Task Force Agila enters a drug den | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

– Baby G, you up for later?
– Baby G? Of course, Baby G. Just make sure
to give me what I want. – Nice, boss.
– You see that? Fredo, where’s Bolit? Who’s asking? My friends. We’d like to score. Why’d you bring them here? If you want an ounce,
go to the corner. We sell by the kilo here. Excuse me. What do you think of us?
Cheap? We’re here because we
buy by the kilo, nothing less. You’re wrong. Mulong, can they be trusted? Are you sure about them? Come on, Fredo.
This is me you’re talking to. These guys are legit. I wouldn’t bring them here
if they weren’t. You better be sure, Mulong, because once we’re upstairs… …there’s no turning back. Inspect them. They can go in. Let’s go. Follow me. Over here. We’re inside the den. Let’s go. They’ve penetrated
the den, Dalisay. Be careful.
Study the place carefully. Find out where
the enemies are situated. There’s only one way
going in and out of there. You need to find an alternative
way we can sneak in. Boss, Mulong’s here. – How’s it going, Mulong?
– I’m fine. We have customers. Who are these guys? They’re– Totoy Toothpick. I want to buy a lot of drugs. Meth. You’re Bombet, right? It’s Bolit. Whatever. They both
start with “B”. How did you know? Bolit, everyone knows you
in this business. Who’s your boss? Are you insulting me? I’m their boss! Who else are you looking for?! Where’s your territory? Territory? Are we going to ask questions, or are we doing business? Let’s just get it
over with already! I’m here to score some meth. How many kilos do you want? What are you guys even doing? You’re so trigger-happy. Here. Count this.
I haven’t counted it yet. You take care of it. This will buy several kilos.
Alright then. Very good.

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