1. Change your parents view yourself stop being a garbage human stop walking around eyes low your weed ain't that good you roll joints not blunts because you can't buy wraps yet kid and stop waving gun's because you definatly ain't that good bruh

  2. Kids all wanna be thugs and gang bangers nowadays so badly that they tell everyone about everything that they’re doing to try to get attention for it but a real G keeps his business private and only those who need to know will know about it 💯💯

  3. 1. You can’t be addicted to weed. You can be DEPENDENT on weed.
    2. Weed is NOT dope, it is not a drug. Weed is a plant.
    3. This guy is a poser, he’s just wanting attention and wanting people to see how he’s cool.
    4. I have severe anxiety and I smoke marijuana. It helps a lot with relaxing, it makes my mind clear out, and it honestly has helped me with becoming the person I want to be. If I don’t want to smoke I won’t. I can go without it no problem. I don’t have to have it. It is helpful though.

  4. Dr.Phil has turned into the Jerry Springer show pushing Jewish propaganda dumbing down society, from this to the cash me outside Jew..Scripted AF

  5. He said he makes $300-400 a day off weed, but we know he’s talking about revenue🤣🤣if that was profit then he wouldn’t need to ask his mom for money

  6. lmaooo yo its weed, they always make weed look soooo bad its not crack 😭😭 but if you a drug dealer you not ab to tell the world lil dumbass he clout chasing

  7. Why he so mf stupid weed is so beneficial to so many people and then people gotta make it sound so bad 😂😂 lmao “ I sell drugs” stupid ash

  8. Not gonna lie, this makes me lose respect for Dr. Phil. This seems like a bunch of propaganda to get a bunch of gullible parents to hate weed even more, but in reality it’s not the weed’s fault her kid is acting that way. There are MANY successful people that both use, and praise the benefits of marijuana, and there are also MANY unsuccessful people that have never touched weed.

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