Teenager ignores parents while playing Fortnite | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Teenager ignores parents while playing Fortnite | What Would You Do? | WWYD

gdhghdh (By Benji Blox) *Retro Music* Esports they’ve taken the world by storm But with growing popularity come growing concerns New details on that deadly shooting at a videogame competition any sporting tournament turned deadly last month in Jacksonville Florida the suspects specifically targeting other gamers with games like Madden Call of Duty and Fortnite grabbing the attention of gamers worldwide Many wonder about the downsides to gaming Take this story for example, where a young girl became so addicted she wet herself rather than take bathroom breaks and As we’ve heard this week some parents are turning to the Internet in search of support “My son plays Probably several hours a day But today it’s our parents who are searching for support If you witnessed a kid seriously Ashton, Can you please put the computer down? Oh You just made me lose neglecting his parents over a game of Fortnite. I have to start over. What would you do? Our cameras are rolling at the Royal Coach Diner in the Bronx,New York and while Josh and Angela are ready to order. May I have a diet coke and a lemon, their son Ashton is a bit distracted Ashton what do you want to drink honey? I don’t care Ashton put the game down and order your food, you know, can we just have one minute? Yeah, no, no worries Ashton, Ashton Ashton Your mother’s talking to you and you put the game down what hey, don’t touch your dad I got Have you ever heard of Fortnite? Yes. Oh my gosh, you do. It’s addicting, it’s what it’s addicting. I’m play it on mobile. Unlike Ashton this fellow player knows when to stop So, how come you’re not playing your games? I started that game what he’s right guys, right? No, no You can’t take my iPad. I just did that’s the kids. Why did you tell him to do that? Yo, listen, how would you feel if your parents took your games away? But then you just can’t play But it’s my iPad it’s my game I don’t think they’re on your side man What did you think He just said I just put the game down And then right after he could have played We’re rolling again Do you want to look at the menu so you can make a decision and mom and dad are trying to spark up a conversation? Your dad was suggesting a movie. What do you think about that? But Ashton can’t seem to peel his eyes away from that iPad I can’t get away from her take it away I’m sorry It’s just ridiculous, I mean we’ve been out, you know, I started that game but without his game he sees no reason to stick around Do you know anybody replaced the game it’s not the issue It’s all put away and it’s not just children who may need to be curved My advice would be just don’t let him play when he’s going out with you because once you started it’s so hard to stop it while customers make all sorts of suggestions Ashton refuses to play by the rules my parents are ridiculous But they’re taking me away from my game human beings are your family nice beautiful It’s a real problem because our niece does the same thing. She’s a disabled with a pen. She’s only seven sorry ready to order I don’t care what you get me just like a burger or something. Oh just lost and when Ashton storms away with his iPad This man has some wisdom to share with mom and dad And later with Ashton the more I know you don’t know me it’s about how are you sir? I’m good I will tell him that you in your moment and you in your time So give me this little space and you always could have chance to play that game They not gonna be there all the time. I guess just just a moment Just enjoy each other Ever see here. He pulls up a seat to continue his sermon today. Is it we all especially While we joined the party what’s going on here, sir? Are you doing I’m John quinones. Well, if I get what’s up in the best? Yeah, those are actors You had a lot to say can’t just take them off it because they already addicted to it And you can break that pattern quick. So start moderating Leslie Leslie Leslie. He’s human He has feelings the abstain sex going through push him away because you only gonna draw him away He might go out and do the wrong and that seems to be the key moderation compromise and a little patience


  1. When your child pees herself instead of pausing or closing a video game to take a "bathroom break" then it is officially BEYOND a problem and if it were my kid I would beat his/her ass right before taking away any and all electronics. That's ridiculous.

    These kids today will never know what it is like to shoot your siblings with stick guns and spend nights watching tv with family and its sad…. Really freaking sad.

  2. That first mother and her kids…good mother who raised good kids…if only we had more like her…kids today would be much better and America stronger…good family values.

  3. If I ever even tried to bring a tablet in that restaurant my mom would have took me to the bathroom and gave me an ass whooping so bad I would hesitate to touch that tablet again in horror

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  5. There nothing wrong with this just let him finish the game they tolk to him you cant just pause it dang it more important then family lunch

  6. "It's my iPad, it's my game"
    Only white kids can get away with that shit 😂 Black Mamas would say "I don't give a damn, I bought it!"

  7. I honestly don’t understand why fortnite is so popular. I’ve played it once and I don’t like it. It’s no fun. But that’s my opinion

  8. Of course that black kid said that he doesn’t play Fortnite on mobile. Fortnite on mobile is trash!!! 😡

  9. I'd be like:DUDE! YOU CAN'T PLAY FORTNITE IN FRONT OF A MINECRAFT VETERAN!STOP IT,GET SOME HELP! To be honest,I don't ever play at restaurants,only if everyone else is on their phone…

  10. Nobody:

    Really Nobody:

    Not even Obama:

    Me: starring 5h at my mobile and watching a #wwyd video about addicted kids.


  11. Eh, I'm on the teen's side. I feel his frustration. Imagine being THIS far into a game, only for your Dad to just take it away. Just, dude…

    But the fact that he's brushing his parents off so he can play Fortnite…did they have a fight? 🙁

  12. Boyyyyy i know its just actors but my momma would have beat ass just for seeing him act towards his parents like that😭😭

  13. What's so great about Fortnite geez Fortnite is not that important i'm so happy that I don't play Fortnite I have other better things to do I have Co-Workers that play play Fortnite and I get Sick of hearing them talking about Fortnite day after day

  14. I legit thought the last dude had like gold nipple piercings,, but on his shirt??? But then I realized those were his earphones lol

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