Ted Nugent Admits to Sex Addiction with Young Girls

Ted Nugent Admits to Sex Addiction with Young Girls

and it appears that ted nugent violent
rhetoric at the n_r_a_ convention is not the only problem facing the ronnie
campaign which seemed very very happy about the endorsement from ted nugent i
mean you know uh… imagine that an endorsement from ted
nugent it turns out that ted nugent admitted to
having multiple affairs with underage girls in it and in nineteen ninety eight
b eight one documentary let’s take a listen to that while he was fighting a losing battle
with his own pictures his weakness for young women that back the young girls were in fact you cities
willpower was for today’s cast failed miserably faulty jets everywhere yet again i feel that way not come up that there are bad they were
talking about your leader from yes if i would or could have been whiskey to the
filipino i wasn’t really that i mean i was addicted to groups subject he was hopeless was beautiful d_f_a_ help for those here we here very very fascinating coming from ted
nugent and um… bad very very much on the record lou is that he had this
problem with but not number of affairs with underage girls not a pedophile per se but certainly
uh… a problem right i mean that this how how is this a guy but the running campaign is courting the running campaign is not distancing
from his been indoors uh… romney has been endorsed by ted
nugent what is going on at this for reversed ek conservative media has would be cool
exploding do you think we you can get at the back i’d i disagree i think that uh… if anything that this is romney’s way of
courting the evangelical days they have not been looking at love nothing more
than a born again diagonal with uh… sinner right and who is now born again new man
great men is that the story that was that now because he he used to be bad
but now he’s going to be supports guns and ronnie he can do no wrong in the public side i can’t think of many endorsements the
mirror on the world distanced himself from no think of any will see the difference is
the fell from this one must take a break on the bonus trouble talk about china
topping the u_s_ and space launches and you can say program in houston the world
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  1. No he doesn't, he's been a rock and roll clown for 35 years! What experience. Fencing in deer and shooting them, killing immature black bears? Sorry , the NRA has better, much better and more dignified spokepersons! But, they are "normal" and thats not what the lobbyists want! They want fearfull people running around yelling "their coming for our guns"!!
    Thats where you are way too easily led by the nose, by clowns! NRA has many real hunters and family men who don't get to weigh in reasonably!

  2. Sponcering doesn't mean accepted! Quota's do that! These people were invited here! We needed their labor and sent Coyotes to get them! Paid a per head fee for workers! We still do! Its too harsh to call them criminals! When 98% are family men, hard workers! They work harder than you or I ever did! All Dems want is fair treatment for them! The amount let in is up to Congress, but Industry dictates that as well! Once here they establish business for themselves, taking them out of the slave market!

  3. And this is news?  Really?  NAME ONE rock star who didn't sleep with fans. Especially when he was in his 20's. Underage and not..  There is even a song… "What's your name?", that talks about taking a girl who can't drink, yet, up to his room.. (from the 1970's, when the drinking age was 18 just about everywhere..)

  4. Ted Nugent – We know all about Nugent as he is one of the racists of the old KKK. Nugent is like others who openly flaunt their bigotry. What is so interesting is the calls for Lynyrd Skydyrd and other hard rockers to play the Ballad of Curtis Lowe and the Confederate flags start flying. Yes today's audiences flying the Confederate flag. Racism has another another way to show itself. Ted Nugent is another example. Racism is still prevalent in portions of the nation and can be seen daily. Anyone who openly displays the Confederate flag is a racist. That flag represent bigotry, oppression, prejudice and slavery to black people. The confederate flag represents hatred of those who do not have white skin or look different or have a different sir-name. The confederate flag represents a deep-seeded resentment towards another because of his/her religion or faith. The confederate flag represents an attitude which has been taught by parents, peers, partners, preachers or priests. The confederate flag represents a throw-back to pre-1960's times when the n-word was used regularly and blacks were called "boy." Ted Nugent and his type reveal their KKK-type attitude towards many in America and sadly he has a following. The confederate flag represents the KKK and the times when a black would be lynched for any reason! TEA party rally's have the Confederate flag openly displayed!

