Teen With Marijuana Dependency Says, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sober’

Teen With Marijuana Dependency Says, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sober’


  1. Kids today are to privileged. Pretty much telling the woman who gave birth to him to f*ck off all because he wants his weed 😂 there’s kids out there starving and he’s being a dumb a*s

  2. Where the Corpus Delecti? Yes you having admitting to all the crimes, but you dont have any circumstantial or direct evidence he committed a crime. He cant be cahrge with anything unless you got controlled buys from him. The Corpus Delecti Doctrine is meant to save people from themselves. This case is a great example!

  3. This entire scenario seems pretty staged, it's also hurting the reputation of people who use marijuana responsibly.

  4. He’s a teen who smokes weed just like everyyyy other teen I know 12 year olds that smoke in my town the selling is yeah out of hand but weed isn’t an addictive substance 😂 Dr Phil be sending everybody to farms

  5. "I'm your mother, and you know what? I'ma do whatever I can to help you."

    pure gold…

    I respect this mother for keeping at it

  6. That mama is having a hard time. Bless her heart. The pain and hard times she's going through. Goodness, I just couldn't imagine. Please get better for you and your family young man. You can do it! Love your mama! They all love you!

  7. Tell lil Tecca Wrlds mom to chill, she started crying like he’s hooked on crack smh. He just tryna smoke, Phoenix is boring af

  8. Weed dependency is the equivalent to being a crack addict…don’t smoke if you can’t handle the responsibility comes with it because all it does is make people that do use marijuana medically and recreationally look bad

  9. They need to quit being a bunch of pushovers and tell him that if he doesnt get his sh*t together that they're going to call the police.
    This is what happens when you have no father in the household and a mother that coddles her kid. The mom and grandma created the monster and now they want to whine about his behavior that they allowed to escalate. Shameful.

  10. Lol when ppl think you need help and you're telling them it's nothing that u can do believe them, yall cant change ppl maybe for couple weeks yeah but after those weeks its over

  11. I've watched umpteen docs about dealers, addicts etc. And this kid came across to me as the thickest human being I've ever seen, inside or outside of the drug world. Not sure if it's the drugs or if he's just naturally a knucklehead, but this kid must have the IQ of your average turnip.

  12. horrible to watch, let this young man be the person he wants to be. let him hit rock bottom, he doesnt want to live the protective life of y'all

  13. “So maybe I should just not talk, maybe that would be better.” Yes, that would absolutely be better in terms of avoiding consequences or events like these.

  14. Dominique thought he was beast when he admitted to all his illegal drug activity then doctor phil threatens to go nark mode on him lol

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