeth to rot out and fall out. So the basically lose all their teeth. How attractive.
Also, meth heads have a lot of scars on their face. There are a lot of open sores, and they
have no teeth. Beautiful, beautiful people. Good idea. So methamphetamine — street name
is “meth” or “crystal”. Very, very terrible, terrible drug,
like most of them. Something that was popular in the 1960s, 1970s
was amphetamine. Amphetamine is called “speed”. When you do speed, you talk really fast. Everything
is really, really fast. So when you do amphetamine or “speed”, also called “uppers” because if
makes you — whoa. They’re called “Bennies” and also “Billy”. I don’t know why drugs get
people’s names like “Billy” and “Benny” and “Charlie”. I don’t know why. But all of these
words mean the same as “amphetamine” or “speed”. It makes you do things quite quickly. They’ve
used this a lot in diet drugs because it makes your metabolism work faster, and it makes
you not hungry. So this is a pretty common drug, and they use some different names for
it. And a lot of places, it’s quite legal. One of the very famous drugs thanks to Rob
Ford in Canada in Toronto is crack cocaine. So crack cocaine is like cocaine except it’s
not as pure as cocaine. So there’s another chemical in it that makes it crack. I don’t
know what the chemical is. Crack cocaine is also called “rocks” because it comes in a form
of like a rock. I think it’s like a dirty white or gray color. Also known as “Rob Ford”
and just by the name “crack”. The full name is “crack cocaine”, but we just call it “crack”.
This is a really devastating drug, too. Not as popular anymore as
meth, but — oh, God. Back in the 1960s, 1950s, there were some crazy
hippies that did this thing called “L.S.D.” L.S.D. is a psychedelic drug, man. It makes
you see things. We call it, in slang, “acid” or “blotter”. L.S.D. is a psychedelic, so
it will make you see things, like P.C.P. I don’t know the long name of L.S.D. or P.C.P.
I think I’d be writing here for two hours. So normally, we call it “L.S.D.” or “P.C.P.”
P.C.P. is also called “angel dust”. Now, this is the drug that you’ve maybe heard about
that people think they can fly. There are stories of people taking P.C.P. and being,
like, “I can fly!” But they can’t fly. And they die. So they go on top of a building, and
they think they’re Superman or Superwoman, and they’re not, and then, bye-bye. So drugs are
pretty dangerous — angel dust, especially. Then, we have some other drugs. Marijuana,
you’ve probably heard about. In slang, we call it “weed” or “pot”. I’ve also done a
lesson for you about smoking marijuana. If you want to check that out on the website, Smoke some marijuana. Marijuana. Another derivative of marijuana is hashish,
or we call it, in short form, “hash”. We also have something called “mushrooms”.
Now, you might think, “Uh-ho. I ate mushrooms today. Nothing happened.” “Mushrooms” are a
certain kind of mushrooms. As you may know, there are many, many different kinds of mushrooms.
So these mushrooms or — sorry. Spelling mistake — “shrooms”, are actually — another word we
have for them are “magic mushrooms”. “Magic mushrooms” are a psychedelic like acid. The
difference between acid — one of the differences between acid and magic mushrooms or “shrooms”
is that acid is a chemical and shrooms are grown in nature. They have different effects
on your brain, but they’re both psychedelic, trippy, trippy drugs. So we’ve got some shrooms. We have got some
hash, some pot, some angel dust. You’ve got acid. We’ve got some rock, made famous by
this guy named Rob Ford. Rob Ford is — maybe not for long — the mayor, or like — you can
think of it like the president — of the city of Toronto. He’s been found many times
on video smoking crack cocaine. The mayor of my city smokes crack. That’s not something
I think that I’m proud of. A lot of people think it’s cool, though. I don’t think crack
is cool. Crack’s not cool, kids. Just like the mayor’s not cool. Governments are not cool.
So Rob Ford, as I told you, is the mayor of Toronto, hopefully not for long. And he’s
been smoking crack cocaine on video. You can watch it. Google that. We have some speed, some Bennies, some Billy.
We have a really, really common drug called “meth” or “crystal” that is really devastating.
We also have MDMA or ecstasy. And, actually, the spelling of “ecstasy” — I can’t even
do it — is “e-c-s-t-a-s-y”. So I spelled “ecstasy” wrong. Bad, bad teacher.
Commonly known as “E”. We’ve got “coke”, “blow”, “Charlie”,
“nose candy” for cocaine, “H”, “junk”, or “smack”, heroin, “booze” — probably the
most popular drug. And Number one in my list: cocaine. Have
you done your drugs today? Not cocaine. Number one in my list: Caffeine.


  1. Hey Ronnie,
    Just to let you know Rob Ford isnt the mayor anymore. It's John Tory now =)
    Which school you teach there? I lived for 6 months in toronto, just came back

  2. Roonie Colombia is more than cocaine I know you didn't meant to be offending anyone but people all over the world have this concept of Colombia and who likes to be recognized by the dirty stuff of your country, Colombia is full of beauty and awesome people!

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