Taurus Man in Love Signs

Taurus Man in Love Signs

Taurus man in love signs. If you wanna know how to make the relationships
with this sign, how to act in order to win his heart, then watch this video up to the
end. Cause today I will share with you some interesting
facts about a taurus guy. Especially, how he is in the relationships,
marriage and so on. And of course I will bring you the main traits
and characteristics of his personality. By the way, if you are here the first time,
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curious questions. If you consider a taurus man for love and
relationships. The only thing I can tell you, you have a
good taste. Because taurus is probably one of the most
conservative and reliable astrological sign, whom a woman can create the strongest relationships
with. Whatever many girls say, that taurus men are
very slowly and boring, when it comes to the important decisions taking, they are definitely
right. But I wouldn’t say that it is his disadvantage. Noo. He is slow, but he is the best analyst, who
never does the mistakes when it comes to the partner choice and family creating. If you get married with taurus man, you will
live in the stability. Stability in everything. Because he likes to provide his family with
the best stuff. But sometimes he can also be greedy. That is one of his negative features of character,
which he probably adopted from another astrological sign – Cancer. The only one typical and common thing they
have is their addiction to bring everything to their homes. They accumulate just everything, in order
to make their householding perfect. And that is a reason why taurus male is called
a family man. Who also has a feeling of beautiful. He likes casual and at the same brand clothes,
that helps him to express his personality and confidence. He is not a type who is careless about his
appearance. He uses the expensive perfumes, but when it
is necessary. Not on a daily basis. He would rather spend 700 dollars for buying
new classic shoes instead of taking a vacation somewhere abroad. Taurus man is used to think about the future. He knows how and where to invest money in
order to live on a passive income later. And most of women feel this intuitively, that’s
why they are driven to him automatically. Taurus man never makes an approach to woman
first. He likes to wait a little unless she seduce
him. AFter that only he reveals his reserved personality
and character to his lady. And a lot of women like such a game. They know very well how to handle a taurus
guy. It’s enough to make up, using a red lipstick
in order to get his attention. Yees, a beautiful apperance, ability to speak
openly, these are the main signs that can make him fall in love with you. But it will not happen immediately, he will
test you by time. Who you are, and how your character is. So have a patient, when you want to win his
heart. And you can wait 4 or even 6 month before
he will offer you to create something serious. And that’s a reason why many girls or women
give up early. Especially those girls who want to get married
fast. Bceause no one girl understand whether taurus
man has serious intentions to her, whether he is just a player who wants to get her in
bed. But every case is individual. Because there are many factors that influence
on taurus man character. It can be a date when he was born, and it
also depends on a year. The only one common feature they have is their
obstinacy, discretion and heaviness. And you can consider this both as advantages
and disadvantages. If you are used to play the first role in
your family life, let me bleed for you. You choose a wrong way. Cause it is impossible to manage taurus man. He is only a person who knows how to handle
his householding. And he doesn’t need any pieces of advice from
anybody, what to do and what not to do. He is used to be a leader in the relationships. And if your astrological sign defines a fire,
you will have very complicated life with him. Because taurus is a sign of ground. Who probably needs a sign of water, but not
a fire. So you have to be ready to live together with
a dictator who is also romantic in bed, passionate, and lovely personality at the same time. Taurus sign is also considered as a good and
loyal father. And if your see him as your future husband,
you will not have any issues with your kids upbringing. He is not severe with his children, but he
knows how to educate them properly, meanwhile other astrological signs can only be jealous
to him for his amazing skills. So you if you have a friend taurus, you shouldn’t
ignore his candidacy for place of your husband within a time. Just know how to cope with him, using everything
I told you today..And you will get a success.


  1. My love is a Taurus and im a Gemini 👀. But im a Gemini, Cancer rising, Pisces moon. He's a Taurus, Leo rising , Cancer moon. His Leo is compatible with my Gemini. Well the rest earth is compatible with water

  2. I think taurus man n capricorn woman are meant to be
    I do need more patience though that's for sure but he drives me crazy, in a good way. I know waiting is the hardest part 😓🤔😎

  3. Im in relation with taurus man but i doubt about buying expensive stuff, he likes to travel than buying expensive things.. And his playboy even though im already pregnant lol! So half of what ur saying contradicts of my taurus 😅

  4. I got my Moon in Taurus , I can identify with some of these qualities. I like how you think and express yourself. You must be a Scorpio😎🦉☃️🦅

  5. "My" Taurus man is impatient and can't wait to date me
    I'm the one holding him back, not a problem for me B-)
    (I'm a Lion btw)
    (Not that anyone cared)

  6. 👼❤Dolce Rossa i Hope Your Blessed with a Great Woman To Make You ☺Happy ForEver in Your Life & That You Be Successful in Your Life

  7. Stubborn Taurus won't even think about looking from their Lvr perspective,
    at the breakup
    and only see their side of things.
    due to Suspicious Jealous Nature

  8. I’m an Aquarius married to a Taurus Man. ♥️ I also have a Taurus Moon and Libra Rising, while he is Pisces Moon and Libra Rising.

  9. Libras and Taurus are naturally attracted to each other… I thought this was bullshit… Until for the last 7 years I've just had/attracted ♉ men… The ONLY two signs that fall under the planet of love Venus

  10. My guy is Taurus ♉️♥️♉️he’s 23/4amd mine 24/4 we are so fixed signs love our food Luxurious lifestyle love him so much beautiful person can’t wait to move in Dubai travel or cruise world tour with him thnx love your accent .💖💕💕♉️🎉♉️🎉💖💕💕💖😎😂♉️😂💕💖🎉🎉💕

  11. I 💙 my taurus bf..5 months but he is kind of slow for dating..but not to go to bed Lol..best lover ever..😻 .Im Sagittarius tottaly opposite, at least we enjoy our company.

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