  5. I never heard him mention under-age girls or even how old they were. However, I did hear you say, he is not a pedophile. David Pakman you have no soul!

  6. It's obscenely clear that he's talking about women on the road. Groupies. To be shocked that a rock star slept around with groupies is stupid. And it in no way makes him a "pedophile". Folks are really grasping at nothing here when they should be concentrating on the real, evident issues.

    It's aggravating to see people reporting this the way they are. It's okay to have issues with Ted Nugent, but when you're creating an issue that's not really there you're just distracting from the real issues.

  7. He doesn't say he had sex with young girls he said he had sex with a lot of girls. What rock star/ athlete/ movie star doesn't do that? You're a dumb nwo agenda pushing twat

  8. Let's see how the prejudice right reacts to this.  I watch the media close and I don't remember hearing about this!  As a demo I believe that some of us on left need to grow a pair and expose the hell out of these type of people and nut jobs on the right.  They just don't expose enough.  Every single day, day in, and day out the right assaults the president never letting up.  I wonder how do their children view these acts of lies and deceit?  They probably say, "well it's just politics." 

  9. Oh yeah, and what about Rev. Wright, Frank Davis, Bill Ayers?  
    Have a little intellectual honesty and discernment – you're such a hack.  You should rename the show the Hackman show.

    And BTW, he said "young girls" – NOT "underaged girls"

  10. Nice spin on things. Not a fan of Romney, but you don't mess with the NUGE!!!
    He admitted a sex addiction & then you tie that into young girls attending his concerts. Nice try, buddy. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. David "Dipshit" Packman:  Ted Nugent got LEGAL CONSENT to be with 17 year old Pele Masa directly from her parents. She helped raise his kids as part of an inclusive family, "like a real mom" as per Ted's own dughter Sasha Nugent.  But Elivs Presley was dating 14 year old Priscilla…and you don't say shit about that do you? 

    Pele Masa was 17 years old and she wanted and got her parents to sign her over to him as legal guardian. That is called CONSENT and is actually legal after the age of 16 in most states. She was in a relationship with him prior to her 18th Birthday, true…but she became part of that family and ended up helping to raise his kids “just like their mom” as Nugent’s  daughter Sasha said….until the relationship fizzled out like many do.  I hardly call that rape!!!!

    The rest of those girls were groupies that threw themselves at Nugent like seagulls onto bread crumbs backstage at his concerts and they knew exactly what they were doing!   Those sluts were out for one thing: fuck the big rockstar and then brag about it.   Quoting Nugent: "You couldn't get them off of you. They were hanging on your lean guy (penis).  I had to get a crowbar  and pummel them."

    No, these were not sweet, innocent little schoolgirls with bows in their hair that were damaged for life by rape. No, these were concert groupie sluts with one objective: screw the big rock star and brag about it. I met a few gals like that in my youth let me tell you…we called them sluts. Newsflash:  All the other rock stars were doing the exact same thing but who is calling them out? Nobody.  If you put all the guilty rockers in jail for that activity there would be little music on the airwaves. One of the boys from Def Leppard told of having his way with a mother daughter tag team below the stage…but nobody is calling them Pedophiles, even if they perpetrated the same actions. Courtney Love lied and she admitted it.

  12. For all of you perverts and pedo supporters. 

  13. Dude, u hurt your own cause with bad info. Ted is a draft dodging liar, yes. But where's the proof of sex with minors? False accusations can ruin your young career.

  14. SO What,, the Country of Sweden made Legal age for girls 15,, and no one calls Them Pedophiles.. Fuck OFF, Id love to have a 15 year old and SO Would YOU !

  15. There is definitely an agenda by this liberal to paint Ted Nugent in a bad light. How does this liberal know what age the girls are? What rock and rill star doesn't have problems with thousands of girls chasing them? This liberal no doubt has his agenda against Nugent.

