Task Force Agila goes out in the drug compound | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (Wiith Eng Subs)

Hey. We’ll come back tomorrow and dispatch each
and everyone of you! What? What do you mean? Get out of there now. Hurry! Move! No, what he meant
to say is… We’ll come back tomorrow and buy all your products! – Then that’s great!
– Alright! – Great!
– Nice! I love this place, man! Let’s go now, boss. Bye! – Bye!
– He’s on a high. Hey! We shall return tomorrow. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! See you then. Guys! High five! Come on! High five! Why are you frowning? That’s enough. He looks like my pet. What’s with them? What? I’m just saying
the truth! He’s frowning like this. He reminds me of
my pet at home. I tell you, he’s like that! I won’t introduce him
to my pet fish if he’s like that! That’s right, boss. Hey! Daddy! Thank you! Yes! We’ll go now. Thank you, Daddy! You open the door. As I was saying… My pet fish tried
to escape. You know what
happened next? Daddy! Come on! We’ll go now. I smell something fishy
about those men. Especially their leader. You three, follow them. Go after that Totoy Toothpick. Let’s go. They’re weird. As I was saying, the firefly talked
to the cockroach. They actually look very similar. The firefly shouldn’t
have done that. Just talk to him. You can walk yourself out
through that alley. – Be careful.
– Thank you. – Let’s go.
– Wait. I’m getting sober. Let’s go back for more. – We can’t go back.
– Just one more. We have to leave now. If I were them, I wouldn’t
arrest that dragonfly because the leader
will get mad. I’m sure of it! – They’re here.
– That dragonfly is … Let’s go before we get caught. – Let’s go!
– We’re on our way back. They’re gone. Let’s go this way. Hurry! There they are. Hi, Cardo! Hi, madam! Hi, guys! The nail cutter is
in the cabinet. Why was he asking me for it?
I won’t lend it to him. I’ll attend the concert. How did it go?
Did they see through you? I don’t think so. We’ve memorized all the alleys
and passageways. There’s too many of them, Cardo. And they all have guns. It won’t be easy for us. Butete found an
alternative route. Domeng. – How are you?
– I’m fine. I shouldn’t have washed
the fish with soap. My pet fish, Twinkle, died.
I didn’t mean to kill it. I won’t attend the concert
without it. Get some rest. Hi, madam! How are you? Take a break and relax. Guzman. Let’s go. Let’s get out of here.

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