  16. this is absolute bullshit lot of men refer to legal age women as girls he never once mentioned underage or teen or anything inappropriate i guess someone doesnt like his political opinions


  18. He said, "I was addicted to girls". Where did the underage part come in? Can someone please show me where he said that because for some reason i cant find it in this video. Thanks.

  19. Nugent is an unabashed pedophile. watch the entire Behind the Music documentary with him.

    ""In 1978, Nugent wanted to shack up with a 17-year-old whom we can probably assume knew all the words to "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang." Problem was, he was 30, and she wasn't quite old enough to marry. Now, far be it from Ted to be living in sin with a teenager, so he did the proper thing. With her parents' (unbelievable) consent, he went ahead and became her legal guardian. He adopted her.""


  20. he's a fucking rockstar. most of the time they don't even ask how old they are, if they look old enough, who the fuck cares? let's not forget a girl that age that looks old enough to be 18, they have the ability to say no.

  21. David Pakman, are you slandering Ted Nugent? Could it be because he is a Trump supporter? Your video doesn't support your accusations. If adult men sleeping with young girls is a real issue for you, then why haven't you called out so many more in the industry that have done what you accuse Nugent of? if you want to take the moral high ground, maybe you should call them all out, not just the ones you don't like. How about Mick Jagger, I seem to recall Mckenzie Phillips making claims of sleeping with him at a very young age, and don't get me started on her father who was in the band, the mamas and papas. There is more evidence Bill Clinton was a sexual predator and what is the odds you haven't touched on that as an issue. So maybe you should get off your moral high horse, so best you quit with the propaganda if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist. It seems you worked real hard on this opinion piece, this issue isn't new, and there are many more in the industry culpable.

  22. i love how Liberals are outraged by consensual sex with two partners because of age boundaries with not one assault claim, and yet are fine with perverted predatorial sexual assault (17 Claimes) by Bill Clinton.

  23. He said young. Not under age. I'm 47. A young girl to me is like 20. If I bang a 20 year old, while creepy, isn't illegal.

  24. He never said anything about under age girls you idiot. Just spreading lies once again. I’m sure he fucked a lot 18-year-olds. You disgust me

  25. The video was so blatant what Ted Nugent said, yet you changed his words. As a journalist your career is over with buddy

  26. David Bowie and Jimmy Page both had sex with a groupie who was a minor, film director Roman Polanski had sex with a 13 year old and even comedian Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17 year old girl in the early 90s ( it was on the cover of People Magazine ).

  27. Ted Nugent adopted an underage girl so he could legally marry her.. It's a shame that her parents gave up their parental rights..Maybe money played a hand in it.. Thank God, for the girl, that the marriage didn't last.. Nugent is a disgusting 'person', his remarks, lately, show what a horrible person he is.. He's a perfect little playmate for trump..They are of the same ILK.. deplorable.

  28. How is he not a pedophile? Are fucking kidding me.. He was addicted to drugs as anyone who fucking saw his performances could attest. Ok maybe do a little bit of research beforehand. And he is probably still doing it today.

  29. He didn't admit to that you lying liberal puke….He said "girls" I have used the same expression talking about a group of 40 somethings…………………………all you despicable liberal pricks do is lie!

  30. You typical lying liberals……..He PROBABLY did have sex with teen girls….not necessarily under 18..willingly. HE WAS A ROCK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEALOUS GEEKS,

  31. He is a Pedophile. In s different clip he admitted to getting parents to signing over their minor daughters to him so he can sleep with them.

  32. Well if anything this shows to me the hypocrisy of the republicans and conservatives.
    I can bet you my life if is he was a democrat or liberal you would be hearing same accusations from the right wingers.
    Not to say that these accusations are not true. I will also add that it's not just right wingers who are hypocritical but I will say the same for the left wingers as well.
    Both sides are equally hypocritical.

  33. Ted's "addiction to girls"…. where did you prove they were "underage"… like, J Epstein's "addiction to girls"… as in "UNDERAGE GIRLS" Let's get that straight, FAKE NEWS.

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